• Show Date: 12/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Samantha Webster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club Open Show 2022

I’d like to thank the hard-working NMCBC committee for inviting me to judge their diamond anniversary open show. The atmosphere was so pleasant, and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Also, I would like to thank all exhibitors for their support and for accepting my decisions so graciously. I was delighted to have had some beautiful dogs to go over. I found all hounds to be in excellent condition.

MPD (4,1abs)

1) Wenman’s Wenannou White Thunder – Very smart 8-month-old tri. Compact in shape and well-made throughout. He has a clean head and expression with dark eyes and pigmentation. Correct bite and earset. Forelegs straight and well-placed shoulders. A firm topline and hocks well let down. Presented beautifully and he moved out well with style. BPD

2) Dawson’s Rundle Decathlon – 7-month-old tan & white male. Correctly set leathers and he has good length of neck. Laid-back shoulders, short pasterns and ribs well sprung. He has good bone, is well muscled in both quarters, tight feet and a correctly set stern. Excels in profile movement. I preferred the headpiece of 1.


No entries

JD (1,0abs)

1) Hunt & Ford’s Bondlea Woodlark – Workmanlike 14-month tri. Well proportioned head with a soft expression. Correct bite and length of leathers. He has great substance, well-made forequarters and ribbing. Hocks firm and parallel. He moves soundly in all directions with drive.

ND (2, 0abs)

1) Dawson’s Rundle Decathlon – see MPD

2) Taylor’s Deaconfield Lancer – 8-month tri that shows promise but didn’t want to cooperate today. He has a clean head and dark eye. Well placed shoulders and equal length of upper arm. Topline level and short coupled. Correct angulation in the rear with short pasterns and tight feet. It was difficult to assess movement, but everything seems to be in the right place. He just needs some time.

GD (1, 0abs)

1) Hunt & Ford’s Bondlea Woodlark – see JD

PGD (4, 0abs)

1) Stoddard’s Poppyville First Edition – A masculine 4-year tri. Slightly stronger in head than I’d like but he is so balanced in body. Great length of neck, well laid shoulders and straight forelegs. Well boned, topline firm and good bend of stifle. He moves so accurately in all directions and excels on profile movement, powering around the ring.

2) James-Dow’s Jalhar Gives You The Edge at Malcline – 4 year dark tri male. Very soft head and expression. Correct bite and round bone. He is well muscled throughout and has balanced angulation both fore and aft. Hocks firm which he used to drive him around the ring. Just felt 1 had a tidier front and feet.

LD (3, 0abs)

1) Foster & Jones Stormpasture Rocketman – A very eye catching 2-year-old tri. Lovely headpiece with an appealing expression. Excellent forechest and straight forelegs set well underneath him. Well placed shoulders and good ribbing. Short pasterns, tight feet and good angulation in the rear. Topline firm which he kept on the move, and he is parallel coming and going. He powered around the ring with reach and drive. BD

2) Woodcock’s Molesend Verdict at Roddwood – 2-year-old tan and white male. For me he is a little on the feminine side, but he has a soft expression, and correctly set leathers. A correct bite, Shoulders well placed and a level topline. Forelegs straight and tight feet. He has good rear angulation and is well muscled throughout.

OD (3, 1abs)

1) Taylor’s Deaconfield Kingcraft – 4-year-old tri male that I judged and rewarded as a puppy. Pleased to see he’s developed into a quality hound. Although a touch feminine in head for me, he has a kind expression and good pigmentation. He has well-made forequarters. Very compact in shape, good bend of stifle and he holds his stern very well. Such a sound mover and he flows around the ring with reach and drive. RBD

2) Hardisty’s Am Ch Blunderhall In Lockdown – 21 month old tri male. He has a compact outline, and his head is in proportion. Forelegs straight and elbows firm. A level topline and short coupled. Stifles well bent leading down to firm hocks. I felt 1 had better forehand construction.

VD (4, 1abs)

1) Hunt & Norris Ch Shercroft Apollo JW Sh.CM – Really quality 7-year-old tan & white. Masculine head with correctly set leathers and good length of neck. He is well put together in front with well laid shoulders and equal upper arm. Excellent ribbing extending well back. Very firm hindquarters with good angulation. He moves so soundly in all directions and effortlessly covers the ground. BVD & BVIS

2) Stoddard’s Dialynne Cover Story – 7-year-old tri male. He is very balanced in outline and has an appealing expression. Correct bite and length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Topline firm and level. Great bend of stifle and tight feet. Another excelling in sound movement with reach and drive, just unlucky to come up against 1 today.

MPB (5, 2 abs)

1) Hunt’s Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea – A very promising 8-month tri girl. She is sturdy and balanced with a beautiful head. Dark eyes and correct set of leathers. Sufficient length of neck and great angulation in the forequarters. Good bone, strong forelegs and well ribbed back. Stifles well bent and parallel hocks. She moved soundly with such free, flowing movement.

2) Wenman’s Wenannou Brodies Belle – Sweet 8-month-old tri, she shares many attributes with her brother. She is compact in shape and has an appealing expression. Good forechest, straight forelegs and a firm topline. Short coupled and correctly bent stifles. Moved accurately coming and going. Just preferred the substance of 1.

