• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Terrier Club Of Devon And Cornwall

Terrier Club of Devon & Cornwall

Open Show

Sunday 20th February 2022


Judge – Tracey Anscombe

Junior Handler 6-11​​​​​​​​2 Entries / 1 Absent

1st Texas-Lee Dunston – Handling a Norfolk Terrier

A pleasant young lady who had a great rapport with her dog, when asked to tell me about her dog she was just delightful telling me how much fun he is at home along with the usual explanation for what the breed was and the history. She presented the teeth well and in a sympathetic manner and correctly pointed to the point of the dog I requested. Handled the dog well on the table in control. Requested to do a triangle on using the mats that she completed satisfactory. She just needs to be a little more aware of where the ‘judge’ is in the ring, in order to not break the ‘Golden Rule’ of never getting yourself between the judge and the dog.

Junior Handler 12-16​​​​​​​​​3 Entries

All three of these handlers are developing and maturing, a general observation for all of them is to keep practicing their pattern work and corners alongside general breed knowledge. Always keep a tidy lead and remember the judge is always watching.

1st Harriet Duffield – Handling a Border Terrier

Won this class based on her demeaner and rapport with her dog, who is not a regular dog she handles. Out of the three handlers her reverse triangle and T were the tidiest but by no means perfect. It was great to see her in the ring after the class practicing and taking knowledge from a very experienced ex-junior handler this is how you improve.

2nd Nicholas Duffield – Handling a Border Terrier

A more experienced handler than 1st who was also not showing his regular dog who didn’t give him the easiest of time so was nice to see him have to really work at his handling skills. He did however fall fowl to the mats when asked to do a reverse triangle but his corners where good and his positioning was again very well executed event with a less that co-operative dog.

3rd Elayna Mitchell – Handling a Jack Russell Terrier

She has such a kind manner with her dog was knowledgeable about the breed and presented the teeth well. She again took advantage of practicing after the classes with Harriet. I can see a lot of competition and place changing for these three friends in the future.


Adult Handler 17 & Over​​​​​​​2 Entries / 1 Absent

1st Rhianne Mitchell – Handling a Parson Russell Terrier

I have watched this handler develop over the last few years and the confidence is finally arriving. She has a great rapport with her dog and I do believe that she has found her ‘handling companion’ which makes for a better team. She helped coach the dog along when it was spooked by a dog in the neighbouring ring. Her pattern work and corners still can be improved and also remembering to have a tidy lead at all times. She never broken the ‘Golden Rule’ even when challenge with a reverse triangle and a T along with a little positioning work in the line ups.