• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/07/2022

Dorset County Canine Society

DORSET COUNTY CANINE SOCIETY – Open Show Held on: Sunday 24th JULY 2022

Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

A very pleasant show held on a part sunny but breezy day.  It was nice to see large rings which the exhibits were able to use to their advantage.  Although the entry was not large it was a pleasure to see some really nice stock in the ring.  All dogs were in a clean condition.  Thank you for the entry.

BORDER COLLIE O D/B (4,0), 1. Mrs P. Hartfield, Moshanta May Contain Nuts, JW: A 3.6yr old B/W dog that was an easy winner of this class.  He is very neat and of a good type with a pleasing expression and well balanced throughout.  Has a good masculine head with good muzzle, dark eye, good bite, tight lips and good pigment.  I liked his stop and good skull with plenty of brain space. His ears are correctly set and he is very alert.  He has a good length of neck with good strength, good lay-back of shoulder with good length and good upper arm.  Nice straight front legs giving him good front extension.  Deep brisket down to his elbows.  Strong back that was nice and level, nice tuck up and strong thighs and good tail-set.  Well-muscled back end with good angles, and neat hocks.  He had plenty of drive and was very settled and handled on the move in all directions.  I had no hesitation in giving him BOB and to watch him take Pastoral Grp. 1. Well done.     2. Mrs Farmer, Taranza Moondancer at Bhavya: A 7yr old b/w bitch of nice type.  Her head was not quite in balance with her body.  She has a nice body with good angles, front and rear.  Moves out well using the ring to her advantage. Please to award her R.BOB.     3. Mrs. Farmer, Bhavya Baji: A 3yr old b/w bitch that is daughter of above.  Just a little rangier than her mum and her body is not quite as deep as her mum.  That said she is still of a nice type. Just let down on movement on the day.     4. Mrs. Goddard, Pauldens Red Hot Scandal: A 3yr old bitch that is r/w colouring. Very pleasing lady of a nice type just needs to be brought back into condition.

BOXER O D/B (1,0), 1. Mrs A. Robinson, Robinsteck A Star is Born: A 2.5yr old brindle bitch that is a very neat looking girl.  She has a nice well-balanced head of good proportions and a good strong neck into a very neat front and nice deep chest.   Good strong back and neat tuck-up.  Good tail set, strong thighs excellent rear angles and neat hocks.  Didn’t disappointed me on the move, very pleased to award her BOB.

DOBERMANN O D/B (1,0), 1. Massey & McGeoch, Mr. R.P. & Dr. R., Manzart Zebedee: A 6mth old red dog that stood alone in this class and looked the part.  He is well balanced and is of a really nice type.  He has a good scull, ear-set, eye, muzzle and bite. Excellent length of neck, good withers, good length to shoulder and upper arm and deep chest and straight front legs.  Good back and thigh with good angles to rear with good tail set.  Very settled on the move.  I had no hesitation in awarding him BOB and BP. Pleased to see him awarded Working PG.1 and Working Grp.2.

ROTTWEILER O D/B (1,0), 1. Ashley Brown, Adriana Roseryn: An 8yr old bitch of a pleasing type with a neat out-line.  When stood she made a pleasing picture to the eye.  Un-fortunately just was let down by the handler on the day.  Moved her to quick so that she moved close behind and in the opposite direction to required. BOB.