• Show Date: 02/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Teresa Dunsdon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club



2nd MAY 2022

It was a huge honour to be invited to judge the Special Awards classes at this well-run and very friendly Club show. I couldn't have wanted for a warmer welcome and a nicer selection of dogs to judge. I was particularly impressed by the longevity of the breed, with some lovely Veterans entered. I would like to thank all the Officers, Committee, stewards and exhibitors for the opportunity to judge one of my favourite Gundog breeds and for your generosity in accepting a non-specialist judge into your midst for the day.


Three lovely youngsters, at different stages of development

1st - Thomas' Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious, very pretty 11 months B who presented a compact, sturdy & symmetrical outline, feminine well-proportioned head & good length & shape of muzzle, dark eye with melting expression, good ear set, reachy neck into well-made shoulders, plenty of forechest, straight forelegs of good length, standing on neat round feet, deep through body which was not long, loved her firm topline with slight rise over loin, strong thigh, moderate rear angulation, correct tail carriage, her conformation showed in her smooth gait

2nd - Nicoll's Benoveor Sail On to Antreth, liked this 15 month D very much, well balanced & unexaggerated in outline, masculine head with a delightful expression in his dark eye, excelled in length of neck, straight front with decent forechest, good angulation front & rear, very tidy feet, well boned throughout, strong & muscular in body, would benefit from a shade more maturity through body but he is still a teenager and this will come, another with a good topline, quick & active on the move, preferred his tail set & carriage over a good-looking well-bodied D in 3rd

3rd - Stevenson's Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway


1st - Ferguson's Julita Raindance at Teaselwood, very feminine B approaching her 2nd birthday, built on finer lines, lovely shaped head & muzzle with the sweetest of expressions, good length of neck, would like a little more forechest, well-angulated in front, feet are correct round shape but could be enhanced further by more tidying, deep enough in chest, liked her short couplings & firm topline rising over loin,  good rear angulation, moved steadily but would like to see a bit more drive, in beautiful coat & condition, overall she has a lovely outline, could just do with a bit more of her


Super class, enjoyed the challenge of judging this quality entry

1st - Thomas' Sh Ch Bowdonia Anastasia JW ShCM, compact 7 years B who was the picture of moderation, strength & symmetry, well proportioned feminine head & muzzle, dark eye & kind expression, long strong neck into well laid shoulders & return of upper arm, plenty of depth in forechest, straight well boned forelegs standing on good round feet, deep in brisket, excellent spring of rib, short-coupled & strong through loin, powerful muscular thigh with moderate bend of stifle, true powerful movement topped off with a merry personality & ever-wagging tail, her overall balance was the hair that I had to split between 1st & 2nd

2nd - Brown's Bowdonia Ozzie, masculine version of 1 & so hard to split them as they share many attributes, loved his masculine head with slightly domed skull & the right amount of strength & depth in muzzle, such a warm intelligent & loyal expression in his eyes, long strong neck, plenty of depth of forechest, well boned, strong straight front & round feet, muscular firm & deep in body & flanks, well sprung ribs, strong couplings, firm topline rising over loin, muscular wide thigh, well angulated hindquarters, moved true & with drive,  just preferred his overall presence over a lovely well-made D in 3rd

3rd - Cemis' Taimere Talk About Me

4th - Nicoll's Benoveor The Guardian for Antreth

5th - Woodhams' Tobermyn Minstrel Boy

Teresa Dunsdon