• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Randle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Retford Canine Society


Thank you very much to the Society for the invitation to judge IS and IRWS. I was happy to be able to step in on the other breeds in the absence of the judge due to Covid - I believe he will judge here again soon. My thanks for a well-run show and to my two sets of Stewards in the two rings who kept me on the straight and narrow and made my judging experience more pleasurable.

Irish Red & White Setters

Junior (1,1)

Jakins’ Coolfin Clancy

14-month-old dog who stood alone. Domed skull with correct muzzle with a kind eye. Scored on good forehand. Deep chested, well ribbed back with correct body length and nice level topline. Would prefer slightly tighter feet but good width through hindquarters which allowed him to move freely with pleasing stride.

Open (5,3)

1st Cook & Catin’s Daithi Shadow Dog with Ferngate (imp POL)

Took my eye on entering the ring. Although a little hard to handle on the day this 3-year-old dog possesses pleasing proportions with correct neck length and good angles. Parallel planes to the skull with correct depth of muzzle. Good feet, oval bone. Nice level topline which he held when on the move. Pleased to award BOB.

2nd Taylors’ Laoirebay Monte Carlo

Another nice dog who is slightly finer than the winner. Good forehand, slightly shorter in neck. This dog has a very pleasing head but today found his movement a little weaker behind than the winner but good enough to award RBOB.

Irish Setter

Puppy (6,2)

1st Holley’s Gwendariff Thistle be Jills

What a picture this 7-month-old bitch presented. Pleasing overall balance with pretty head, a gentle eye and correct ear set. Very hard to fault at this stage in development but possesses good feet, forehand, topline and tail set which she used to advantage on the move which for a puppy her age was very settled BPIB

2nd Begg’s Sumaric Sweet Lit’l Mystery

Notes say ‘had fun’. However, she settled enough on the move and the stack to show me another very promising puppy. Feminine 6-month-old pretty-headed bitch with nice angles and topline. Her first show apparently so a lot was forgiven.

3rd Jarvis’s Settersay Sapphire

Junior (5,2)

1st Jarvis’s Settersay Sapphire

Nice young dog who missed out in the puppy class but showed enough promise to win this class. He was shown in good coat and muscle condition. Nice masculine head with gentle expression. Adequate neck length. Good front and rear angulation with nice top line and tail set. Moved well.

2nd Savage, Richards & Savage’s Sixoaks a Star is Born

A 16-month-old dog who was longer and finer throughout than the winner. Possessed a good front and nice deep chest. Another at his first show who will need time to reach potential.

3rd Sansom’s Bardonhill Carry on Teacher

Post Graduate (5)

1st Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW

Lovely bitch presented in adequate coat. Lovely chiselling, good head planes and dark expressive eyes give a nice headpiece. Nice front angulation, with good depth of chest. Ribs well sprung and strong on the loin. Good topline, held on the move giving a pleasing overall balanced picture. RBOB

2nd Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows

A well-presented young dog a little heavier in head. However, he possesses all the correct angles, top line and tail set that I was looking for. Enough dark, rich coat and moved well to give him this place.

3rd Pallister’s Corranroo Nordic Kiss at Penwyn

Open (3)

1st Richardson’s Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof

Solid masculine dog. Not exaggerated in any compartment. Good angles throughout. Lovely expressive eyes and correct planes to head. Not overdone in length of neck flowing into well-laid-back shoulders, a good top line and correct tail set. He moved around the ring effortlessly and was presented in good coat which tipped the balance over the bitch to give him BOB

2nd Bougen’s Gwendariff Lily the Pink

Another well-presented and pretty bitch that was hard to fault. Nicely balanced throughout, good angles and movement. She was well-handled but just lacked a little ‘presence’ compared to the class winner on the day.

3rd Jarvis’ Lowdon to Darn Hot

Thank you so much to the following breeds for accepting me as replacement judge. I was very grateful for the way my opinions were accepted and the opportunity to go over some lovely dogs.

English Setters

Junior (2,1)

1st Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose

Pretty Orange Belton b. Nicely balanced with correct top line. Lovely feminine head with kind expression and correct depth to muzzle. Good straight front with neat feet. Was a little unsettled to start on the move but went well when settled.

Post Graduate (3)

1st Catton & Cook’s Valsett Starlite Sky Storm with Ferngate

Well put together tricolour dog. Presented a balanced picture overall with good angles throughout. Pleasing masculine head not overdone in any aspect. Well ribbed back with nice level top line. Moved soundly fore and aft (my notes say ‘flashy on the move’).

2nd Pearson’s Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessand

Slightly heavier in build this orange dog was presented in good coat. Standing on good feet with plenty of bone this boy has a lovely masculine head, good length of neck, nice top line and good angles throughout. Just missed out on movement today.

3rd Neath’s Albadora Rough Justice

Open (4)

1st Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder JW

Nicely balanced mature orange dog. Lovely masculine head with kind expression. Good confirmation throughout with well sprung ribs set well back. Strong over loin and good width to hips. Moved around the ring with drive. Happy to award him BOB.

2nd Taylor’s Bumblecorn Ash of Tattay

Tricolour boy to whom a lot of the above comments can be compared. Would prefer a little more length in his neck to balance for my personal taste but good confirmation, lovely head and strong movement gave him the RBOB.

3rd Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

Gordon Setter

Junior (4,2)

1st Ozog’s X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (imp POL)

Lovely 13-month-old dog with good markings. Masculine head with lovely expression. Enough length of neck. My notes say good in bone, feet and coat. Very good front and rear angulation with well bent stifles. Moving with drive and reach was pleased to award him RBOB.

