• Show Date: 15/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Teresa Dunsdon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Anglian Gundog Society

My sincere thanks to the Society and all exhibitors for the opportunity to judge some lovely dogs at this well-run show. Thanks also to my stewards who good-humouredly kept everything moving at pace.


GRADUATE (7, 4 absent)

1st - Sladden's Valcor the Confessor at Canemamans, 8 mths W/O D, likely to finish at top end of size range but balanced & almost square in outline, long well-shaped head & muzzle with correct divergent planes, good eye shape & colour, intelligent expression, liked his ear set & length, excelled in neck, well-constructed forequarters, stands on well-boned & straight front legs, strong feet, just needs to drop a little more in chest, strong through loin with slight tuck-up, plenty of width of thigh which he used well on the move, BPIB, RBOB, delighted to see him go BPIS

2nd - Sladden's Bushwacker Dangerous Dave at Canemamans, 17 mths W/O D, squarer in outline than 1 & not surprisingly showing more maturity in body, typical masculine head with good eye colour & set, strong powerful neck leading to well-placed shoulders & strong straight legs, not quite the width of chest as 1, but better depth to brisket, firm through body & loin, could perhaps carry a little more weight to advantage as today he was rather "ribby", muscular hindquarters, lower tailset than 1, inclined to crab on the move

3rd - Forbes' Canemamans Primo Al Fino

OPEN (5, 2 absent)

1st - Moulin's Gunsyn Ginontherock Dei Majikisles, 20 mths W/O B, appealed in outline & overall balance, feminine long & narrow head showing chiselling & divergent planes, correct length of muzzle to skull, handler should avoid gathering up her skin under jaw as this detracts from her head shape & hides dewlap, slightly longer in neck than 2 but strong enough, liked her angulation front & rear, spring & length of rib & depth of body, short-coupled with arch over loin, topline typical of the breed, used her hindquarters to drive round the ring, pleased to award her BOB

2nd - Sladden's Ebano Dell'Oltresavio at Canemamans (Imp ITA), mature very well-boned D, liked his masculine head, being long & narrow with great depth of muzzle, well-chiselled below correctly shaped oval eyes, short well-rounded neck, good width of chest, sufficient depth, well-ribbed & muscular through body, short-coupled loin, liked his correct topline, underline showing more tuck-up than 1, made handler work hard to keep him in shape on the stack, moved freely, just preferred front construction & elbow placement of BOB

3rd - Coleman's Bonario Esprit



1st - Slack's Bonapartist Snow Goose, 11 mths O/W B, cobby & square appearance, plenty of substance for age, pretty correctly-proportioned head with good eye colour showing a bright alert expression, ears of good size, shape & set, clean neck leading to muscular shoulders,  elbows close to body, stands on straight forelegs & tight round feet, deep in brisket which was slightly less than leg length, good spring of rib, short couplings, well-developed thighs, moderate bend of stifle,  handled very well, moved briskly & soundly, BOB, BPIB, delighted to see her short-listed for BPIS

OPEN (0 entries)


JUNIOR (1 entry)

1st - Moore's Toberworry Gypsy, 11 mths B, presents a strong, unexaggerated picture, liked her elongated head with well-shaped skull & length of muzzle, complimented by dark eyes & soft expression,  good ear-set, strong in neck, good width of chest, sufficiently well angulated front and rear, would prefer a straighter front as she is inclined to stand with her feet slightly turned out, deep body with well-sprung ribs, firm all through with short-coupled loins, slight tuck-up, extremely well-muscled thighs, in good coat & condition overall, tail carried well, moved freely with energy, BOB & BPIB

POST GRADUATE (0 entries)

OPEN (0 entries)


PUPPY (9, 3 absent)

1st - Sheridan's Oktumi Mischief Maker, 9 mths Bl/R D, appealed for his compact & square outline,  sturdily built throughout with good bone, handsome masculine head with strength in muzzle, kind eye & well-set long ears, muscular neck set well into sloping shoulders, excelled in width of forechest & length & set of upper arm, deep in brisket, big ribs, short & strong in loin, firm topline,  well-developed thigh, well bent stifles, tail set on below level of back & used well on the move, his strength & balance enabled him to move true with plenty of drive, BPIB, delighted to see him shortlisted for BPIS

2nd - Hutton-Babers' Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (Imp Pol), 11 mths Bl/R B, lovely feminine puppy with so many qualities, appealed for her sturdy, square & compact shape, skull & muzzle of good width & depth, nothing weak or "snipey" here, really liked her strong moderately long neck which fitted so smoothly into her fine shoulders, good return of upper arm, deep through body with great spring of rib, short-coupled, firm topline leading to a beautifully-rounded rear, couldn't quite match 1 in rear angulation, but splitting hairs here, true mover, close up to 1

3rd - Ward's Wensum Dancing in the Dark

4th - Ward's Wensum Let's Dance

5th - Remington's Rozamie Black Pearl

JUNIOR (4, 2 absent)

1st - Pearce's Kenwad Black Grouse at Miska, very eye-catching 14 mths Blk D in shining coat & condition, immaculate presentation, balanced masculine head, dark eye giving a bright intelligent expression, all framed by low-set long ears, strong & moderately long in neck, sufficient angulation in front, strongly boned & straight front legs standing on firm rounded feet, deep enough in brisket, well sprung ribs, good width & strength over loin, nicely-rounded rear, tremendous width of thigh, plentiful bend of stifle, covered the ground well on the move, just a shade wide behind today, RBOB

