• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

15th July 2023


First of all, thank you to the committee for my invitation and for your hospitality it was a pleasure to judge at your show, but special thanks to Lucy, you definitely put your heart and soul into your position. Thank you also to the committee’s and the Royal Kennel Club officials who were my observers on the day both giving positive feedback where needed.

Not all dogs can take first place, and I was pleased to say in some classes I had to make some tough decisions, I was pleased with my dog line up. However, on the flip side I was disappointed with the majority of the bitches as I feel they have lost substance, strength and certain qualities that the breed needs to continue to move forward. Having said that my open bitch class had some quality bitches with lots of virtues for moving forward. I want to thank all who gave such lovely comments on the day and afterwards about how well my best of breed looked in the group it really is appreciated.

Puppy Dog (3,1abs)

1st Brandon’s Lornaville Outlaw What a gorgeous Black and Gold pup, with a superb temperament, full of substance and at first glance looking older than his 8 ½ months. Head is already complete, good width of skull with correct ear size and set, gentle stop, strength in muzzle, correct mouth, finished with a dark kind eye. Correct length of neck onto a well laid shoulder, upper arm meets giving a correct angle for the required reach whilst moving, elbows tucked in, strong level top line, lovely croup onto rear angles that match his front enabling efficient movement at a steady pace, strength evident in hocks and displayed on the move. More than happy to award him BPIB, and pleased to see that he was appreciated in the group where he was shortlisted to the final eight. Looking forward to seeing him mature.

2nd Chapman’s Konatian Baggy Trousers Long coat Sable, 10mth pup medium size with correct bone. Nice head shape, with a lovely dark mask, would prefer a darker eye to enhance, medium ear carried well. Medium length of neck onto a nice lay of shoulder, upper arm is steep, rear angles are in keep with his front where he would benefit from a longer first thigh to give more angle. Body developing well, he moved sound in all directions. A pleasing young dog presented in good condition and in super coat.

Junior Dog (3)

1st Stevens’ Winngunn’s Chaos to Ashvens The last class in junior for this boy and what a great result, and so well deserved. Stood out in the class for his overall conformation, a very honest medium sized dog with lovely bone and excellent substance for his age. Strong masculine head with width to skull, strong ear set, broad muzzle, dark eye. Neck blends well onto his front assembly, where he stands on tight feet. Body developing well with a nice spring of ribs, strength in topline which was maintained at all times onto a well moulded croup. Rear angles are good, with lovely muscle conditioning evident in his thighs, ontohocks that are of equal strength. His balanced construction made it so easy for him to move sound in all directions and when stood naturally. Presented in tip top condition, definitely one to watch for the future.

2nd Reilly’s Endearing Warrior at Darmaror Black and gold of still only 12mths of age. Medium sized and with matching bone. Both front and rear angles are balanced. Head has nice proportions, medium eye, ears are larger but are set and carried well. Developing still in body he still has virtues not to be overlooked, a lovely topline and croup presents a nice outline. Stands on beautiful tight feet for one so young. Was very sound in movement in all directions.

3rd Withheld

Post Graduate (2)

1st Vorrias’ Windgunn’s Firestarter 18mth black and gold and mature for his age, excellent bone and presented in lovely condition. Very eye catching, and pleasing to watch on the move. Liked his head, where he displays masculinity and alertness, he has a correct mouth and with his dark eye and muzzle gives a lovely finish. Front construction is good although I feel a little more length to his upper arm would give him that bit more angle. Lovely sweep of rear angles, when viewed he shows the strength and muscle required in all areas to compliment this. Body is developed well, with a nice spring to ribs, nice under carriage and lovely top line with a well moulded croup. Lovely youngster to keep an eye on.

2nd Reilly’s Endearing Warrior at Darmaror (2nd in Junior)

Limit Dog (3)

1st Brandon’s Lornaville Dark Vision 4yr old mature black and gold. Instantly you can see the excellent angles both fore and aft on this boy. Well-developed chest and rib cage with good depth, enables his front construction to sit just right, nice angle to pastern onto lovely tight feet. His rear angles are also put together well, with correct length of both first and second thigh, whilst having a nice development of muscle to enable him to have the power to be used on the move. Sound when viewed on the move in all directions and also in natural stance. Topline strong at all times, if anything I’d like his croup to be a bit cleaner. A very attractive head complimented with a dark eye finishes the overall picture. Very nice male who I was pleased to award the RCC.

