• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ruth Longbottom Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd

The Royal Welsh Showground

Built Wells



22th May 2022

Puppy (2)

1. Harts Gwendariff The Handmaids Tale. BP. What a start to the day to find such an exciting prospect. This 8 month old young lady is so very well made, superb balance, a strong outline and such confidence. Such a pretty head, well proportioned with raised brows and beautiful chiselling. She has an excellent depth of chest, narrow in front, has plenty of heart and lung room and she has good width behind with a good bend of stifle and her toes are well arched. She moves like a baby, all soft and rolly but her legs are very well coordinated. She went on to be shortlisted to the last 8 in the Gundog Group.

2. Lelinskas Madrigal Red Elysium (Imp Pol) A nice puppy. Strongly boned, neat tight feet, balanced head and moves well with a lashing tail.

Junior Dog (3,1)

1. Whartons Glennara Eight Belles of Jennison. Pleasing in head, lovely expression and nice dark eye good reach of neck into correct shoulder placement. Straight in front with correct bone and nice tight feet. Good angulation and muscle tone moved with drive

2. Lelinskas Madrigal Red Elysium (Imp Pol)

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Jones Gwendariff Dazzling Diva. What a Diva she is. She has a very soft and gentle expression and super dark eye. Good reach of neck, set into well placed shoulders, well angulated in forequarters, nice tight cat like feet, good depth to chest with spring of rib, gently sloping in top line to correct tail set, strong and wide rear quarters with good muscle tone, correct rear angulation, moved with drive and enthusiasm around the ring with lashing tail and holding her top line, presented immaculately and handled well.

2. Jones Gwendariff its Just A Rumour. Another lovely well constructed smart dog. He has a well chiselled masculine head with a dark eye and raised brow giving that soft expression, good length of neck flowing into his correctly placed shoulders, sound in front, good depth to chest and good spring in rib, gently sloping in top line, strong well muscled in rear with correct angulation, moved well round the ring with great each and drive. Presented in beautiful coat, and handled well.

Limit (2)

1. Jones Gwendariff Pink Floyd. BOB, G1 & RBIS. This young man was on fire today. He was very much up for the challenge of this 2 day show. He oozes breed type, a lovely well balanced dog stood to perfection, complete with a rich chestnut coat. he has the most gorgeous head, balanced with a soft expression, yet retains his masculinity. He has a nice chiselled head with raised brow and dark eye. A super straight front, deep chest, good strong arch to neck, good layback of shoulder, which flows cleanly into a slightly sloping top line, held on the move, strong well angulated hind quarters. Wide and well muscled rear, presented in immaculate glowing condition. Powered around the ring showing plenty of reach and drive, driving off strong hocks. Handled to bring out his best and the best it was. This young man just got better and better as the day went on. From BOB he won the Gundog Group, BIS for the day and Reserve BIS for the weekend. What an absolute superstar.

2. Childs Tredura Val Verdi. Lovely head and eye, strong neck into excellent front properties, good rib and depth to chest, strong over loin and good muscle tone, moved with drive and precision, turned out well.

Open Dog (3,1)

1. Harts Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae JW ShCM. Well boned balanced dog with no coarseness, stood out in a strong class, head of correct proportions with soft kind gentle expression, good reach of neck set into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribcage and deep in chest, correct front angulation and well angulated rear quarters, moved around the ring with reach and drive, presented in immaculate condition and handled to perfection. I would just like to see him be a touch taller.

2. Childs Anlory Tamhil. Well balanced, in conformation and of the correct proportions, nice classic head, good front assembly, deep in chest, gently sloping in top line. Moved well.

Open Bitch (4,2)

1. Harts Gwendariff Hands Off Ur Mine. Such a happy girl, she has a beautiful head, soft and gentle expression and nice dark eye. Good low set ears, good reach of neck, into well placed shoulders, well angulated in forequarters and cat like feet, good depth to chest with spring to rib, gently sloping in top line to correct tail set, strong and wide rear quarters with good angulation, moved with drive and purpose around the ring holding her top line and forever wagging tail, presented and handled sympathetically.

2. Jones Romarne Enchanted. Pleasing in head and neck which flows into well laid shoulder. She has a good depth and is longer cast than winner. She has strong quarters and has good muscle tone and a moderate turn of stifle

Ruth Longbottom