• Show Date: 21/10/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew H. Brace Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/10/2023

Affenpinscher Club

Breed: Affenpinscher


It was an honour to judge for the parent club, especially with such a marvellous entry. Having first awarded CCs to the breed 23 years ago I have watched the progress of the Affenpinscher internationally with great interest. Prior to that I recall vividly the leg-pulling I had to suffer when I had the audacity to award the first ever Toy Group to an Affenpinscher back in the early ‘90s when Avantgarde Osiria von Gerbraes won under me as a puppy at a Scottish Kennel Club show. History relates that her progeny had a profound influence on the breed on both sides of the Atlantic. Since then the breed has been taken much more seriously as many major wins in all-breed competition around the world have proved.

The breed is not an easy one to judge and whilst overseas it may have become popular with “trimmers” the British breeders have been keen to maintain the Affen’s rugged wash-and-go look with steely determination. That said, all dogs who are shown should be clean.

 I was very pleased with the overall quality of the dogs shown and found it relatively easy to judge to a type as in most classes I was blessed with dogs of the correct proportions, typical Affenpinscher heads and the characteristic gait. Some dogs would have benefitted from a little more body condition whilst others had a little too much. There was the occasional head that was rather off-type and somewhat Griffon-like in expression but for the most part the dogs I judged were wholly typical.

Having studied the catalogue it was fascinating to discover that a Swedish import, Velvet Dandy’s Jakamoko, sired so many winners including the BIS winner, Best Puppy Dog and Bitch, Best Junior Dog and Bitch and Best Minor Puppy. He certainly produces consistency.

PUPPY DOG (3) 1. Callow’s Buffels Evidently Obvious, 11 months, very sturdy, solidly made and essentially square in outline with a well-balanced head and typical expression, well set and carried ears and wonderful mouth and dentition. Well ribbed, correctly angulated front and back with well set and carried tail, moving soundly in good coat of correct texture. Best Puppy Dog. 2. Teasdale’s Tonsarne Benjamin Franklin, 9 months, looking very much a baby up against 1, and not as well-bodied. Good overall balance, ears need to settle, but otherwise typical in head and expression. I would not want any more rear angulation but he has lots of attitude and character, he made the best of himself on the move and is coming into good coat. 3. Shepherd’s Avantgarde I’m A Gangsta.

SPECIAL JUNIOR DOG (1) 1. Cary’s Carycares Birthday Boy, 13 months, very well bodied and all male, well-balanced head with well laid-out features and a most appealing expression. Good spring of rib, firm topline and short-coupled with correctly angulated front and rear. In excellent coat of correct texture, he moves steadily, holding his tail well with particularly typical front action. There is a lot of him but he is perfectly balanced.

JUNIOR DOG (2) 1. Shennan’s Ashiblack Caviar, 15 months and such a poised performer, standing so well on his legs and showing the breed’s typical character. Excellent eye and expression with wide nostrils and perfect finish of mouth. Overall construction is impressive with correct length of neck and moderate angulation front and rear. Compact with firm topline and beautifully conditioned. Well set tail which he holds well most of the time. Very impressive on the move. An excellent overall package who just lacked the maturity of the CC and RCC winners but he was close up. 2. Merrett’s Coutureabull Quo Vadis at Venustus, 12 months, not really enjoying his day out and reluctant to move with enthusiasm. He is a well bodied dog with a pleasing head if a little light in eye and his front movement is rather wide. He can do better when he tries harder.

NOVICE DOG (1) 1. B. Evidently Obvious.

GRADUATE DOG (3) 1. Mather’s Scapafield Schwarz Roc at Benningholme, essentially typical in all respects, if he could be a shade shorter-coupled. Excellent head with typical eye and expression with strong underjaw. Correctly angulated front and rear, well set tail which he uses well on the move. Looks his best on the go-around when he goes with style, type and precision. 2. Conway’s Affentude Loony Tunes for Stormjac, on the first go-around, I thought he would be the winner as he is a little better balanced in outline than 1, but he needs more body weight and general finish. Quality head, typical eye, pleasing expression. A little narrower in front than the winner but his forté is his action in profile, which is entirely typical with a natural presence. 3. Obringer’s Imrun’s Hot Gossip Hugo Chiaffie.

POST GRADUATE DOG (2) 1. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Quantum Mutata, solidly made and typical throughout with excellent head, expression and finish of mouth. Good width in front and very well ribbed with moderate angulation and a very typical coat. Well set tail, but sometimes the topline could be a little more settled. Typical mover when he was trying. 2. Currie’s Faehat Trilby, very smart and correctly balanced, if not as heavily coated and narrower in front than the winner. Quality head but not as strong in underjaw as the winner. Moves better behind than in front but very stylish on the go-around, though the tail carriage is a little tight.

