• Show Date: 09/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vonnie Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of Scotland Sheepdog Club

North of Scotland Sheepdog Club Open Show 9th April 2022

I’d like to thank the committee for their kind hospitality and putting on a lovely show. Thank you to my fantastic steward and the exhibitors who entered, with some close decisions and great sportsmanship.

Bearded Collie

Minor Puppy 1 (0)

1) Goodbrand’s Braesnobel Rum N’Raisin 8 month dark slate. Sweet feminine girl with a cheeky expression. She has good angulation both front and rear and very nicely balanced allowing her to move smoothly and freely. She showed maturity in her showmanship whilst sympathetically handled. BP Very pleased to see her take RBPIS behind the eventual BIS winner.

Puppy 4 (1)

1) Goodbrand’s Braesnobel Rum N’Raisin

2) Higgins’ Allachoy Isle Of Neave 11 month slate. Bigger and flasher in type than my class winner. Strong yet feminine head and dark eye, good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Steady picture on the move and well presented.

3) Kellys’ Allachoy Sound Of Harris

Special Yearling 1 (0)

1) Handley’s Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear 15 month up to size slate male with good masculine head, nice length of neck leading into well-placed shoulder. Lovely depth of chest and good overall proportions and well-muscled. Gave his handler a hard time today and one who would have preferred an outside ring to show off his movement better.

Novice 1 (0)

1) Kirby’s Finesk Bratach Bana 2 year old slate 2 year old slate bitch with a strong head, dark eye with a feminine expression. Nice deep chest and correct angulation, she moved out well showing a balanced outline.

Graduate Dog 5 (0)

1) Kuz’s Duncannas Special Edition At Strufingill JW. 3 ½ year old slate, smaller in stature than his class mates but nicely constructed throughout and shows a sound profile. Good deep chest and shoulder placement with correct angulation both front and back. His movement in all directions caught my eye in order to win the class. Nicely presented with good harsh jacket.

2) Gill & Hosie’s Burnhock Superior Diamond For Gillaber 2 year old brown who caught my eye when he entered the ring. Strong head, dark eye and pigment with pleasing overall proportions, muscled condition and excellently presented. Unfortunately he was a little unsettled on the move today in which influenced my decision.

3) Handley’s Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear

Limit Dog 5 (0)

1) Costello’s Bradiba’s Brilliant Nutmeg Muffin At Calkylona 5 year old brown dog. Strong, broad and flat skull, good dentation and pigment with eye tone to his full coat. Good proportions and angulation, length of rib and short loin he moved out well to take this class.

2) Goodbrand’s Braesnobel Looney Tunes 3 year old slate. Another with a lovely head, strong muzzle and pigmentation with an endearing expression. Lovely neck into well placed shoulder, nice length of rib and well-muscled rear with low hocks. Impressive on the stand and beautifully presented, just preferred the movement of 1 today.

3) Savage and McLean’s Talraz Comic Relief At Canaich JW

Open Dog 2 (0)

1) Gibbs’ Snikkles Bluebeard At Pirateer JW SHCM SHCEX 7 year old handsome masculine blue male with dreamy expression, nice length of neck leading to well-placed shoulder and good deep chest. Strong profile on the stand, good length of rib, short loin and well-muscled rear. Good angulation in both front and rear showed smooth balance on the move holding a strong topline. Immaculately presented in fit condition.

2) Robertson’s Arranbrae Laird Of Quothquan 5 year slate. Very different in type to my class winner but nothing not to like here as he is a quality dog. He has a strong head with an expressive dark eye, nicely arched neck, excellent shoulder placement and length of rib. Angulation of correct proportions both front and rear he is light on is feet and a lovely mover, I just preferred the substance of 1 today.

Graduate Bitch 2 (0)

1) Robertson’s Heather Mist Miss Tillietedlem (SWED IMP) 2 year old brown bitch. Good head, strong muzzle and pigmentation. Nicely proportioned, lovely deep chest and length of rib she has good angulation in both front and rear. At the coat change stage but if anything, showed her light and long stride to her advantage. Shown in fit condition to take this class.

2) Kuz’s Kiltondale Memphis Bell At Strufingill 2 year old slate feminine bitch. Smaller in proportions to my class winner but many similar qualities in terms of depth of chest and angulation. Nicely muscled. Balanced and sound mover, just not the drive I was looking for today.

Limit Bitch 7 (1)

1) Glasgow’s Malandex Xpats Gem At Gallus 4 year old slate. This girl is full of quality. I was instantly drawn to her feminine expression with a hint of cheekiness. Hands on she does not disappoint with a good broad flat skull, lovely neck into well laid-back shoulder, correct length and depth of rib with firm topline and strong well-muscled rear. Moved out really well to take this class and one I shall be watching with interest to see what her future holds.

2) Muir’s Douglasdale Dream Island 5 year old brown, strong jaw, muzzle and pigmentation with eye toning to her full coat. Another nice bitch of good overall proportion and muscle tone, who moved with balance in tune with her handler.

3) Goodbrand’s Kiltondale Isn’t She Lovely For Braesnobel

Open Bitch 4 (0)

1) Gill & Hosie’s Malandex French Expectation for Gillaber 5 year old slate bitch who has your attention as soon as she enters the ring. Immaculately presented and the darkest of expressive eyes that draw you in to go over her did not disappoint. She has a broad skull of correct proportions, lovely arch of neck leads to well laid shoulders and deep chest. Correct length of rib and strong loin with a topline to match to provide a pleasing outline, she moved out with reach and drive in harmony with her handler. BOB

2) Muir’s Douglasdale Dream Island

3) Goodbrand’s Braesnobel Let Freedom Ring

Veteran 5 (0)

1) Glasgow’s JB De Chester At Gallus My notes say 7.5 year old blue that’s all male and immaculately presented. Impressive flashy lad who certainly has ring presence. Strong head, muzzle and jaw with excellent pigmentation and dentition. His is nicely angulated with a wonderful deep chest, well placed shoulder and muscled hindquarters. On the move he is light on his feet with excellent reach, drive and supple strides which based my decision to give him Best Dog and Best Veteran today.

2) Steel’s Invercoyle Erdradour 8 year old blue bitch. A lovely girl to go over showing a balanced outline with a strong head, melting expression, good angulation in both the front and rear with nice muscle tone. Light on her feet on the move she showed positive reach, just would have liked some more rear drive today. You can see she enjoys her time in the ring in harmony with her handler, who presented her beautifully.

3) Savage & McLean’s Cloverbrae Solar Flair SHCM

Vonnie Newton (Alkibia)