• Show Date: 01/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Susan Porter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Central & Southern German Shorthaired Pointer Society

Central & Southern German Shorthaired Pointer Society


Judges Miss S Porter “Shearstone”

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge. I thought all my puppy winners were lovely which is always good for any breed. I would like to thank both my stewards for keeping everything running smoothly.

Minor Puppy Dog 0

Puppy Dog 2 1a

1st Dymonds Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle

Lovely young boy who is very eye catching when stacked and moving. He has a masculine head and a super reach of neck that flowed into a sound topline. Just the right depth to his body for age with a good width to him. He had lovely angles front and back with straight front legs and hocks.

Junior Dog 5 2a

1st Harveys Valger Snow Patrol at Imaniz

Solid Liver boy who won this on his movement. He had a good head with nice eyes. Muscular neck set on to well-placed shoulders tight fitting elbows correct depth to his chest. Short coupled. Nice turn to his stifle.

2nd Marsh Kilnrae Berliner

Totally different stage of development to my first, he was a big rangy teenager who has nice angles but will take time to fill his frame.

3rd Scourfield Relstraum Tott Wolfsburg

Novice Dog 3 1a

1st Marsh Kilnrae Berliner

2nd Scourfield Relstraum Tott Wolfsburg

This boy is at the same in between stage as one just preferred head of one over this boy.

Post Grad Dog 2 1a

1st Garget & Morriss Winterwell Eeh By Gum With Garvin

Presents a lovely outline, masculine head liked his eye shape and colour. Straight front good feet, deep through chest correct turn of stifle. Really powered around the ring.

Limit Dog 1

1st Collins Barleyarch Hoopla At Forestpoint

Well balanced head. Well put together all over and had super movement when viewed in profile.

Open Dog 3 1a

1st Schoneville Balvenie Double Diamond JW

Loved this boy for his size and type not overdone in anyway, dare I say old fashioned in type. Fully mature with plenty of substance. Masculine head, strong neck, well angulated shoulders straight front, ribs well sprung. Moved out with drive shown in tip top condition. BD & RBIS

2nd Goff & Dales Seasham Live Wire At Shoshoni

Another nicely made boy who moved out well, just preferred the masculine stamp of one.

Special Working Gundog Dog 0

Field Trial Dog 1

1st Coes Goosepoint Waddington At Abbanash (AI) JW

What a lovely dog he is, so workman like in his movement expelling no effort which means he is put together right. RBD

Veteran Dog 2 1a

1st Adams SH CH Barleyarch Ariat JW

At 7 and half years he’s a baby veteran who is looking great. Well put together and angled though out loved his typical GSP outline. BVIS

Minor Puppy Bitch 3

1st Merritts Sperant Chocolate Cosmos

6 months on the day and what a sweet pretty baby. Nicely put together and moved very well for a baby.

2nd Hargan Rivernharg Cuckoo Ca Choo

Eight month and larger than one with nice angles when she cooperated with her handler and settled which wasn’t for long.

3rd Lobley & Robinsons Minnie From The Start

Puppy Bitch 6 1a

1st Izards Yockletts Hambledon

Wow what a smashing puppy. Stood out for her lovely outline, liked everything about her from her super head to the tip of her tail. Moved accurately and with drive. Didn’t put a foot wrong, didn’t expect to be giving BIS to a puppy today, really wish she was mine.

2nd Button Quintana Thundesnow of Tagesbach

Feminine head, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders straight front legs. Nice turn of stifle. Moved well. She was a real talker as I went over her a happy girl who should do well.

3rd Davies Faircastle Electra

Junior Bitch 5 1a

1st Schoneville Balvenie Eye Candy JW

Nicely named, lovely feminine bitch correctly put together front and aft. Presented a lovely outline and backed it up by moving well.

2nd Whitehouse Kazanpaul Prawn Cracker

Slightly more raw than one, but another lovely girl, ever so feminine head lovely angles.

3rd Button Quintana Thundesnow of Tagesbach

Novice Bitch 3 2a

1st Marsh & Hoad Kilnrae Zarola

This girl has a good head and she has a nice outline would just prefer more substance to her.

Post Grad Bitch 9 4a

1st Brown & Filby Winterwell Thatlldo For Desjiem JW

Lovely head with dark eyes that blend together to give a lovely expression. Strong neck that flowed into well placed shoulders straight when viewed from the front with good feet on her. Elbows close fitting good depth to her chest with a nice tuck up. Equally nice backend moved well.

2nd Staley Jomeel Now I’m Here

Another quality bitch slightly more substantial than one, splitting hairs just preferred the upper arm on one

3rd Marsh & Hoad Kilnrae Zarola

Limit Bitch 8 6a

1st Staley Jomeel Naughtylicious

Femamine head, balanced out line, good substance bone and muscle tone, well angulated throughout. Straight when viewed from the front standing on sound feet. Good topline short in the loin.

2nd Roden Keigame Queenie

Presented a typical outline when stacked well-made throughout, really was splitting hairs again with these two just preferred the movement of one especially when coming back.

Open Bitch 6 3a

1st Roden Jacofraze Desire From Keigame

Beautiful head with melting expression. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders with close fitting elbows. Excellent bone and substance to her. Deep chest, Short in the loin, super rear end which drove her around the ring RBB

2nd Elliotts Ankerwycke Silk Stockings

Feminine and elegant bitch, she had a lovely head with good eye shape and colour. She presented a lovely outline, she lost out to one on her movement.

3rd Lobley & Robinson Kiltonsyde Lady Cara

Special Working Gundog Bitch 0

Field Trial Bitch 0

Veteran Bitch 2

1st Burford Pingarypoint Hot Topic

Lovely head and expression, she has a straight front with well placed shoulders with plenty of fore chest. Deep chest short loin and nice stifles on her. Really covered the ground with power.

2nd Whitehouse Kazanpaul Crème De La Crème

Lovely type size and construction to her, still has the outline that screams GSP but lost out to one on movement.