2nd Seymour’s Pegasett Princess Aurora

Pretty 10-month-old bitch puppy with a lot going for her. Hard to fault this girl’s construction and on the move very happy and free with good reach and drive. Unfortunate to meet the 1st in this class but BPIB.

Post Graduate (4,3)

1st Crowther’s Ronaldsbill Midnight Blitz

Stood alone and sadly let his handler down badly as it was not possible to go over him. I had to assess him on the move. He was sound going away and coming back towards me and side on showed drive and reach. Standing he had a nice balanced outline but would prefer tighter feet. I hope he settles going forward.

Open (5,2)

1st Bain’s Palangor Moonlight Echo at Pangarak (BOB)

Well balanced dog who showed excellent breed type. Masculine head with lovely dark eyes and low set ears. Good shoulders, sternum and deep chested. Liked his bone and his clear markings. Lovely outline on the stand and good angles and short hocks gave him drive and reach. Well-deserved BOB.

2nd Seymour’s Pegasett Miz Guydance JW

Mature bitch shown in lovely coat. Nice feminine head with lovely expression. Clear markings. Good bone and tight feet. Lovely angles front and rear. Moved well to and fro with reach and drive. Just preferred the balance of the dog today.

3rd Hamilton-Smith’s Kilnrae Signature over Samsett


Puppy (6,2)

1st Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka (BPIP & RBOB)

Very pleasing to the eye this 9-month-old bitch was well-proportioned with a clean, bold outline. Feminine in head with correct eye shape and colour. Angles throughout were correct and she has a nice width of stifle. Good bone, forechest and spring of rib. Moved well with drive. Happy to award her BPIB and RBOB on the day.

2nd Coleman’s Smilek Sweet Caroline

Younger but pretty bitch, slightly lighter in build and longer in loin. Overall construction was good and, on the move showed drive and reach.

3rd Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Dottie

Junior (4,1)

1st Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka - Repeat from Puppy

2nd Martin’s Deifstock Déjà vu for Teufel

Just turned 12-month-old dog. Nice masculine head. Good bone and feet. Would have preferred slightly more length in the neck for overall balance but moved very well.

Post Graduate (5,2)

1st Hunter’s Braefell Dragonfly

Strong, powerfully built dog with good overall balance. Masculine head of correct shape with good eye colour. Nice length of neck flowing into good shoulders and nice top line. Well ribbed back and strong over loin. He moved very well on nice tight feet.

2nd Davies & Brown’s Wystry One Mint Julep

Feminine bitch with balanced outline. Pleasing pretty head. Another well ribbed back and strong over the loin. A little fidgety to be gone over but once on the move showed her stuff holding her topline throughout.

3rd Hillman’s Palladium Fantasma

Open (7,3)

1st Morris’ Kalimor Gem

Took my eye on entering the ring and a joy to go over. A quality bitch typical of the breed. No exaggerations of good size. Very feminine head. Good construction throughout, well ribbed back and stood square front and back on neat feet. Moved with drive and elegance. BOB

2nd Dunn’s Bryanntar Pink Princess

Very similar in shape and size but not as clean over the shoulder area as my winner. Nice head and good construction throughout. Another good mover.

3rd Moore’s Kalimor Jazz at Cavalmist

German Shorthaired Pointers

Puppy (2)

1st Button’s Quintana Thundersnow

7-month-old bitch with lovely marking. Pleasing clean balanced outline. Feminine head with correct planes and kind eye. Good sternum and well ribbed back. Good topline with correct angles front and rear which she used to advantage on the move. Just beaten for BPIB by movement of dog puppy who took 2nd in Junior.

2nd Beresfords’ Tuptonsett Buttercup

Another nicely marked bitch with nice head. A lot of comments on the 1st apply to this girl too. However, she lost out on movement on the day.

Junior (5, 1)

1st Schoneville’s Balvenie Eye Candy

Feminine but powerful bitch. Good clean balanced outline. I appreciated her pretty head and kind expression. She has great angles front and back and my notes say a lovely mover with reach and drive. RBOB

2nd Blaker & Khan-Blaker’s Zakova Aurora

11-month-old dog with good clean lines. Deep chested, well-ribbed back. Very pleased with overall construction which he used to advantage on the move in the Puppy challenge BPIB

3rd Harvey’s Valger Snow Patrol at Imaniz

Post Graduate (3,1)

1st Schoneville’s Balvenie Eye Candy - Repeat of Junior

2nd Delaney & Thompson’s Parsonsview Showboating at Redmires

A dog of heavier build presented in very good muscle tone. Moving away and back he was parallel in movement and to the side had reach and drive. Could see him working the fields.

Open (6,1)

1st Merritt’s Sperant Pamplemousse (BOB)

Presented in good condition, liver and white bitch had a pleasing clean outline on the stack. She had the correct head shape with dark eyes and correctly set ears. Strong neck flowed into nicely laid-back shoulders. She has a deep chest with well sprung ribs and no looseness at the elbow. Well-developed 2nd thigh and adequate bend of stifle allowed her to drive around the ring effortlessly. More than happy to award her BOB.

2nd Ellis’s Soellis Fancy Nancy

Nicely made bitch with typical head and intelligent expression. Slightly smaller and finer but similar in comments to winner on overall construction. Think these two could change places on another day. Moved very well.

3rd Shoneville’s Balvenie Double Diamond JW

Judge: Sue J Randle (Rionore)