• Show Date: 01/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ruth Longbottom Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club

Border Counties Gundog Club

H&H Exhibition Hall

Rosehill Industrial Estate



Sunday 1st May 2022

My gratitude must go to the officers and committee of Border Counties Gundog Club for inviting me to judge and to the exhibiters for the opportunity to judge their excellent quality exhibits. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day going over some beautiful dogs. Thank you also to my very efficient stewards who kept things moving along smoothly. Border Counties Gundog Club are an extremely hard working committee who run a superb show.

BIS Grahams Sh Ch Eald Dances with Wolves Among Nyliram JW ShCEx OSW (Sussex Spaniel). My notes said WOW, this dog quite took my breathe away. Fully mature dog, strongly built with the most divine head and expression, strong slightly arched neck, shoulders sloping and free, legs short and strong, deep chest, well developed muscular loin, Entire body strong and level. Moved true fore and aft with the distinctive characteristic roll. Presented in first class order. Delighted to award him BIS. RBIS Knowles & Glens Bessalone Peaky Blinder (Italian Spinone). A very balanced quality male, masculine head with correct planes, excellent neck and shoulders, good fore chest, and depth of chest, correct top line, fabulous bone and in good coat and condition. Moved well and never stopped showing. BIS 3 Boyd-McNeils Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty (Irish Setter). A super young man destined for top honours without a doubt. Oozes quality and breed type through and through. Never stopped showing and could not be denied a place in the last 4. BIS 4 McAndrew & Bowles Gunsyn Wave Runner in Brackenmist (Bracco Italiano). This young man gave his handler a challenging time for BIS but his quality and style shone through. A quality dog with a good head, correct skull shape and deep muzzle, good neck and shoulders, ribs well sprung, good quarters. His movement is correct and precise, and he was patiently handled. BPIS Nicola Calverts Calvdale Ever Thus (English Springer Spaniel). A stunning puppy balanced and compact, good length of neck, well laid shoulders and a deep chest, level top line, moderate stifle, good tail set and in good coat condition. Pleased to award him BPIS. RBPIS Anderson Kazval Behind The Mask of Feldkirk (Flatcoated Retriever). Well balanced puppy dog, typical head and dark expressive eyes, excellent line through his neck and shoulders, well developed brisket, short loin, excellent well turned hindquarters, loved his enthusiasm and gleaming coat. Lots of promise for the future. BPIS 3 Grahams Nyliram The Moth Catcher (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Pleasing head expression, muscular neck, good and ribs. Strong line. And got quarters. Moved well. BPIS 4 Hill & Smiths Megarvy Déjà Vu (Golden Retriever). A feminine bitch who presents a lovely outline. She has a kind expression, correct head proportions, correct front, good bone, matching angles fore and aft, incredibly cheerful disposition.

BVIS Grahams Sh Ch Taimeres Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCM. Well balanced head, good strong muzzle, kind eye and expression. Good depth of chest, strong body, good spring of rib and strong loin, strong wide and powerful well muscled quarters. He owned the ring & could not be denied BVIS.

Irish Setters

Puppy Dog (1)

1 Walkers Gwendariff UCant Touch This. BP. What a cracking puppy, a pleasure to go over. A very handsome head and the most glorious expression, excellent straight front, super bone, and correct lay back of shoulder, correct top line, good tail set, good angulation. He just needs to settle on the move. A promising youngster, one to watch in the future.

Graduate Dog (3)

1 Hughes’s Gwendariff Plays The Flute. Another young man maturing nicely. This boy is beautifully presented in gleaming coat and condition. A clean stylish outline when viewed from any angle. He has a masculine head with a dark eye. His front is straight with a deep chest standing on good bone with lovely, neat feet. His hind quarters are strong and well muscled, short from hock to heal. Unfortunately, not just as happy on the move today and gave his owner a tough time.

2 Scott’s Sixoaks Rocket Man. Lovely boy who is full of quality. Long lean head with a quizzical expression. Low set ears, well arched muscular neck, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs carried well back to a muscular loin, well bent stifles. Good tail set, which was carried correctly on the move. In super coat and condition moved soundly.

