• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Terrier Club Of Devon And Cornwall

Terrier Club of Devon & Cornwall

Open Show

Sunday 20th February 2022


Judge – Tracey Anscombe

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at your show and to the Southern Border Terrier Club for their support of the classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, there was a friendly ringside atmosphere and lovely exhibits to judge. I could span all the exhibits and found no mouth faults or kinked tails.


Border Terrier Puppy ​​​​​​​​​5 Entries

1st Benattivo Silver Flame (Mr & Mrs C Girling) BP RBOB

Very smart blue and tan bitch puppy with so much promise. Otter like head of correct proportions, small V shape ears well set that frame her head well giving her a lovely expression. Presented in lovely condition in deep double coat she has plenty of pelt. Balance through out her rib and lion which allows her to move with true tracking motion holding her shape. Stands on small cat like feet and short carrot tail which for me just completes the picture.

2nd Cobstoneway Stand by Me (Mr & Mrs Stevens)

Younger grizzle dog puppy who still requires a little more time to be the finished picture. Pleasing in head and expression and is of a nice size. Still a little loose in front movement but holds his shape on the move and has drive from behind. Was in better coat than those placed behind him today who are also very promising puppies.

3rd Earthtaw Never a Dull Moment (Miss J Haydon)

Res Dowgri Detriot (Mr & Mrs W Baird)

VHC Monbarbeck Dolly Mae Rose (Ms Monaghan)


Border Terrier Junior​​​​​​​​5 Entries / 3 Absent

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky (Mrs K Stockley)

Well-schooled grizzle bitch with plenty of breed type. Attractive head with good expression. Length of neck into well-structured shoulders and rib making her easy to span. Show in coat of harsh texture again one with lovely cat like feet. She moved well around the ring which gave her the edge over 2.

2nd Thistlestone Queen of Harts (May & Whisker)

Grizzle bitch who for me is a lovely size, pretty head with small well-set ears and dark eye. Shown in tight jacket of good texture. Lovely to go over with flow from the neck to her well set carrot tail just a shame she didn’t use it on the move.


Border Terrier Postgraduate​​​​​​​6 Entries / 3 Absent

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky (Mrs K Stockley)

Placed 1st in Junior – This was a very close decision between these two exhibits. 1st was the more positive mover in the class

2nd Bluebabel Gypsy Heart (Mr & Mrs K Yeates)

Attractive grizzle bitch of good size but was carrying a little bit too much condition today and couldn’t match 1 on the move due to appearing to be a little distracted.

3rd Rodzina Lone Ranger (Mr & Mrs P Mitchell)


Border Terrier Limit ​​​​​​​​7 Entries / 3 Absent

1st Thistlestone Pumpkin Pie (May & Whisker)

Grizzle and tan bitch of a handy size, presented today in tip top form with a new pin wire coat. Attractive head with a nice expression. Narrow throughout. She moved the best in this class which secured her place, but the others seemed to be very distracted which affected all of their movement.

2nd Earthtaw Making the Day (Miss J Haydon)

Adored this grizzle boy’s head a true otter in appearance, again lovely and narrow but could do with a little more rib to loin ratio for overall balance. Unfortunately, he was today in his underclothes and really didn’t show off his true assets on the move. He has a lot of good qualities and as they say ‘on another day places could change’  

3rd Tarkaswell Sea the Stars (Mrs C Sansom)

Res Foxfactor Fancy Free (Mrs K Stockley)


Border Terrier Open Dog ​​​​​​​4 Entries / 3 Absent

1st Botterox Chaos (Miss S Hillman) BD BOS

Blue & Tan dog full of masculinity, Strong headed and presented in full coat which could make him look heavy from the ringside. Moved well tracking true both fore and aft which gave him the edge to be awarded Best Opposite Sex.


Border Terrier Open Bitch​​​​​​​3 Entries / 2 Absent

1st Tarkaswell High Fidelity (Mrs C Samson) BB BOB

So pleased that her owner brought her today she just oozes breed type. Grizzle bitch sporting a new double jacket with good texture. Otter like head with varminty expression framed with small V shaped ears falling to the cheek. A real pleasure to go over with a well set and shaped tail to finish off the picture. She moved well around the ring holding her profile and showing her balanced construction. Happy to award her Best of Breed