• Show Date: 06/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Angie Biggs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/11/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: Spaniel (Irish Water)

National Gundog - 6th August 2023

Spaniel (Irish Water)

My thanks to National Gundog for the opportunity to award CCs in my breed. My thanks to the exhibitors for their patience while waiting for a ring, their perseverance when a sudden downpour necessitated a very hasty relocation to an indoor ring and for the sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted. I was pleased with the quality of my principal winners, in bitches in particular there were several of CC quality and some very promising youngsters coming through in the lower classes. I look forward to seeing their progress in the future.

JD 1 (0 absent)

1st – Smith’s Goldenacre Jubilee Lord at Leonardston – Upstanding young male shown in a lovely coat of curls and ringlets and in good hard condition. Masculine head with good length and depth to muzzle, eye of good shape and colour for age, good dome to skull and low-set ears of good length. Mature for his age at just 15 month he is already showing a good spring of rib and some depth to chest. Well angulated all through presenting an impressive outline when stood. Unsettled on the move today due to a change in handler making it difficult to assess his movement. One to watch for the future.

SB/D 1 (0)

1st - Green’s Brown Snout – Another upstanding young male. Kind head and expression, eye could be a little darker. Moderately angulated all through, good spring to rib, would like a little more depth to loin. A little judicious trimming would enhance overall appearance, coat is of good colour and texture. Cooperated well with his handler on the move showing reach and drive in profile, moving a little close behind when going away today.

LD 1 (0)

1st - Cúboglach Sandy Wave – At 2 years of age this young male is one of the breeds latest title holders and it’s not hard to see why. He impresses for overall type with a kind head and expression, balanced all through with moderate angulation, sufficient spring of rib at this stage, strong rear quarters which he used to advantage, in profile he displayed reach and drive, a little close behind today when moving away. Coat of good texture with curls and ringlets in evidence and well presented, moved well and at one with his experienced handler. Still more to come as he continues to mature and fulfil his potential I’m sure.

OD 3 (1)

1st CC & BOB - Hackett’s Sh Ch Curlyco My Hot Rockstar – This mature male had all the essentials I was looking for. Refined masculine head with good length and depth to muzzle, correct proportions to head with good dome to skull. Correct eye shape, and colour, long low set ears completing the picture. He is balanced all through, correct for size with well angulated shoulders, a good length of neck which his carries as the standard requires, good width and depth to chest, ribs well sprung, deep through the loin, correct rear angulation with low set hocks, covered the ground well making it look effortless, shown in hard muscular condition. All topped off with a coat of good colour and texture which was well presented in curls and ringlets. Pulled out all the stops in the challenge to take BOB where his showmanship and Irish attitude won the day.

2nd & RCC - Andrews and Blade’s Kenisal Ringlets in a Lake for Antdela – Another 2-year old male and new title holder. Lovely for type, super head and expression with good length and depth to muzzle, correct eye colour, set and shape. He is well angulated all through with good length of neck into well laid shoulders, this is not always evident as he does tend to stand a little too close to his handler at times which pushes his neck back into his shoulders. Still more to develop in rib as yet, enough depth to loin presenting the correct outline when standing naturally, well angulated quarters and low set hocks, moved well when settled. A super coat of curls and ringlets of good colour and presented to advantage. Just needs time now to fill his frame and mature to fulfil his potential when he will no doubt trouble the best.

VB (1 (0)

1st BCC & BV - Hempstead’s Riverforest Irish Eider at Cuvana – I admired this bitch on first seeing her as a youngster and was delighted to have the opportunity finally to go over her. For me she is in her prime just now and has everything I was looking for. Correct for size she has the loveliest head of correct proportion with an overall appearance of fineness and quality. Beautiful dark almond shaped eyes correctly set, and long low set ears. She is balanced all through, from her well angulated shoulders through to her low set hocks with everything in between fitting as it should, finishing in a lovely well-set tail that never stops! Presents a super picture on the move both in profile and moving away. Presented in lovely coat with curls and ringlets evident and in super hard muscular condition as befits a working Gundog. In the challenge she pulled out all the stops, powering around the ring with style belying her age and could not be denied the CC.

PB 2 (0)

1st & BP Davey’ Santarocco Derry – Pretty headed bitch with a sweet expression, eye a little light as yet but this may darken. Lovely compact outline with good angulation all through, moving well for one so young. Coat developing nicely with promise of a good colour and texture coming through. Stood alone today but worthy of her BP.

JB 2 (0)

1st Hackett & Williams’ Woodrock’s Marla Mabel at Foulby NAF – A promising youngster, just as I would want her at this stage, nothing overdone. Lovely outline, super angulation all through, moves with purpose covering the ground well, moved true both fore and aft. Pretty head and expression and promise of a good coat coming through. Just needs time now to fulfil her potential. One to watch.