PB (7, 2 abs)

1) Craig’s Davricard Marcia (Ai) – 11-month-old open marked tri. Just wow. She is absolutely a stamp of what a Beagle should be for me, excelling in breed type from head to toe. The very best of heads with such an appealing expression and dark pigment. Excellent length of neck leading into well-made forequarters. Great substance but remains feminine and ribs well sprung. Topline firm, well bent stifles and hocks parallel. She moves out well in profile with excellent reach. I’m sure she has a very bright future ahead of her. BB, BPB, BIS & BPIS

2) Rimmer’s Braveair Red Rum and Ginger – 9-month tri girl. I liked her overall shape, and she has a well-proportioned head. Correct bite and earset. Well placed shoulders and good bone. Straight forelegs and tight feet. Ribs well sprung, a firm topline and correctly set stern. She moved parallel coming and going.

JB (3, 0 abs)

1) Lennard’s Butterow Token – Super 14-month-old tri bitch. She has such an appealing, balanced outline and going over her does not disappoint. Soft head and expression and dark eyes. Excellent length of neck leading into well placed shoulders and equal length of upper arm. Well sprung ribs and a level topline. Nicely angulated hindquarters with firm hocks. She presents herself so well and excels on the move with accuracy and long, free strides. She could easily carry out a day’s work and displays such good breed type RBB & RBIS

2) Foster & Jones Stormpasture Trinket – 12-month-old tri of great quality. She has a feminine, well-proportioned head. Excellent forechest, sufficient length of neck and laid-back shoulders. Forelegs straight and elbows firm. A level topline and stifles well bent. She was another great mover and unlucky to come up against 1 today.

NB (8, 1abs)

1) Goldberg’s Molesend Crumble (Ai) – Very smart 11-month-old tan and white. Feminine head with an appealing expression and good pigment. Correctly set leathers and good length of neck. Straight forelegs, firm topline and short coupled. Correctly set tail, good bend of stifle and parallel hocks. She moved out well with drive.

2) Hunt’s Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea – see MPB – just lost out on movement in this class as she was unsettled.

GB (5, 1abs)

1) Lennard’s Butterow Token – see JB

2) Macdougall’s Molesend Will ‘O’ Wisp – Sweet 20-month-old tan bitch. Really liked her overall shape and headpiece. Correct bite and good length of neck. Well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs and short pasterns. She is short in the couplings and is well muscled in both quarters. Very accurate on the move, covering the ground. Felt 1 had the advantage in profile movement.

PGB (8, 2abs)

1) Banks & Bootes Forgebanks Roksana – A very traditional 2-year-old tri, although not the flashiest, she caught my attention and I considered her for higher honours. Feminine in outline, soft head and expression. Forelegs straight and set well underneath her. Tight feet and good ribbing. Stifles well bent, correct tailset and firm parallel hocks. She holds her topline firmly on the move and is so sound coming and going.

2) Macdougall’s Molesend Will ‘O’ Wisp – see GB

LB (11, 5 abs)

1) Taylor’s Deaconfield Lively – Compact 2-year-old tri. Feminine head with good pigmentation, correct bite and set of leathers. Shoulders well placed, forelegs straight and pasterns short. Ribs well sprung and short coupled. Good angulation in the rear and she moved out soundly with reach and drive.

2) Foster & Jones Stormpasture Rockette – 2-year-old tri of good type, similar to her kennelmates. She has a soft head and expression. Nicely angulated forequarters and chest below the elbow. Great bone with good muscle throughout. Topline firm and stifles well bent with hocks well let down. She moved out well but just preferred the more compact shape of 1.

OB (5, 2 abs)

1) Beard’s Kellitcreed Mocking Jay from Fallowfield – Very smart 3-year-old tri. She has a very appealing outline and is very well presented. She has a soft head, correct bite and earset. Great length of neck and forehand construction. Forelegs straight, a firm topline and she is short coupled. Strong rear with well bent stifles which she used to drive her around the ring.

2) Lennard’s Butterow Rumba – 4-year-old tan and white mottle. If there was an award for happiest hound she’d definitely have won that, displaying that merry temperament asked for. I really liked her head and dark eye. Correctly set leathers and sufficient length of neck. She is well boned, has firm elbows and has good ribbing extending well back. She moves out well with drive but preferred the overall shape of 1.

VB (5, 0abs)

1) Hunt & Norris Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM – 11-year-old tri bitch. She was the oldest in this class and the show, but I would never have guessed! She is in excellent condition for her age. Beautiful head with a mild expression and good pigmentation. Shoulders well placed and elbows firm. She has good ribbing and is short coupled. Firm, well angulated hindquarters and a correctly set stern. She moved out with such reach and drive showing the youngsters how it’s done. BVB

2) Rimmer’s Bayard Make Believe – 10-year-old tri with a strong outline, but still feminine. Well-proportioned head, correct bite and set of leathers. Good length of neck and great forehand construction. She has a level topline, excellent ribbing and stifles are well bent. More of a steady mover but she reaches out well and is accurate coming and going. Close up to 1 but carrying those veteran pounds.

Samantha Webster (Houndscoast Beagles)