2nd Stevens’ Windgunn’s Blaze to Ashvens This young boy of 18mths was giving a lot away to 1st place, but his time will come, I liked him a lot, and see from the catalogue he is litter mates to two other boys I appreciated on the day. Head has already developed well which is masculine, correct mouth, dark eye although a bit on the round side. He is slightly lighter in bone than first and as can be expected obviously substance in relation to his age is quite obvious. However, his construction is very pleasing. His front is nicely balanced for me I’d like a bit more, as his handler is allowing him to stake on the stance which is taking away some of the front he has. Once he has matured his chest will broaden as will his brisket and this will help. Strong top line and nice undercarriage, strength in his rear angles enabled him to drive well on the move where he displayed soundness.

3rd Jones’ Dakamar Amazimg Journey (Imp. USA)

Open (6, 1abs)

1st Stephens’ Brightmeadow Who Dares Wins 5 year old mature male, another male who on the day caught my eye with his outline. His conformation is lovely, from the tip of his nose to his tail everything flows. Head is very masculine with darkest of eyes. Muscular neck that blends so well onto his lay of shoulder. Top line is so strong, development of ribcage, under carriage is correct, the width and strength in loin was very pleasing as it blended then onto a lovely croup and hind quarters. In front he displays such a mature chest, with elbows tucked in well, nice angle to pastern and finished with good feet. Nit picking I’d like more depth to his colour, presented in wonderful condition. So pleased to award him the CC. He was just unfortunate to meet his litter sister in the challenge.

2nd Vorrias’ Windgunn’s Matheos Black and gold of nearly 4 years. Another very attractive black and gold from this kennel. Giving a pleasing outline, where his super topline is like it’s been drawn using a ruler. Body has matured well, with a nice spring to the rib, with good depth giving a nice undercarriage. Excellent rear angles where both the first and second thigh are complimented with excellent muscle tone, it goes without saying with a rear like this he also had strong hocks and this was proven on the move with his soundness and power. He stands on lovely feet with a nice angle to his pastern. Very attractive in head, where his strength of colour compliments his masculinity. Presented in lovely condition, handled excellently, he was a strong contender for the rcc.

3rd Prydderch’s Droyale Mister Moo

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Fenn & Foster’s Chalksville Cool Running Over Jandeburn Sh.CM Sh. 8 year old sable not showing his age. Lovely boy with strong bone and good substance. Lovely head of correct proportions, larger ear but with correct set and carriage, strong muzzle with correct bite. Loved his front assembly and forechest, correct feet, top line was strong, correct spring of rib, strength still evident in loin, as in front he has lovely rear angulation which are still well muscled and shows no weakness in hock. I would prefer a better croup and tailset, however a well put together dog who used all he had on the move displaying soundness. Pleased to award him BVIB, he put on a lovely performance in the group but was sadly overlooked.

2nd Shaw’s Astradine Knight Prince 7 ½ year old black and gold, a much finer male than first place, but was well covered and in condition. Head is pleasant of the correct proportions and in keep with his overall look. He would benefit from more angles throughout. However, he was balanced which enabled him to move soundly around the ring maintaining his shape at all times. Stood on lovely tight feet.

Special Beginner Dog or Bitch (3, 1abs)

1st Verplancke’s Inferno Wolfie Beg.Ex Shown previously in open dog gaining VHC. 4 year sable, a shorter coated dog. Lighter in bone and seemed much younger than he was. Strong skull with good stop and strong muzzle, correct bite and tight lips, good ear set and carriage, nice length of neck onto a level top line. His rear angles were slightly better than in front, and this was shown on the move where he used what he had, whereas in stance his handler was positioning all legs for him causing him to stiffen. Let him relax and after moving him allow him to stand natural, as he presents himself better. Best Special Beginner.

