• Show Date: 05/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Ely Canine Society


5 FEB 22



P 3(1)

1. Handley’s Beraisy Apache Tear of Enchambray. 8 month old male, up behind at this stage and somewhat ‘stiff’ in front on the out and back. Good head and expression, keen dark eye, correct neck, well set shoulders, much maturing to come, BP.

2. Spencer’s Bernolli Daniel Craig at Padiky (imp RUS) TAF. A very nice puppy, however was not prepared to let me go over him today, moved to advantage and when his nervousness is overcome will develop into a good prospect.


J 2(1)

1. Peacocke/Plant’s Bobb Vom Durrbachler Wald TAF NAF. Nice youngster, strong masculine head, balanced angulation front and rear, shown in good coat, covered good ground in profile and sound on the out and back but carrying as much weight as I would like on the day.


PG 2(0)

1. Atherton’s Valentinn Vom Durrbachler Wald. 19 months old shown in excellent coat and condition, well angulated front and rear, strong top-line, correct length to height ratio, good feet and pasterns, sound ground covering gait, RBOB.

2. Watson’s Stepdasher Spring Blossom.


O 5(1)

1. Wright/Kirk’s Objet D Art Du Hameau De Baika avec Roesilbern JW JW’19 (imp FRA). Absolutely sound throughout and moved to advantage to take the class, super balance in profile, lovely feminine head and expression, strong top-line, good bone, nice feet, correct croup and good tail-set, BOB.

2. Miles’ Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW.

3. Miles’ Jaybiem Only Making Plans.




P 2(1)

1. Powell’s Trijem Magical Legacy. 8 month old male, masculine head and expression, good bone, good shoulders, absolutely sound on the out and back, when settled should be a good prospect, BP.


J 3(0)

1. Allan/Bruggenburgh-Rothschild/Denman’s Allmark Fancy Some Fendi. Preferred the overall balance of 1 and her absolutely parallel movement on the out and back, lovely feminine head and expression, excellent angulation, strong top-line, excellent prospect, BOB.

2. Simmons’ Allmark Dance with Diamonds. Another lovely youngster, just unable to hold her top-line on the day and a little loose on the out and back, rather stronger in head than 1 but a good prospect nevertheless.

3. Morley’s Trijem Three Times The Magic.


PG 3(0)

1. Hutchcroft’s Allmark One Of These Days. Sound male, good head and expression, correct bone, good feet, balanced front and rear, shown in full coat, won the class on his movement.

2. Land/Gittins’ Soloyal Storyteller for Casmawllan.

3. Woodhouse’s Bollinchep Coloradoblue.


O 2(0)

1. Allan/Winfrow’s Ch Allmark The Sequel JW ShCM ShCEx. Lovely male, an excellent example of the breed, and one I have much admired on previous occasions, excellent angulation, typical head and expression, strong top-line, shown in full coat and good condition, RBOB.

2. Woodhouse’s Bollinchep Coloradoblue.





P 1(0)

1. Fowler/Mancey’s Toptune Take A Chance on Me. Lovely 8 month old bitch, super feminine head and expression, good bone, excellent balance and movement, absolutely parallel on the out and back, strong top-line, RBOB & BP.


O 3(1)

1. Fowler/Mancey’s Niavana Moon River at Toptune. Preferred the overall conformation and balance of 1, lovely feminine head, excellent overall balance and parallel ground covering gait, BOB.

2. Bonvivant Liquorice Liquor.





O 1(0)

1. Snook’s Paradise Simba-Leffe at Ashjack (imp BEL). 2 year old male, excellent balance throughout with an impressive ground covering gait, nice prospect, BOB.





PG 1(0)

1. Brown/Godfrey’s Sezanne Amora. Nice 2 year old bitch displaying excellent balance, strong top-line, correct bone, good feminine head and expression, BOB.


O 2(0)

1. Elliott’s Sulanevaeh Raul Thane. 6 year old male who won the class on his excellent reach and drive, masculine head, good overall balance, correct bone, good feet and pasterns, RBOB.

2. Harris’ Sezanne Optimezzo.  




P 6(1)

1. Simmons’ & Inverno’s Simmovon Sheer Delight. 8 month old, lovely head and expression, super balance and well angulated, good feet and pasterns, excellent reach and drive on the move, BP.

2. Gregory’s Tidespring Tonight I Am Here at Tonkory.

3. Oliver’s Simmovon Shockwave at Tambuzi CNAF.


J 3(2)

1. Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset. 13½ month old bitch, lovely head and expression, correct feet and pasterns, good balanced angulation, strong top-line, shown in full coat and good condition, excellent on the move.


PG 7(2)

1. Greening’s Kanamaren Take These Pearls. Super bitch, excellent angulation, good bone, fit feet, very impressive on the move with her quick ground covering gait, BOB.

2. Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset.

3. Spurr’s Dreamwork Collat’ral Beauty.


O 7(2)

1. Kempton’s Borderbrook Fame or Fortune. Just took the class on her effortless ground covering gait, lovely feminine head and expression, well angulated, strong top-line, shown in good coat and condition, RBOB.

2. Oliver’s Tambuzi Stryka Blow JW.

3. Greening’s Kanamaren Hold On My Heart.




J 1(0)

1. Moir’s Hoskar Hopscotch. 13 month old male, full of vim and vigour on the day, excellent angulation, strong top-line, good croup, tail-set and carriage, absolutely sound on the move, RBOB.


PG 1(0)

1. Cutler’s Lankeela Tequila Sunrise. Very ‘chilled’ bitch, excellent conformation, good bone, strong top-line, absolutely sound on the move, BOB.




P 1(0)

1. Young’s Cocosamel Camelia. Super head and expression, excellent overall construction, needs a good deal of practise when moving, BP.


J 1(0)

1. Lepley’s Sarnoushka Silver Spirit. Good head and expression, balanced overall but rather unsettled on the move.


O 4(1)

1. McGreade’s Nikara Neverending Dream for Frostia. Very smart 3 year old, lovely feminine head and expression, correct bone, good balance throughout and completely out moved the class, nice example of the breed, BOB.

2. Young’s Cocosamel Misia. RBOB.

3. Lepley’s Sarnoushka Lady Jasmine.