• Show Date: 19/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sheree Parrish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newark & District Canine Society

Newark & District Canine Society Open Show – 19th February 2022

English Setters

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge this wonderful breed and thank you to my very capable stewards.

I was thrilled when I was advised of my number of entries and, although we did have absentees due to the horrendous weather and Covid, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and still had many quality exhibits to go over. The weather and the hot air blowers affected some dogs that would have probably been a lot happier outside, had it not been blowing a gale. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter under me, it was very much appreciated.

Puppy 7 (4)

1st Loakes Goldbirch Hearts Desire, very pretty 10 month old BBT bitch. Her outline is stunning when stood and she holds her topline perfectly on the move. The most feminine head, well chiselled and dark eyes, albeit with a hint of mischief in them. Nice straight front with tight feet. She is very well angulated, well ribbed with correct tailset. On the move she was very happy, using her tail to her advantage. Presentation was perfect. Was very pleased to award her BPIB and later, delighted to hear she was placed 2nd in a very strong Gundog Puppy Group.

2nd Taylors Wansleydale Mayfly, another beautiful BBT bitch, 9 months old and still getting used to her new home and handler. Everything to like about her, most beautiful head and expression, lovely bone, tight feet and well angulated. Moved out well and happily, just not quite the confidence of the winner yet.

3rd Bennett & Fisher Quensha Man In The Mirror

Junior 4 (1)

1st Dennis Mariglen Unwrapped, 14 months old, BBT bitch, has the most beautiful classic head, darkest of eyes giving her a kind and gentle expression. Nice ear placement, lovely reach of neck into excellent shoulders. Pleasing bone and substance all through. Good topline and correct tailset. Moved out very soundly and happily, at one with her handler. Very well off for coat and immaculately presented.

2nd McLoughlin Arabin Silver Panda, another 14 months old, BBT bitch with much to like about her. Her colouring is very striking and she was very well presented, Lovely head, although slightly broader than the winner but still feminine, good shoulders, well sprung ribs. Looked an absolute picture when standing, shorter coupled than 1, just not quite as co-ordinated on the move today and carrying her tail slightly proud.

3rd Wale Chanina Golden Rose

Post Graduate 6 (3)

1st Dennis Mariglen Unwrapped

2nd White Paduan Nightingale, Orange belton bitch, of 2 ½ years, nothing flashy about her, an honest bitch who I liked a lot. This girl has a very sweet head and gentle expression, kind, dark eyes. She has a good reach of neck, well angulated forehand, good feet , well ribbed up and great tail set.. Lacking in furnishings compared to winner and not quite so animated on the move, but a nice exhibit all the same

3rd Williamson Balvenie Etched in Blue

Open 9 (5)

1st Lawson Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, a showman if ever I saw one. Dark BBT male of 4 years old and really coming into his own. Nice head, lovely dark eyes, beautiful arch to his neck into excellent shoulders, tightest of feet. Well sprung body, well angulated and short coupled. His coat was absolutely gleaming and he was presented to perfection. He looked the best I have seen him, I have judged him previously and also watched him from the ringside, today he could not be denied BOB, not only did he look the part, but he pulled out all the stops to impress.

2nd Cole Sorbus Storm Ryder JW, 7 year old orange belton male I have watched him since he was a puppy and admired him greatly, this is the first time I had a chance to go over him and I was not disappointed. When he entered the ring I was sure he would be my winner, I love his head, a real classic with the most gentle, kind dark eyes. His arched neck gives him elegance, without losing any hint of masculinity, very well off for bone. Lovely topline and tail set on perfectly. Just so well put together and in fabulous coat and condition too. It was a really close decision between 1st and 2nd place and I expect, on a different day, it could be a different result, but the winner just put that extra bit into his performance today. Pleased to award this lad RBOB and so pleased to hear he was later award 4th place in a hotly contested Veteran Gundog class.

3rd Bryant & Hollis Phenset Firefly

Irish Setters

I was replacement judge and would like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to assess their dogs and for braving the terrible weather conditions. I do hope the original judge has made a speedy recovery. It is a good few years since I owned the breed so was judging with “fresh eyes”. That said, the breed is still very dear to my heart and I welcomed the opportunity to judge them today. I was very impressed with each of the exhibits and it made my job very difficult on the day.

Puppy 2 (0)

1st Greenan & Hopewell Lochlorien No Offence Juleset, 11 ½ months old and all male. Very well grown boy, has a beautiful head, kind expression, great reach of neck. Well off for bone, tight feet, deep chest, well ribbed up body and perfect tailset. He not only looked the picture with his gleaming coat, he drove off on strong hocks which powered him around the ring.. A stunning pup. BPIB

2nd White Paduan Golden Girl, just 7 months old and at her 2nd show, a bit overwhelmed with it all, maybe it was the hot air blowers or the inclement weather, but she wasn’t very happy. Nice shape overall, would prefer a bit more bone and substance but she is only a baby and has time on her side. Her head is fine and feminine, darkest of eyes and a lovely dark coat. Movement was difficult to assess today, she just needs confidence which will come in time.

Junior 3 (0)

1st Jones Gwendariff Dazzling Diva, a beautiful head on this bitch, dark eyes, long reach of neck, straight front and tight feet. Well ribbed body, great angulation to quarters with good muscle tone. Looked a picture when standing and has the most beautiful rich coat in fabulous condition. Moved really well to win this class.

2nd Corless Swiftlark Illustrious, another lovely bitch and I was nit picking between 1st and 2nd place, to be honest. Lovely, feminine head with dark eyes. Well off for bone and well bodied, in hard condition. I thought at the time that these two bitches are probably often switching places in the line up. Moved well.

3rd Pallister Penwyn Keeping Faith

Post Graduate 5 (1)

1st Richardson Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows, 18 month old boy, caught my eye the moment he entered the ring. He is stunning, from his beautiful head, well made body, perfect angulation and gleaming coat to the tip of his tail. He has a beautiful masculine head, without being coarse, lovely dark eyes and just a really good looking dog. Lovely arch to his neck into good shoulders. Straight front and tight feet, very well bodied and well angulated quarters. Correct tailset. He moved out well, his tail slashing as he went, absolutely putting his all into showing himself off. Was pleased to award him BOB.

2nd Bayne Corranroo Celtic Storm, another 18 month old boy and another stunner. Not dissimilar to the winner in a lot of ways, well made and masculine, plenty of bone and dripping in coat. A beautiful head with dark eye, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs. This lad still needs to grow into himself and, as such, was not as coordinated on the move, but a very nice dog and one to watch.

3rd Fisher Quensha Who Knew

Open 6 (3)

Lovely class, wish I had 3 first place cards.

1st Bayne Corranroo One More Kiss, 4 year old bitch, feminine head with dark eye, lovely expression. She has a well arched neck leading into good shoulder placement, well off for bone and dripping in coat. Good body properties and lovely sloping topline, hard condition, so well balanced. Moved out really well, slashing her tail as she went. Pleased to award her RBOB.

2nd Corless Swiftlark Spellbinder, lovely masculine head and kind eyes. Pleasing in bone and front with neat tight feet, good length of neck into a sloping topline leading to well angulated quarters. In lovely coat and condition which showed in his sound movement.

3rd Bougen Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW

Sheree Parrish (Judge)