2nd Chapman’s Konatian Baggy Trousers (2nd in Puppy Dog)

Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Junior Bitch (1)

1st Carpenter’s Marlish Jamirah 15mth black and gold bitch. Medium sized bitch with bone to match, nice head with an alert expression, with dark muzzle and medium eye and correct bite. Nice length of neck onto adequate front, rear angles were balanced however her croup is too long and rounded causing her top line not to be level. Moved sound but still with some looseness which hopefully will strengthen shortly. Shown in good condition.

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Hudson’s Sierre Athena Smaller black and gold bitch of 2 ½ years with medium bone. Very alert giving a good expression, with a nice feminine head, neck blends well onto a good lay of shoulder, upper arm would benefit from being longer to give a better angle. Movement was sound in all directions where she dropped into herself giving a better outline. Her top line isn’t the best however her handler was causing her top line to roach more. When stood natural she displayed strength in hocks.

2nd Davis’ Marlish Jubilee 15mth black and gold bitch. A much finer bitch overall and needs a lot of time to mature, she is still very raw. She lacked substance, her forechest is still very narrow, as is her rib cage, given time to rest and mature this hopefully will develop. Head is in keep with her overall size. Very happy girl who moved sound.

Limit Bitch (1)

1st Prothero’s Marlish Indiana 2 ½ year black and gold bitch. In profile she presents a slight roach in top line due to a longer croup, having said that she has other virtues, whilst still rather narrow in forechest, she has a nice front assembly, where her lay back and upper arm are correct to give a good reach, nice angle to pastern and stands on tight feet, nails need attending to as they can spoil a good foot. Moderate angles to rear, if her first and second thigh were longer, she would benefit from this. She stood strong in hock and moved sound in all directions.

Open Bitch (7, 1abs) This was my class of the day, some super bitches I could easily have taken my first three home, no surprise that my main winners came from this class.

1st Stephens’ CH. Brightmeadow Rags To Riches 5 year sable bitch who oozes breed type. She is so sound and with every step she takes she is pleasing to the eye. Ultra confident in herself she owns the ring - her handle was there as an escort as she knows what is expected of her. Her head is so correct and is finished with lovely dark eyes and flews, ear set and carriage are correct with a nice width to skull. Good length of neck onto a beautiful front assembly and well-developed fore chest, elbows are tucked in, nice angle to pastern and tight feet. Mature in body with correct depth, this leads to a strong loin and moulded croup. Her hind quarters mirror her front angles, her thighs are well muscle with strength in her hocks. As was expected on the move she covered the ground effortlessly. Presented in tip top condition I was so pleased to award her the CC, she then was awarded BOB having beaten her litter brother in the challenge. Watching her in the group gave me goosebumps, she might not have been selected but to me she owned it.

2nd Milham’s Shadowshacks My Girl Just over 6 year old and what a substantial yet feminine bitch. Very much like they all used to be. She has a lovely length of neck where it blends into her topline, her front assembly is perfect as is her forechest, she has lovely rear angles that match well with her front, this allows great ground coverage. Body is well developed with a good spring of rib with depth, where she presents a good undercarriage. Head is well put together, whilst strong it is still very much feminine, loved how dark her muzzle was somehow it finished her head off nicely. Would prefer her croup to be a little better to complete her profile. She moved so sound in all directions with no exaggeration whatsoever, driving through with strong hocks. Very pleased to award her RCC.

3rd Powers’ CH Droyale Sunflower Girl

Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake JW 7 ½ year old black and gold bitch, she is a very honest well-balanced girl, not overdone in angles anywhere but has enough to enable her to move with no change to her outline maintaining an excellent top line at all times. She was very sound in all directions. A very pleasing head, with a dark kind eye, correct planes, and with a good ear set and carriage. Correct length of neck, lovely level top line, nice spring of rib, broad croup with a good tail set. Presented in good condition.

2nd Allison’s Shonnag Sunny River Shannon 7 year old, medium bitch with bone to match. Good attentive gaze, with an alert expression, not always listening to her handler, where they both were enjoying their day out. Moderately angled fore and aft, top line could be better. She moved sound however at times displayed slight arthritic movement in her shoulder, but when rested this disappeared.

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)