MID LIMIT DOG (2) 1. Wiggins’ Carmichan More Than A Dream With Scapafield, he scores so heavily in general forehand being very much upon his toes, and displaying the most beautiful head and expression with glorious eyes, full of character and excellent finish of mouth with straight forelegs and good width in front. Very well ribbed but could be a little shorter coupled. Correct angulation front and back with a quality coat of good texture. Moves a little close behind, but very true and typical in front. Tail carriage could be more relaxed. 2. Gill’s Florindale William Waffle, essentially typical with well-balanced head, typical expression and the correct coat texture. A little short in rib and he could carry more bodyweight. Tail carriage could be a little more relaxed, but he moves smartly and soundly.

LIMIT DOG (1) 1. Marris-Bray’s Scapafield Schwarz Quibble at Helenwood, good basic type who holds his topline well on the move but could be a little more compact. I would like a little more depth of skull but he has a pleasing eye and good finish of mouth. Well bodied, he has plenty of rear angulation and moves better in front than behind.

OPEN DOG (7) 1. Gruninger, Sweigart, King & Truesdale’s Ch High Wire Walker of Darkle, all of a piece with plenty of attitude, he was the one to beat. Typical head and eye with great width and strength of underjaw, good width in front and very well bodied with ample bone and substance and a well textured coat. Excels on the move and holds his topline and tail perfectly, never losing his overall balance and proportions. Worthy winner of the Dog CC and Reserve BIS. 2. Shepherd’s Ch Avantgarde Zonked Out Zappa, pushed the winner hard as, like him, he holds the eye on the go-around. So much head appeal and the basic construction is excellent if he could be a shade shorter coupled and maybe carry a little more weight. Such a sound, steady and typical mover in good coat. 3. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Sexy Symbolist.

WENDY BOORER SPECIAL OPEN DOG (2) 1. Clifton-Place’s Ch Coutureabull Mr Muison, compact and well-bodied with instant appeal on the go-around as he never loses balance or outline and holds his topline and tail so well. Lots of head appeal with well laid out features and enough underjaw. Good to handle on the table and perfectly balanced. Sound and true on the move and correctly coated, clean and sensibly presented. A little straighter behind than the CC winner but he well deserved the Reserve CC. 2. Todhunter’s Darkle The Witch Finder at Pennington, another character with so much head appeal and very well bodied. Not as compact as 1 or as firm in topline and closer behind when moving.

VETERAN DOG (2) 1. Currie’s Ch Orlock Evernight For Faehat, 11 years old but he certainly doesn’t realise it! Essentially typical throughout, compact and well bodied and on the go-around he held himself so impressively. Such an alert lively expression with excellent strength of underjaw. In wonderful form for his age and a credit to his owner. Best Veteran.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (5) 1. Waller’s Scapafield Schwarz Swallow at Lilnrose, 7 months and full of quality, feminine head of good proportions with strong underjaw and expressive eyes. Stands four square on her legs with optimum angles front and back. Firm topline, well set and carried tail, promising coat and so well bodied for her age. Needs to settle on the out and back but profile movement is very impressive. 2. Hill’s Scapafield Schwarz Skylark with Scalene, litter sister to 1 and very much a dual-purpose type, having lots of substance and basically good confirmation. Good head type with well-placed ears and typical feminine expression. Excellent bone and rib without being coarse and her coat texture is good. A little longer cast than 1 and not as firm in topline. Looks her best moving on the go around as she needs to collect her front but has time on her side. 3. Gill’s Florindale Letty Larkin.

PUPPY BITCH (5) 1. Harrison’s Scapafield Schwarz Swyft, 8 months and what an exciting prospect - caught my eye on the first circuit of the ring and didn’t disappoint on closer inspection. Enchanting head and expression which scream both her breed and sex and her outline is well balanced with ideal angulation front and back. Remarkably well bodied for her age. Super coat texture and her tail is well set and carried. On the move her profile is quite spectacular, she goes true behind and just needs to tighten a tad in front but she has a rosy future. Best Puppy in Show. 2. Hughes’ Pipes Of Peace at Nantmelan, 11 months and another who impressed for her typical carriage and natural ring presence on the go-around but not quite as settled in topline as 1. Another delightful head and expression and her basic construction pleases. Quality coat, not quite as collected moving out and back as 1 but a very useful bitch. 3. Currie’s Faehat Percher.

SPECIAL JUNIOR BITCH (4) 1. Pirrie’s Riogaioch Dear Prudence, 14 months and what a showgirl. A real poser who stood steadily on good feet to throw out a compact and typical outline. Full of attitude with a very typical head and correctly placed facial details. Dark expressive eyes, well boned and ribbed but just needs to develop in forechest. Firm topline, well set and carried tail, moves typically and stylishly in profile but understandably comes on a little narrow. Promising coat. 2. Pipes Of Peace at N. 3. Teasdale’s Tosarne Teatime.