2nd - Randall & Bedford's Ziennes Cornflower, feminine 12 mths Bl/R B, nice size, just slightly longer in outline than 1, stop was for me a shade too much unbalancing her head, nevertheless very pretty with good depth & strength of muzzle, sweetest of expressions, muscular neck of moderate length, liked her forechest & front angulation, stands on straight front legs & neat feet, good spring of rib & deep in brisket & flank, would prefer a little more width all through, but she is only just out of puppy, nice angles to her hindquarters,  preferred her true movement to 1


1st - Clifford's Wyncastle's French Quarter Smash with Chamford HJCH (Imp Hun), 2 yrs Bl/R D, this smartly presented male was a pleasure to go over, square & sturdy in outline, well-proportioned masculine head with dark eye & bright expression, well-set ears of good length, muscular & moderately long neck, unexaggerated and balanced in front & rear construction, well boned straight forelegs, stands on compact feet, deep well-ribbed body, ultra-short in coupling, muscular flank, strong loin, firm thighs & topline, plenty of width all through,  true driving action, BOB

2nd - Collier's Pepperbox Parti Time, 2 yrs Bl/R B, presented a pleasing compact & square outline, no mistaking her sex in her finer feminine head & muzzle, bright kind expression from dark eye, muscular neck of good length leading to good shoulder placement & length of upper arm, found her to be well made in body with lovely spring of rib & depth in brisket, short-coupled with firm topline, nicely rounded hindquarters, good bend of stifle, moved well, just preferred overall balance & strength of 1

3rd - Harris' Melgrove Mystery Girl

OPEN (1, 1 absent)


GRADUATE (3 entries)

All three exhibits were very happy to show off their sense of humour, which I loved!

1st - Wilson's Cambridgcurl Calypso at Eldarrah, strongly built 15 mths B, compact & upstanding, good sized feminine head with domed skull & long muzzle, well-shaped almond eye giving an alert & mischievous expression which could be further enhanced by being a shade darker, strong neck of good length for correct head carriage, well-constructed front & rear, particularly liked her huge spring of rib, depth of body & short strong back, hindquarters powerful with well muscled thighs, low set hocks, big rounded feet, correct coat colour with tight ringlets, moved soundly & with enthusiasm, BOB

2nd - Stoddart's Cambridgcurl Oread Echo, litter sister to 1 with very similar characteristics, a fraction stronger in skull & muzzle than 1 but still balanced, muscular neck of good length, deep & very strong in body with big ribs, well constructed front & rear, well boned throughout & stands on large round feet, good coat colour with plentiful ringlets, not quite as firm in topline as her sister, on the move she was also less settled & more inclined to play, my final placings today were decided on these small differences between two pleasing exhibits, RBOB

3rd - Latheron's Fynder Reacher

OPEN (1)

1st - C Calypso at Eldarrah


GRADUATE (0 entries)

OPEN (2, 1 absent)

1st - Sladden's Khyannes Triton at Canemamans (Imp Hun), Bracque d'Auvergne, handsome mature male, liked his robust outline, size & overall balance, skull almost oval in shape with moderate stop, muzzle slightly shorter than skull & on a very slightly divergent plane, dark eye with kind expression, muscular neck , well constructed in front with strong straight forelegs, pleasing body proportions & height to leg ratio, well ribbed back with gently rising underline & slight arch over loin, excellent hindquarters, firm thighs & the right amount of rear angulation , a pleasure to watch him move on a true long-striding gait, BIR



1st - Norbury, Ganney, Adams & Adams' Fisherbloom Hey Didle Didle at Heartbury, B/W Pointer D, impressive symmetrically built D with a smart flowing outline, well proportioned head with well defined stop & slightly concave muzzle, dark eye giving kind expression, plenty of forechest, long muscular & clean neck set neatly into long sloping shoulders, liked his length of upper arm & straight forelegs, stands on strong feet & pasterns, deep brisket, good ribs leading to firm flanks,  thigh well muscled & right amount of bend of stifle, moved smoothly & effortlessly round the ring with reach & drive, just pipping a nicely made Vizsla

2nd - Porter-Manning & Porter's Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW, quality Hungarian Vizsla D, robust yet elegant in outline, good overall size & shape, lean & refined in head with correct proportions of skull & muzzle, good eye colour & shape, liked his width of forechest & moderately long strong neck, shoulder & upper arm well put together, straight in front, stands on tight round feet, well balanced in body with correct leg length, deep enough in brisket, good spring of rib, slight tuck up under loin, short enough in back, plenty of power in hindquarters, correct moderate bend of stifle, attractive russet gold coat, moved at a good lively pace

3rd - Harris' Melverly Burano, ESS

4th - Box's Fernstart Angel's Kiss, Irish Setter

5th - Shipton's Broomeece Fire Cracker Over Mishules, Field Spaniel


SPECIAL WORKING (3, 2 absent)

1st - Elkin's  Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC, very smart NSDTR, substance & power in a compact package, broad slightly rounded skull & tapering muzzle giving desired slightly wedge-shaped appearance, eye of correct shape, size & colour with alert expression, strong muscular neck, excelled in front angulation & forechest, deep & strong through body, plenty of rib, moderate tuck-up, firm level topline, one of the most muscular loins I have ever laid hands on, powerful thighs, well bent stifles, full coat glowing with health & a lovely rich red colour,  movement was powerful & jaunty with good reach & drive, fine example of a dual purpose Gundog

Teresa Dunsdon (Judge)