Limit Dog (2)

1 Boyd-McNeil & Edwards Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty. Best Dog, BOB & BIS3. Another top quality dog from this top class kennel. He is racy & balanced, handsome head with correct level planes, good ear set, firm muscular neck, excellent shoulder placement, strong front, good depth of chest, good spring and length of ribs, short muscular loin, good quarters and good bend of stifle, correct tail set. Shown in superb tip topcoat and condition. Moved as one with his handler.

2 Murchison's Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin. Lovely masculine head, well angulated forequarters, and good lay back of shoulder, well bodied with strong loin, well bent stifle, moved well.

Open Dog (2)

1 Alcorn & Ingrams Gwendariff Red Light Show Farnfield. Another top quality dog. So much to like about him. Masculine head, straight front, deep chest, good arch to neck, good laid back shoulder, which flows cleanly into a slightly sloping top line, held on the move. Strong, well angulated hindquarters. Fabulous construction all through. Looks a picture both standing and, on the move, shown in lovely body and coat. A different handler today who did not just get the best out of him.

2 Murchison's Pawsword Paperback Writer for Corrphin. Another quality young dog. Lovely head, with kind eye and well set ear placement, good length of neck, well placed shoulders, and lovely outline. good straight front with plenty of spring of rib, strong quarters with well bent stifles, moved well.

Graduate Bitch (1)

1 Alcorn & Ingrams Gwendariff Trolley Dolly. Feminine bitch, nicely put together, very pretty head and expression. Long neck flows into well laid shoulders, a straight front, plenty of depth and ample chest room, well angulated quarters and gently sloping top line completed the picture. Well presented but gave her handler a tough time on the move.

Limit Bitch (3, 1)

1 McNeil & Boyd-McNeils Glennlokhen Deveron. Best Bitch. Striking outline, lovely expression, correct ear set, such expressive eyes and brows, strong arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest, strong firm top line, well bent stifles, short hocks, sympathetically well handled.

2 Barkers Danaway Tilly at Flinthill. A good head, kind eye, fore chest and well let down and ribbed back. Pleasing outline.

German Longhaired Pointer

Graduate (1)

1 McMinns Uptown Girl Hela Van De Boterakker (Imp Bel) Feminine head and expression, good bone, good body proportions, strong topline

Open Dog (1) and strong hindquarters.

1 Thomsons Ir Sh Ch/Lux/Dut Ch Sarscottah Arris IR JNR CH CJW 16 CW 17. A powerfully built dog, sound and balanced, masculine head and expression, good neck and shoulders, strong top line held both stood and moving. In good coat and condition.

Open Bitch (2, 1)

1 McMinns Ir Ch Sarscottah Ava Mit Tallis. BOB. Medium sized, well balanced, aristocratic head, strong muscular neck, shoulders sloping well back, good straight back, muscular loins, stifles well bent, slightly scimitar shaped moderately long tail. Beautifully handled.

A.V. Vulnerable Native Breed

1 Grahams Sh Ch Eald Dances with Wolves Among Nyliram JW ShCEx OSW (Sussex Spaniel) My notes said WOW, this dog quite took my breathe away. Fully mature dog strongly built with the most divine head and expression. Strong slightly arched neck balanced & moves. Completely typical & super colour. shoulders sloping and free. Legs short and strong. Deep chest, well developed, muscular loin. Moved true for a daft with the distinctive characteristics roll. Presented in first class order. Delighted to award him BIS

2 Wynne-Jones Crimblecurl Cherry (Curly Coated Retriever) Good wedge shaped head, slight stop, dark oval shaped eyes, neat small ears, strong slightly arched neck, well laid back shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs, topline strong and level, strong muscular hindquarters, moved well.

A.V. Gundog Minor Puppy

1 Millington's Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees (Golden Retriever) Gorgeous head, good reach of neck set on well laid back shoulders, good front with straight legs and tight feet, very much a baby that needs to grow into himself but is nicely put together throughout. Moved well for his age.

2 Gerholds Navilis Vivat Vivaldi (Imp Ukr) (Golden Retriever) Another promising puppy with a lovely outline. Super head, kind expression, straight front legs with cut light feats and good born. Good angulation for edge. Super level, top line tail well set. And never stopped working on the move. Well presented.