JUNIOR BITCH (2) 1. Pirrie & McEvoy’s Afterglow Cheddar Gorgeous Guereza, 15 months who really impressed when she came in with her compact shape, rock hard topline and perfect tail carriage along with the correct action front and back. Feminine head full of expression, well bodied and ribbed back with ample angulation. Promising jacket and lots of attitude. I see she is litter sister to the BIS winner who she closely resembles but just isn’t quite as forward. 2. Cary’s Carycares Aurlie, 13 months and impeccably schooled with natural show off tendencies! Lovely head type with real Affen expression, solidly bodied but longer coupled than 1. Had one of the best back ends I saw all day but needs to collect her front. Quality coat.

YEARLING BITCH (5) 1. Pirrie’s Riogaioch Beth Le Hem, 22 months and another born showgirl. Loved her overall type and construction and that monkey expression. Could be a little truer coming and going but the profile action and carriage is superb. Very well bodied, in good coat but slightly long coupled. 2. Wildig’s Affentude One In A Minion, 19 months, shorter coupled than 1 but her tail carriage is noticeably tighter. Well-proportioned head, mischievous expression, solid and sturdy on the table. Another whose profile impressed more than the out and back where she could be a little truer. 3. Wills’ Affentude Allegro at Dallyvista.

NOVICE BITCH (3) 1. R. Dear Prudence. 2. S. Schwarz Swallow at L. 3. S. Schwarz Skylark with S.

GRADUATE BITCH (2) 1. Obringer’s Buffels Miss Sleepy Chiaffie, stylish and spirited, she impressed in profile when she carried herself beautifully with excellent tail carriage. Very good head type and quintessentially feminine. Well angulated throughout and her coat is well textured. Tends to throw her front about a little coming on but the profile action made up for it. 2. A. Allegro at D., compact and very typy with feminine head and lovely character. Sturdily built, good overall balance but on the move not as settled in topline as 1 and a little tighter in tail carriage.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (1) 1. Harrison’s Brynstein Rat Bags in Ribbleriver, excellent overall type and size, well put together with a lovely head and expression, big nostrils and firm underjaw. Well coated and bodied. Moving could be a little truer out and back and use her tail more assertively.

LIMIT BITCH (7) 1. Cairns’ Afterglow Greta Garbage at Galicar, beautifully schooled and in marvellous condition, she took my eye immediately with her determined attitude, typical gait and perfect tail carriage. Beautiful head and expression with perfectly laid out features and no hint of Griffon, sturdy and solid on the table with optimum angles throughout and perfectly proportioned. Correct coat texture and presented spotlessly clean. She moves so soundly and steadily and in the challenge looked a picture. Has great ring presence and for me she was a comfortable winner of her first CC & BIS. Should make up easily. 2. Cary’s Carycares Oh My Darling, another high quality bitch not dissimilar in general stamp but not as settled in topline as 1. Essentially pleasing head if a shade lighter in eye than 1 but she handles well on the table and is another enthusiastic showgirl. 3. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Zizzlin Zillah.

OPEN BITCH (6) 1. Gruninger, Sweigart, King & Truesdale’s Sendin The Clowns, won this difficult class on her ultra sound movement out and back and overall compactness. Basically good head type, very solid body - almost too much so! Rugged coat, held her topline and tail so well, remaining “together” at all times. Worthy winner of the Reserve CC. 2. Cary’s The Dressmaker at Carycares, excellent overall type and balance with lots of appeal in head and expression and overall outline. Nicely conditioned and coated and looks great going round if she could be tidier coming on. 3. Shepherd’s Avantgarde Les Fleurs du Mal.

WENDY BOORER SPECIAL OPEN BITCH (1) 1. Hill’s Ch Scalene Saucy Sal, this joyful golden oldie was in the most amazing condition and movement for 14 plus years. Her breed type is apparent and still she has maintained her overall shape.

VETERAN BITCH (1) 1. Ch. S. Saucy Sal.

STUD DOG (3) 1. Gruninger’s Darkle Red Sky At Night, this class gave me something of a conundrum as the competing male is actually of a colour not included in the UK Kennel Club Breed Standard. However, as I have always judged these classes based entirely on the merits of the presented progeny I had no hesitation in placing this dog First on account of the overall quality and consistency of his offspring. 2. Shepherd’s Lil Man Special v Tani Kazari del Avantgarde, whilst his progeny all displayed their individual merits I felt they weren’t quite as even as those sired by 1. 3. Currie’s Ch Vanistica Lindy Hop for Faehat.

BROOD BITCH (3) 1. Gruninger’s Darkle Merry Melodies, she appeared with a group of very even offspring of excellent overall type.