• Show Date: 11/09/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern Counties Chow Chow Club

 I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Chow Chows. On paper there were 24 dogs entered but sadly there were a number of absentees. However, there was no lack of quality. Temperaments were excellent and all of the dogs were easy to handle including the baby puppies in the puppy walk. It was good to see a number of young people, particularly in the puppy walk, with an interest in the breed. My thanks to my two excellent stewards, Gary Southgate and Linda Fisher. Your excellent secretary, Ann-Marie Foy had everything in apple pie order. At the conclusion of judging I was presented with a lovely gift – a beautiful chrome lantern with the Club’s logo engraved on it. Thank you all – it was very much appreciated.

 Minor Puppy Dog

1 Fisher’s Shulian San Angelo Star at Poppykins. Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show. A masculine, handsome youngster shown in very good coat. Well-schooled and a natural showman who really made the most of himself. Flat, broad skull; neat thick, well placed ears. Pleasing expression. Strong, lightly arched neck, good bone and nicely padded “cat” feet. Well ribbed and in good body condition. Sound and free moving. I thought he was lovely.

 Puppy Dog

1 Shulian San Angelo Star at Poppykins.

 Junior Dog

1 Ball’s Ch Dalen Sky Is My Limit. Black. Broad, blunt muzzle, clean well-shaped eye and neat, well-placed ears. Good bone, straight legs and decent feet. Needs a little more confidence and I would like a fraction more of him. His profile action is very typical. Dense double coat.

 Limit Dog

1 Squires’ Kyong Krugerrand. Reserve Best Dog. A nicely made dog who is pleasing to handle with his good body and ribbing. Very typical head and expression, clean eyes and good ears. Excellent pigmentation. Strong neck and he has very good carriage. Well boned with good feet. Free moving and sound. Not quite in full coat but what he has is a very good texture.

 Open Dog AOC

1 Phillips’ Lechan Black Muse at Fulang. Best Any Other Colour in Show. Black. Absolutely typical with a decent head, broad skull, clean oval eye and neat ears. Compact and well ribbed with good tailset and carriage. Typical on the move with a very accurate footfall.,

 Puppy Bitch

1 Flavell’s Life Is Beautiful Angel Gloria. Best Any Other Colour Bitch. Beautifully balanced and like the dog puppy she makes the most of herself both standing and moving. Very attractive head and expression, clean well-shaped eyes. Well set, thick ears. Strong neck and good forehand. Well bodied for age. Shown in very good form and coat.

2 Southgate’s Santicana Total Eclipse. Black. Not quite as mature or finished as the winner as yet. Typcial head and expression. Decent bone. Good body and ribbing. High set, well carried tail. Very typical profile action.

 Junior Bitch

1 Irwing’s Beaconpride Sisudatu Raya. Reserve Best Bitch. This lovely bitch has so much to commend her. Not in the fullest of coats today but she has nothing to hide. Free moving and completely sound. Good skull, clean dark eyes and good thick ears. Excellent pigmentation. Compactly made with a strong short loin and good ribbing. Good tailset and carriage. Certainly CC quality!

                    Limit Bitch

1 Flavell’s Siamdel Mary Poppins. Best Bitch & Reserve BIS. A classy and very typical exhibit. Flat, broad skull, good ears, typical scowl. Excellent pigmentation. Excellent forehand with good bone and neat, well padded feet. Good breadth and depth of chest with well ribbed, compact body. Free moving and particularly good in profile.

 Judge: Tom Mather