A.V. Puppy

1 Grahams Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram (Imp Swe) (Welsh Springer) An incredibly happy boy of pleasing size and type. Beautiful head with a soft expression, well boned and stands on good feet, his movement is true and coordinated.

2 Morrows Rhythm Lacey (Labrador Retriever) A free moving well made puppy, kindly expression, good body with adequate depth of chest, good in front, good rear quarters, moved well.

A.V. Junior

1 Chandlers Chanangel Jo Sugden (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Another very smart young man, beautifully presented, he has great bone, super straight front, good lay back of shoulder, strong top line. He is soundly constructed. His movement is true with excellent reach and drive.

2 Parkers Bruadarach Baile Eilidh (Labrador Retriever) Pleasing, head and expression, legs well boned, strong neck of a good length, well muscled quarters, moved soundly.

A.V Yearling

1 Mowbray's Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid (Sussex Spaniel) Lovely head and expression, super colour, presented in first class order. Strong neck and top line, perfect tail action, on the move, he covers the ground in an unhurried gate.

2 Clarkes Tigerrock I’m Your Man (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Balanced head, true front, good bone, and feet, well ribbed with substance, strong rear, shown in good hard condition, moved out well.

A.V Graduate

1 Macfarlanes Cooleela Cressida (Cocker Spaniel) This bitch was a joy to go over. Presented a pleasing outline, compact and balanced, correct head proportions, correct front quarters, deep chest, well ribbed, well rounded rear quarters, she moved with purpose and drive.

2 Holmes Glenbrows Innocence (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Super expression, nice straight front, good deep chest, good spring of ribs. Strong rear moved true and steady.

A.V. Limit

1 Mowbrats Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor (Sussex Spaniel) Attractive head, super expression, long neck into sloping shoulders, great bone throughout, strong, and effortless movement, shown in hard condition.

2 Mulletts Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore (Labrador Retriever) A dog with lots of character. Strong masculine head, firm through the neck, good lay back of shoulder, deep well sprung ribs, firm topline. Well developed muscular quarters, moved out strongly.

A.V Open

1 Fajardo's Glowhill Spicks and Specks at San Matayo (Cocker Spaniel) Appealing head, dark eye, good bone, moderate length of neck into well laid back shoulders, deep chest, good spring of rib, short loin, hindquarters well muscled, drives from a short hock as he merrily moves around the ring.

2 Gerholds Jaymardy Indigio Pacific JW (Golden Retriever) Typical head and kind dark eye, straight front, shoulders well placed and ribs well sprung, balanced throughout with plenty of bone and substance, moved soundly.

A.V Champion

1 Huytons Sh Ch Hightyne Rambling Rose (Flatcoat Retriever) Beautifully balanced, most lovely head and correct eye shape, super front with defined brisket, quality bone, level topline to strong powerful hindquarters with well let down hocks. Moved around the ring with tail ever wagging.

2 Rodgers Sh Ch Rojillair Evening Magic of Odarla JW (Golden Retriever) Beautifully constructed throughout, presenting a superb picture, happily animated mover.

A.V Veteran Dog

1 Grahams Sh Ch Taimeres Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCM (Welsh Springer Spaniel) There is so much to love about this dog. He has the most balanced outline. Well balanced head with sufficient stop and good width of muzzle, excellent length and strength of neck, perfect angulation in front and behind, super top line with typical slight rise over the loin. In great coat and condition. Moved as one with his handler. BVIS.

2 Chandlers Sh Ch Chanangel Sticky Wicket JW ShCM VW (Welsh Springer Spaniel) Another lovely dog with handsome head, well balanced outline, good front assembly, lovely reach of neck, straight front, strong body, well angulated quarters, moved well.

A.V Veteran Bitch

1 Hewisons Donascimento Danilo from Casblaidd SGWC KCWGC (Flatcoated Retriever). A beautiful bitch, correct size, feminine head with exceedingly kind eye. Great reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, level top line, good angulation fore and aft, well muscled hindquarters, moved with great drive.

2 Watsons Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder (English Springer). A quality balanced bitch, super head with soft expression, eyes correct shape, she has a super reach of neck into very well laid back shoulders, flowing into strong level top line, elbows tight to her body. Fabulous spring of ribs, strong muscular thighs, stifle is moderately bent, beautifully presented in excellent coat and condition.

Ruth Longbottom