2nd Williamson’s Finchsmill Secret Surprise – another pretty headed bitch if a little finer all through than 1. Lovely eye shape and colour giving the expression I was looking for. Moderate angulation all through, still needing time to develop in body as is to be expected, moved with reach and drive in profile, could be a little tighter coming and going. Coat colour and texture coming through nicely for age.

SBB 3 (0)

1st Douglas’s Daffydown Dilly –A balanced bitch of good proportions, maturing nicely now. Pretty head, eye could be a little darker, good length and depth to muzzle, enough dome to skull and ears low set and of good length. She is well angulated all through, developing nicely in rib and with some depth to loin. Sound on the move from all angles she covered the ground with purpose showing herself to advantage and holding her level topline. A coat of good colour and texture which was well presented in curls and ringlets completed the picture to win her the class.

2nd Davey’ Santarocco Derry – as PB.

3rd Williamson’s Finchsmill Secret Surprise

NB 1 (0)

1st Hempstead’s Scrumpy Dabinett at Cuvana – another promising youngster. Lovely head and expression with good eye colour for age, long low set ears completing the picture. Good angulation all through ensuring she moved with reach and drive holding her topline well. Coat developing nicely with good texture and curl. Shown in lovely hard condition for age, just needs time now to mature and fulfil her potential.

GB 2 (0)

1st Douglas’s Daffydown Dilly – as SBB.

2nd Hackett & Williams’ Malanis Belle at Foulby – Pretty headed bitch with lovely eye colour and shape. Balanced all through with correct angulation, moved well in profile. Developing nicely in body with more to come. Super coat coming through of good colour and texture. Had to give way to the maturity of 1 today but with time will be one to watch.

PGB 3 (0)

1st Bannister’s Ta An Neifan at Banysun – A balanced bitch of good size that is developing nicely. Lovely head of correct proportions, eye could be darker. Presents a super outline standing and does not disappoint on the move where she came into her own today. Moves with reach and drive and is sound coming and going. Super coat of dense curls and ringlets which was well presented completed the picture. Must have a bright future.

2nd McNaught, Andrews & Blades Malanis Bettina at Risalpur – another quality youngster. Not as mature as 1 but has all the essentials. Lovely head and eye giving the desired expression. Well angulated all through which is evident when moving in profile, she covered the ground with ease today. Just needs time now to fill her frame and develop in body.

3rd Rollo-Jones Stanegate Repeats the Magic

LB 5 (1) A lovely class of 4 quality bitches making for some difficult decisions, always a nice dilemma to have as a judge. I am sure they will have changed places in the past and will continue to do so in the future as they mature and develop further.

1st McNaught, Andrews & Blades Eldarrah Dream of Spring – This mature bitch could not be denied this class on the day. Bigger bitch but so full of breed type. Beautiful head and expression, she is well angulated all through which showed in her sound positive movement, well developed in rib, super width and depth to loin giving the correct underline, holds her topline on the move at all times with a super tail set and action. All topped off with a lovely coat of curls and ringlets which was presented to advantage.

2nd Stirk’s Stanegate Hey It’s Bianca – Another quality bitch with lots to like. Lovely balanced head, dark eyes with the expression I was looking for, long low set ears and enough dome to skull. Balanced angulation all through enabling her to move with enthusiasm, good spring of rib and width and depth to loin. Super dark coat of curls and ringlets which was well presented.

3rd McCallum’s Weemaes All About Eve

OB 2 (1)

1st & RCC Bradley’s Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut ¬¬– This quality bitch presents an impressive outline when standing. Lovely head and expression with good eye colour, set and shape. Her head is balanced with good length and depth to muzzle, sufficient dome to skull and correct width to head. She has a moderate layback of shoulder, good depth to chest and lovely spring of rib. She has width and depth through the loin presenting the correct underline with well angulated hind quarters and low set hocks. A lovely dark coat of curls and ringlets of good texture completes the picture. A worthy title holder, a pleasure to judge her.

GCDSB 1 (0)

1st Andrews Famous Crowd’s Secret Parade at Mudlarks – Another quality bitch, lovely feminine head and expression with the eye colour and shape I was looking for. Correct proportion to muzzle and good dome to skull. Balanced throughout with lovely angulation fore and aft allowing her to move with purpose holding her topline. Sufficient width and depth to chest and enough spring of rib, good width and depth to loin. Sadly, she had left her best coat at home but what she had was of good colour if a little soft, the downside of showing bitches in a coated breed, non the less fully deserving of her 1st place here.

Judge – Angie Biggs (Kiahmist)