• Show Date: 03/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Serena Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Otterhound Club


Sunday 3rd April 2022

I’d like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their club show, my steward & the exhibitors for accepting my decisions with such good sportsmanship.

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch (2,0 Abs)

1st Griffiths’ – Pcoh Seiclon. Masculine head, kind eye & expression & good leathers on this 5-year-old boy. He has a super neck, straight well boned front, good body, depth of chest & ribcage. He holds his topline well & has very well-muscled quarters which allowed him to move with a good stride.

2nd. Griffiths’ – Pcoh Gloria. This 8-year-old lady has a good head & leathers, straight front, good neck & shoulder, well bodied up & has good quarters. Excellent coat, not as positive on the move as the winner.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1,0 Abs)

1st Pcoh Gloria.

Puppy Dog (3,0 Abs)

1st. Nelson’s – Olphae Druid. 10-month-old boy with a pleasing head & eye, good forehand with lovely bone & feet. Good depth of chest, spring of rib, level topline & strong loin. His quarters were well made & well-muscled & he moved out well in all directions. Shown in excellent jacket.

2nd. Tangye’s – Olphae Digger. Litter brother to winner, pleasing head, although I would prefer a tighter, darker eye. Good through the neck & body, excellent topline, tailset & quarters. Moved well

3rd. Pickering & Lee’s – Otis. Pleasing head & good forehand, I would prefer a little more substance throughout. Ok topline & excellent quarters, he was such a happy chap it was very difficult to assess movement, but he did have a good stride.

Special Yearling Dog (2,0 Abs)

1st. Griffiths’ – Pcoh Talsarn. Lovely shaped head with super expression, excellent forehand with strong bone down to good feet. Good depth of body & spring of rib, level topline, well made & muscled hindquarters. Moved well in profile, open reachy stride.

2nd Farrington’s – Pcoh Trimmer. Handsome head with good eye, good forehand, depth of body & well balanced, his quarters are well made & well-muscled. Moved freely but didn’t hold his topline as well as the winner.

Limit Dog (1,0 Abs)

1st. Lewis’ – Olphae Charman. Super head, eye, expression & lovely leathers. Strong neck into good shoulders, straight well boned forelegs, good depth & spring of rib & strong loin. Well set on stern & excellent quarters which he used to full advantage on the move. Moved soundly with a reachy stride & shown in excellent jacket. RBD.

Open Dog (3,0 Abs)

1st. Lerego’s – Teckelgarth Decimus. Beautiful head, dark expressive eye & nice leathers. He has a good forehand, into a well-balanced body, good depth of chest, level topline, short loin & very well-muscled quarters with a good turn of stifle. He moved out well in all directions & was shown in super condition. Just preferred the overall picture on the stack of this boy to the 2nd placed dog. BD & RBIS.

2nd. Ganna’s – Ch. Kingstree Warrior at Keepcott. Pleasing head with a kind eye, good neck & shoulder. Very good bone & substance, straight front, good feet, super topline, short loin & good quarters. I felt he was just looking a little light in body against the older more mature winner. He moved out well & has a very good coat.

3rd. Pcoh Seiclon.

Junior Bitch (2,1 Abs)

1st. Harris’ – Olphae Dawn. A very promising pup of 10 months, she has a pretty head & expression from her kind dark eye. Super neck, shoulder, well boned front & good feet. Level topline, good depth of chest & spring of rib for her age, well ribbed back to short loin, her tailset is good & her quarters are well made. She moved well out & back & had a free & easy stride in profile. I fell for her charms & she fully deserved RBB, BPB & BPIS.

Special Yearling Bitch (3,1 Abs)

1st. Lewis’ – Olphae Orlaith. Pretty head with kind, dark eye & very good leathers. Excellent neck & forehand with straight well boned front & good pasterns. She has a lovely depth of body with good ribbing & short loin. Level topline, good tailset & very well-made quarters, she moved soundly with good reach & drive.

2nd. Griffiths’ – Pcoh Tegfan. Pleasing head & eye but I would prefer a little less haw showing. Straight well boned front, good neck, shoulder, topline & tailset. Very well-muscled quarters, she moved with a good stride.

Limit Bitch (3,0 Abs)

1st. Ashworth & Atter’s – Kingstree Willing. Headed this class of very nice girls. She has a feminine head with expressive dark eye & a hint of mischievousness. She has an excellent forehand where everything just flows, lovely topline & tailset, deep chest with good ribbing & strong loin. Her super quarters allowed her to drive freely in profile with a good footfall. Excellent coat & conditioning she demanded attention & I loved her cheeky smile. Delighted to award her BB & BIS.

2nd. Madge, Follett & Lerego’s – Teckelgarth Georgia. Beautiful head, eye & leathers on this lovely girl, super forehand with well boned straight forelegs, good pasterns & feet. She has a level topline, good depth of chest & spring of rib, strong quarters with good muscletone & well let down hocks. She moved soundly & freely.

3rd. Porter’s – Ottaryx Quinevere. Feminine girl with a lovely dark eye, excellent neck into good front, super topline & quarters. Excellent jacket, not as positive on the move as the winners.

Open Bitch (4,1 Abs)

1st. Lerego & Scott’s – Teckelgarth Zsa Zsa. Pretty head, kind dark eye & excellent leathers. Good neck into adequate shoulder, good bone & feet, she has lovely body properties with good depth, spring of rib & level topline. Moved out well.

2nd. Follett’s – AmCh. Four Pillar’s Tahoe Turquoise (Imp USA). Pleasing head, eye & expression, good through the neck & shoulder, straight front. Good depth of chest, she holds her topline well & her quarters were well made & muscled. She was sound out & back & moved with a fluid stride.

3rd. Lewis’ – Ottaryx Phaedrra.

Serena Parker