• Show Date: 02/04/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew H. Brace Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Invicta Pekingese Club

Breed: Pekingese


When I first began showing the breed back in the early 1970’s Pekingese breed club Championship shows regularly attracted entries of around 200 dogs or more, but this was in the breed’s heyday when we saw quantity and quality in depth. Sadly, over the years, the breed has lost popularity with the pet-owning public and I firmly believe that this is largely down to the excessive coats that were being produced for the show ring. The loss of a pet market and the demise of the large breeding kennels has seen the breed change. In those days you would find four or five trestle tables in the ring for the judge’s traditional final assessment but today we could manage with just one. Very sad.

I first awarded CCs to Pekingese in 1977 at WELKS where there were 172 dogs entered. Over 46 years I have now judged the breed on 14 occasions at this level and had the privilege of judging some great ones. Whilst numbers may have dwindled I was disappointed to find just 37 dogs entered today at a breed club show in the middle of the country.

The Kennel Club has now incorporated into the Breed Standard the following: “Length and volume of coat should neither impair the activity of the dog nor obscure the shapeliness of body. Excessive coat must be heavily penalised.” This gives judges something of a dilemma as, when faced with a Pekingese that may be outstanding in physical attributes, how heavily exactly should it be penalised if it appears somewhat over-coated? Is there the risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Bearing this in mind I endeavoured to find in my winners Pekingese that were as close as possible to the Breed Standard but whose coat did not mask their basic shape or interfere with their movement.

Today several exhibits that had much to commend them would have been placed more highly if they had less obtrusive over-nose wrinkles, bigger noses and wider, more open nostrils. I also found some coats that were rather soft and silky; the Standard specifically calls for a coarse top coat with softer undercoat.

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee A Daydream Believer, stood alone in the first class of the day but what a dog to start with, and what a joy to get hands on! At 7 months this black masked red is so full of quality and despite his age totally “together”, particularly on the move. Large head which is both wide and shallow with dark expressive eyes full of character. Unobtrusive over-nose wrinkle, big nose leather, open nostrils and excellent finish of mouth with strong, wide underjaw and strong teeth. His low-slung body is compact, very shapely with great spring of rib and neat waist, he has great width in front but is tight at the elbow and picks up heavy. He has solid bone and stands so well on his legs. Still in puppy coat of promising texture that did not obscure his shape and balance. On the move he is very much “all of a piece”, going freely and typically on a loose lead with natural carriage. I didn’t see anything in the entry that thrilled me more so he won the Dog CC, BIS and BP. I am sure he will have a great future.

Puppy Dog (1) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee A Blast From The Past, 10 months black masked shaded fawn with a look of quality who carries himself with great pride. Very pleasing in head and expression with wide, shallow face, large expressive eyes and excellent finish of mouth. Enough bone but could have a little more spring of rib and is slightly long-coupled. Promising coat, very sound, standing on his legs well and moving accordingly.

Junior Dog (5) 1. Klerks Delucchi’s Klerkshof Romeo Star, 14 months black masked light red, full of quality, very composed with no suggestion of panting. Beautiful wide, shallow face, large expressive eyes with no white showing, large nose leather and excellent finish of mouth. Very well balanced overall with heavy bone, great spring of rib, neat waist and sound hindquarters. Excellent coat quality beautifully presented. Moved soundly if he could go with a little more enthusiasm. I wonder if he would be happier on a traditional show lead rather than a harness? 2. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Expecting Miracles, almost 18 months fawn brindle with lots of coat, very masculine head, wide and shallow, with beautifully expressive dark eyes but nose pigment could be denser (probably a seasonal issue). Very strong bone, well-balanced in outline with great rib and neat waist, moved freely with very noble carriage. 3. Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor Stormin Norman.

Graduate Dog (1) 1. Lund’s Yakee The Sun God with Magnetizzam, 18 months red with a very pleasant face, flat topskull, wide and shallow with beautifully expressive eyes, excellent nose leather and unobtrusive nose wrinkle. Fantastic mouth and teeth, if the underjaw could be a little stronger. Strong bone, good basic body shape if a little long coupled, and being between coats didn’t help this impression. When he concentrated moved soundly and typically.

Post Graduate Dog (3) 1. Waters’ Jadape Tiger Roll, black masked clear fawn, ideal size and very much all of a piece, holding himself well on the move. Quality head with flat topskull and plenty of width, large expressive eyes, big nose leather, well fringed ears, good basic body shape with enough bone but could be a little firmer in front, carrying a sensible amount of coat which was well groomed. 2. Roberts’ Wyn-D-Hill Fabulous Frankie at Klerkshof, lighter fawn full of quality with a wide shallow face which could have slightly larger nose leather. Even so, the expression is pleasing. Good spring of rib, neat waist and well set tail. Hindquarters could be firmer at the hock but he still moved steadily when he settled. 3. Heap & Ransome’s Shiera Devil in Disguise.

