• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Alexandra Adshead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
Driffield Championship Dog Show Society Day 4 28/08/23 Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Veteran Dog (1,0) 1. STREVENS’ Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tolllisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW 8yo dog presented in hard condition. Full of breed type with a happy expression. Broad, wedge-shaped head leading onto a strong neck. Shoulders well laid. Standing straight on tight, neat feet. Nicely coupled and held his topline both stood and on the move. Outpaced dogs far younger and displayed powerful & balanced movement. RBD & BVIB. Puppy Dog (0,0) Junior Dog (1,0) 1. GREENWOOD’s Coedhelyg Son Shine 15mo dog with a fantastic attitude and confidence. Unfortunately out of coat today and at the rangy stage of his development. Lovely wedge-shaped head and strong neck. Up to size. Good depth of chest and ribs well sprung. Standing on straight legs with strong pasterns. Correct tail carriage and displays efficient, ground covering movement. Will watch his development with interest. Special Beginners Dog (1,0) 1. BRAND’s Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way 2yo dog. Very happy expression and balanced front and rear. Good ear set and flat, chiselled cheeks. Would prefer a little more bone & substance throughout. Typical jaunty movement when settled. BSB. Post Graduate Dog (5,0) 1. ELKIN’s Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW 2.5yo dog. Full of enthusiasm and ready to work. Compact in size. Well laid shoulders, excellent front angulation and well sprung ribs. Moved with powerful rear drive displaying his hard condition. 2. STREVENS’ Tollisty You Can’t Decline 2yo dog, another on the smaller end of the standard. Absolutely loved this boy’s head and ear set. Very well balanced with good angulation front and rear. Held his topline well on the move but not quite the substance or power of 1, which will hopefully come with maturity. 3. SEWELL’s Clegane Inferno To Breakerswell Open Dog (2,0) 1. ELKIN’s Ch Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShCEx 4yo dog who is an excellent example of the breed. Balanced head, soft expression and very attentive to his handler. Good length of neck leading onto excellent lay of shoulder. Scores on forehand construction which is balanced at the rear. Ribs well sprung, short coupled and stands straight on tight feet and strong sloping pasterns. Well off for bone and shown in hard condition. At the top of the standard for size, but still in proportion. Moved with drive around the ring and held his topline with ease. Well-deserved BD and BOB. 2. WARDROPE’s Alter Ego Rusty Fox 4yo dog shown in excellent coat. Pleasing head and expression. Good angulation fore and aft and nicely balanced. Unexaggerated and moderate throughout. Efficient ground-covering movement and displays correct tail carriage on the move. Good Citizen Dog (4,0) 1. BRAND’s Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way 1st in SBD. 2. SEWELL’s Clegane Inferno To Breakerswell 4yo dog. Correct wedge shaped head. Strong neck and plenty of substance throughout. Very good front angulation. A little too straight in stifle – would like more angulation to match forehand construction. 3. HARROD’s Katimba Fortana Veteran Bitch (0,0) Puppy Bitch (2,1) 1. SEWELL’s Breakerswell Clearwater 9mo very feminine bitch. Wedge-shaped head with correct dentition. Good length of neck set correctly onto well laid shoulders. A little rangy at present which affected the accuracy of her footfall on the move, but has plenty of potential. BPIB. Junior Bitch (0,0) Special Beginners Bitch (2,1) 1. BURLAND’s Eusanit Lily The Pink 5yo bitch shown in lovely coat. Nice broadness to skull, but would eyes to be set a little further apart. Strong neck. Well laid shoulders and balanced angulation fore and aft. Tight neat feet. Moved ok. Post Graduate Bitch (6,2) 1. WARDROPE’s Goldstar Struttin’ Her Daisy Dukes Very pretty 2yo bitch. Excellent head and her ear set complements her gentle expression. Shoulders well laid back, balanced angulation and proportionate bone, standing on neat, tight feet. Ribs well sprung and short coupled. Moved with good reach and drive, elegantly around the ring. Pleased to award her RBB. 2. GREENWOOD’s Coedhelyg Jingle Bell Rock Really loved the overall balance of this honest bitch. Attractive head, good length of neck, well angulated and good substance. Displayed plenty of drive around the ring, however was let down by her condition on the day. Would love to see this girl on top form as would have been a contender for top honors. 3. ELKIN’s Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW Open Bitch (2,0) 1. STREVENS’ Sh Ch Tollelkin Caife Gaelach At Tollisty Certainly left her clothes at home today! With nothing left to hide, this 4yo bitch scored on her excellent front construction. Strong neck, well laid shoulders and excellent and balanced front and rear angulation. Correct bone and well ribbed. Short coupled and moderate tuck up. Held her topline well on the move and displayed good drive in profile. Pleased to award BB. 2. MORSE’s Eusanit Celtic Sea At Sinsircariad Another girl thoroughly out of coat. Preferred her head over 1. Presents a balanced outline with good angulation. Good substance, overall bone and tail set. Excellent movement in profile. Would prefer a little less width in front. Good Citizen Bitch (1,1) Miss Alexandra Adshead (Afonbach)