• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Steph Collis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Folkestone Hythe & District Canine Society

Folkestone, Hythe and District Canine Society

Sunday 6th March 2022

I would like to start by thanking both the committee of the show for inviting me to judge and the exhibitors who entered under me. I really enjoyed judging your terriers.


Junior (1entered/ 0 absent

1.Aldis’ Torryburn Fidelity

Bitch. 7 months. Lovely sized puppy with great proportions, and well balanced and angulated. Spans easily. Feminine head with good expression and thick dense coat. Correct top line carried well on the move. Moves well. Was very pleased to award her BOB and BP and TPG1 and look forward to watching her progress in the future.

Post Graduate (3/2)

Aldis’ Torryburn Maisie’s Angel 

Bitch. 2.5 yrs. Attractive, With a lovely head and expression. Good mouth. Great size and is easily spanned. Correct front and shoulders. Moved out with purpose. Unfortunately lacking in coat today. RBOB

Open (0/0)


Junior (1/0)

Fuller’s Kabu Tigi Too at Masajack

15 mths, Tan and White, bitch

Great size, easily spanned and with a nice harsh coat. Has a great topline that is carried well on the move. movement itself could tighten a little. Good expression but didn’t use ears to her advantage today.

Post Graduate (3/1)

Herbert’s Jaeva Printing Press

20mths, Tan and White, Bitch

Showy girl, has a lovely head with keen expression. Liked her front and size. Easily spanned. Correct topline and tail set, held well on the move. Moved out with real purpose

Fuller’s Kabu Hershey at Masajack

Open (3/0)

Jones’Perfect Love Di Sutri at Laserna (ITA IMP)

Tan and white, Bitch

Very showy terrier who has impressed me before and did so again . Well handled. Great size and balance with good angulation. Spannable. Lovely strength of head with keen expression and nice reach of neck. Good front and a strong back end. Moved with drive and purpose. Happy to award her BOB and TG2.

Witmond’s Tiltser Manhattan

Tan and white, Male

Another lovely, showy terrier, also well handled. Nice strength of head with alert expression. Loved his topline, tailset and balance. Spannable. Front ok, Moved well. RBOB

Fuller’s Exotica Iz Imperii Jamper at Masajack (IMP RUS)


Junior (0/0)

Post Graduate (2/1)

Nash’s Tiggy of House Nash

Such a happy girl, who enjoyed her time in the ring. Feminine head with neat ears and good mouth. Lovely straight front and compact body with tight feet. Harsh, correct coat. RBOB.

Open (3/2)

Nash’s Ralph of House Nash

Strong head, dark eye and keen expression. Liked his length of neck. Well boned, slightly longer in body with an excellent coat. Moved out beautifully with an alert, terrier attitude, particularly in the group. Pleased to award him BOB and TG3.


Junior (5/4)

Goldfinch’s Kanawha Never Say Never

14 month, Bitch, Cairn

Beautiful head and expression. Good size. Has correct topline and tailset, both held well when moving. Moved ok.

Post Graduate (6/2)

Hilton’s Touessroks Glitz and Glam

20 months, Bitch, Airedale

Took my eye with her well proportioned head, dark eye and well set ears that were well used. Correct bite. Lovely reach of neck. Well muscled and has neat feet . Good coat. Moved better in her class than in the challenge. RBOB

Fox’s Hillsted Same Difference

Male, WHWT

Lovely boy who showed well today. Great balance and proportions. Keen dark eye and expression. Good head and ears. Nice tailset. Correct bite. Liked his coat texture. Preferred the movement of 1.

Kettle’s Foxindean’s Wild is the Wind

Open (9/4)

Foster’s Thozow Master of the House

Male, WHWT, 3 yrs

Couldn’t deny him this win…he showed beautifully throughout the breed and group…giving his all for his handler. A real showman. So beautifully balanced and moved with real drive. Very typical head used to advantage, good front and compact body with correct coat and bite. Well presented. Really happy to award him BAVNSC and TG1.

Goldfinch’s Tycadno Bright Star for Kanawha,

Bitch, 4yrs, Cairn

Keen and alert attitude…so much to like..but did give her handler a difficult time today. Her balance and movement won me over, along with with her fantastic head and expression. Excellent coat.

Blair and Hadley’s Cleeve Hill Kasper (IMP BEL) PRT


Open (0/0)

Terrier Group 

A strong line up overall and a difficult decision for me. The first two, in particular, could easily swap places on another day.

Foster’s Thozow Master of the House WHWT

Jones’Perfect Love Di Sutri at Laserna (ITA IMP) JRT

Nash’s Ralph of House Nash Norfolk

Boggins’ and Burton’s Luthais Loch Tay SBT

Terrier Puppy Group

 Aldis’ Torryburn Fidelity Border Terrier

Steph Collis (Judge)