Limit Dog (5) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Story Of My Life, handsome red who looks the part standing and moving. Masculine head, wide and shallow with perfect over-nose wrinkle, large expressive eyes, large nose leather and excellent finish of mouth. Strong bone, well-defined body shape if a tad long cast, high set tail and with a sensible amount of coat. Moving, he goes steadily with great presence. 2. Leonard’s Lizlanmor King Of Diamonds, very black masked fawn, masculine head which has width and is shallow, has large, expressive eyes, big nose, and unobtrusive wrinkle but could have stronger chin. Solid bone, good spring of rib, neat waist, high set tail and in good coat of correct texture. Very well presented, carries himself with great self-possession. 3. Oades’ Brentoy Max Power.

Open Dog (4) 1. Morley & Hitchcock’s, Ch Lizlanmor Mr Mercury, black masked red, essentially masculine with natural ring presence and noble carriage, very much all of a piece with a very balanced outline. Large masculine head with a flat topskull, expressive eyes with no white showing but the over nose wrinkle is slightly evident. Excellent bone, well ribbed, good basic body shape, perfectly set and carried tail and in optimum coat well groomed. Moved steadily with great self-possession. A worthy Champion who won the Reserve CC. 2. Oades’ Zhong Noble Khan by Brentoy, another black masked red, pleasing in head with less obvious over-nose wrinkle, but a little eye white was showing. Strong bone, well-defined body shape if slightly longer coupled than 1 and a little less tight at the elbow. Even so he made the best of himself on the move. 3. Heap & Ransome’s Shiera D’Artagnan.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1) Klerks Delucchi’s Klerkshof Starina, black masked fawn full of quality and all of a piece, very feminine head and expression with flat topskull and large expressive eyes but nostrils could be a little wider. Enough bone for her size with good width in front, well sprung rib, neat waist and high tailset. Stands steadily on her legs and moved sedately if a little reluctantly at times, quality coat of good texture. Best Puppy Bitch.

Junior Bitch (3) 1. Morley & Hitchcock’s Lizlanmor Blonde Primrose, black masked fawn full of quality, a very solid bitch with excellent facial properties being wide and shallow with flat top skull, large dark eyes, big nose leather, wide muzzle and excellent finish of mouth. Good width in front, well sprung rib with good basic body shape and high set tail carried proudly. Enough coat, shows steadily. 2. Patterson’s Bratilda Raziel Angel, feminine red of excellent basic type with well-balanced outline, good body shape and enough bone. Pleasing head, though somewhat smaller than 1 with not her width of muzzle. Whilst she moved soundly, not quite the carriage of 1. 3. Fearon’s Penbar Jolene at Kayshei.

Post Graduate Bitch (1) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Jasmine, matronly red of excellent type with masses of bone and a quality head with beautiful eyes. Good width of muzzle and finish of mouth but the nose pigment could be a little stronger (seasonal again?). Excellent rib and defined waist, stands steadily on her legs and moves soundly but just needs to get her act together.

Limit Bitch (2) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Wandering Star, silver fawn of intense quality, a real glamour girl with a striking forehand. Superb wide and shallow face framed by long, black-tipped ear fringes, she has the darkest large, lustrous eyes, ideal over-nose wrinkle, large nose leather, and sufficient strength of underjaw. Low to ground, she has ample bone for her size, a well-defined body shape and a quality coat which emphasises her body shape. Stands well on her legs, picks up heavy and moves freely with great aplomb. Won her first CC and should soon carry her crown. 2. Leonard’s Mezrab Jodie, black masked pale fawn of high quality, wide and shallow face with large, dark expressive eyes but a little heavy in over-nose wrinkle and not the strength of chin of 1. Good width in front, strongly boned, picked up heavy and well defined compact body shape. Moves steadily.

Open Bitch (4) 1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Dear Prudence, stately and matriarchal red, lots of bone and substance yet still with feminine charm. Very pleasing head, correctly proportioned with large eyes, big nose leather and excellent finish of mouth. Very shapely body having well sprung ribs and defined waist with steady hindquarters. Well textured coat and she moved with style and personality. Close up for the CC but the Limit winner’s eye and expression totally bewitched me so she had to be content with the Reserve CC. 2. Rogers’ Ch Klerkshof Sara at Ralshams, black masked silver fawn who carries her title deservedly. High overall quality with excellent head type, large expressive eyes but her over-nose wrinkle was more obtrusive than 1. Stands firmly on four good legs and has a well-defined body shape and high tailset. Sufficient correctly textured coat. When she settled she moved soundly and with style. 3. Klerks Delucchi’s Klerkshof Country Rose.