• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sara Lamont Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wickford Basildon & District Canine Society

French Bulldog

Firstly I would like to thank my steward, Frenchie enthusiast Linda Quin. I was thankful for the entry with very few absentees. The dogs adapted well to the heat, with little showring shade and a cloudless sky. I made minimal amendments to the amount of movement required in the ring, and all dogs seemed to cope well. A noticeable observation was poor rear end movement, many moving too close, although no apparent lameness. Some classes were also a little tough, comparing masculine boys with feminine girls, but that’s the joys of general open shows.

Puppy (2,0)

1. Humphries’ Theapaul I Believe in Magic for Crackatari, what a cracking little brindle female who had just turned 6 months. I have no doubt that she will hold her own in the strongest of competition. Classic skull for maturity with appealing expression. Clear dark, round eye. Ears of good size and set. Good bone for body proportions. Compact feet with short toes and nails. Enough rise of topline and moved well, showing no looseness given her age. Showed extremely well, happy to award her BP and heard she also won PG2.

2. Ross’ Grandtree Lady Coco Bella, 12mth old hooded Br Pied. Short bodied with pleasing topline with enough tail. Developed forechest with rounded ribs providing pleasing underline. Clean head, good eye shape and set with dark pigment. Well placed ears of size and shape. I would have preferred a little more muscle tone/harder body condition for age.

Junior (2,0)

1. Hartfield’s Warson Huggy Bear, 12mth Brindle male. Masculine boy up to size with good overall proportions. Clean coat and condition. Strong topline held on the move, walking his width on the return. Well boned with neat feet. Pleasing head, dark eye, good width and upturn of jaw. I would have preferred if it was a tad shorter, but this did not detract from his overall proportions hence awarding him RBOB.

2. Harris-Griffiths’ Kralfbecs Coco Noir, Feminine 16mth well-marked brindle. Compacted size and shape, short backed, finished by a neat, sufficient tail. Nice overall balanced proportions, deep chest, and correct length of foreleg with sufficient lay of shoulder provided a correct front assembly. Well-muscled and angulated rear quarters.

Graduate (8,1)

1. Jennings & Duff’s Cossy’s Dua Lipa, Feminine 18mth fawn bitch with a dark mask with a clean head, no excessive wrinkling, typically more apparent with fawns. Another solid and compact female with straight bone to neat feet. Suitable depth of rib and matching topline, providing a pleasing outline. Clear dark eyes set correctly, sufficient width to muzzle and suitable nose size. Once this girl settled on the move, she walked soundly and to her width.

2. Humphries’ Crackatari Shockwave JW, 20mth Handsome Br Pied. Leaner, lighter and longer in the back than 1, but excellent in movement. Body condition accentuated his tuck up, another with a pleasing tail. Good bone for this size and sex, providing a well-constructed front. Appealing expression with flat skull between the ears which were of correct shape and set.

3. Cossy’s Quality Street

Open (7,2)

1. Smith & Pratt’s Catrelma Petit Bataeu Avec Khanin, 4yr old hooded quality coated Br Pied male. Clean outline with a nice balance between body condition and proportions. Another that had sound strong rear movement due to correct angulation. Nice length of neck, deep chested with matching tuck up and topline. Ears large that were correctly held, well pigmented dark eyes set between a wide foreface. Good bone to neat feet, holding his width on the move. Ticked all the boxes for BOB.

2. Morgan & Ling’s Agramers Balam Quitze at Tytorro, Well marked 2 year old Br male. Shorter in back then 1, but for me carrying a little too much weight making him appear stuffy. Clean head, broad forehead that was flat between well set and sized ears. Dark pigment and muzzle and dark clear, well-shaped eyes. Good rear movement with well-muscled and angulated quarters.

3. Warren & Jobson’s Warson Stan Butler