• Show Date: 01/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

COVENTRY LADIES’ KENNEL SOCIETY – Open Show Held on: Saturday 1st JANUARY 2022

Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to judge at this show on the 1st of January 2022 this was a well-run show. Many thanks to my stewards who kept the ring flowing and of course the exhibitors who took their placings with sportsmanship and their support for the show coming so close after Christmas.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD P D/B (2), 1. Mrs S.L. Wray-Ramsden, Caronlea Celtic Fire Starter For Takhisis (AI) (IKC): A 9mth old red and white dog that is well grown for his age. He has a strong head and good length of neck, good front with deep brisket, good back and very nice back end. Pleased to award him BPIB. He moved very well around the ring.       2. Miss G.S. Herraty, Razkiah Fizzing Whizzbee: A 10mth old brown and white bitch that just missed out on movement today. She has a very feminine head, not quite as much neck as 1st and her front still needs to come together. She has a strong back and neat back end.   

PG D/B (6,3), 1. Mrs. J. Knott, Shalako’s Come Hellr High Water, (IMP USA): A rising 2yr old brown and white dog that is of a pleasing type, he is nicely balanced and of a good type with a nice outline. Good masculine head, neat front and strong neck. Nice back and good rear end. Moved out around the ring with ease. Pleased to award him Res.BOB.       2. Mrs J.M. Harvey, Weather The Storm, TAF: an 18mth old well grown black and white dog, that is nicely balanced with a good head and neck and good back. Not quite the back end of 1st but is still young and has a very pleasing out-line.       3. Land & Gittins, Mrs. C.A. & Mrs. S.K., Soloyal Storyteller For Casmawllan: A black and white bitch that is rising 2yrs of age that has a feminine head and pleasing neck, front and back end. Un-fortunately she was unable to keep her top-line on the move.

O D/B (2), 1. Milligan & Marley, Ms. J. & Mr. N., Allmark One For The Road With Alfsden: a very well balanced 2yr old dog that is of a good type with a good out-line. He has a super masculine head, good strong neck, excellent front with legs well under him and deep brisket. Strong back and I loved the length of this dog, super back end with great angles front and rear. He was super on the move, pleased to award him BOB. Well done.       2. Mrs. V. Dyde, Birkcross Enchantress: A 3.6yr old brown and white bitch that was enjoying her day out. She is a very pleasing bitch that enjoyed her treats which showed in her movement.

BEARDED COLLIE P D/B (5), 1. Bird, Mrs. S. & Miss E.V., Irisaddition She’s All That With Bridus: A very pleasing 7mth old mature bitch that was shown in her black puppy coat. She is very well balanced all through which was reflected in her movement. Liked her very feminine head and good eye, good neck, excellent front with her legs well under her and good deep brisket. Good back and good strong back end which she used to her advantage when going round the ring. Pleased to award her BPIB, and Res. BOB. Pleased to later see her take Pastoral PGrp2 and then win Best Res. Best Of Breed Stakes. A super day out for one so young.    2. Mr. B. & Mrs. C. Canty, Bargemon High Society: a very nice 11mth old bitch that was shown in superb coat for her age. She is well built and balanced and of a bigger size for her age. Not moving quite as well as 1st on the day.       3. Mrs. K. Edwards, Kelham Like Dreams Do At Roxilyn, NAF: a 7mth old black and white bitch puppy shown in nice puppy coat. She is very feminine and of a nice type. Moved out ok.       4. Salter, R., Irisaddition Love Actually: litter sister to 1st, and not quite as balanced as 1st on the day. But time is on her side.      5. Mr. AJ.L. MacDougall, Clanmac’s Hey There Delilah: a 7mth old brown and white bitch of a pleasing type just needs more time to settle.

O D/B (3,2), 1. Mrs. K. Edwards, Roxilyn Take A Bow, JW: a grey and white bitch rising 3yrs of age. Stood alone in this class. She is a very sound bitch of excellent type and balance that was shown to perfection. She has a very feminine head, good neck and correct shoulders. Her legs are well under her, good brisket, good back and short loin, strong back end which she used on the move. She was shown in an excellent clean and well-prepared coat. Pleased to award her BOB. Well done.

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG P D/B (4,1), 1. Blackshaw & Roberts, Mr. I. & Mr. D., Draycore Tatz: Just 6mths old this is a very feminine bitch of good colour, she is so well balanced for her age, loved her head into a good neck. Her front legs are well under her with good lay-back of shoulder, firm back and super back end. She powers around the ring soundly. I really liked her, so very promising, was pleased to award her BP and Res. BOB.      2. Miss. A. Henwood, Helkenan Here We Go Again: an 11mth old dog that is well up to size. He is an honest dog of good type and out-line. Also moved out well.      3. Mrs. M. Dabrowa, Drago Box-Dogs, FCI, NAF: an 8mth old dog of dark colouring. He is still loose which reflected in his movement today. Needs time to come together.

J D/B (2), 1. Mrs. A. Cave, Casiann ATE: a 13mths old bitch of good colour that is well up to size. She is just a little masculine for me, but is sound on the move going around the ring.      2. Mrs. M. Dabrowa, Drago Box-Dogs, FCI, NAF: as before.

PG D/B (5,3), 1. Forman, Mr. A.J. & Mrs. S.P., Kintaro Grace Kelly With Suzdans: a really nice 19mth old bitch that is really well balanced and of super type with a nice-outline. She is of a good colour and is very feminine with a super head. Good length of neck, well laid-back shoulders and deep brisket. Strong back, super croup with good angles to rear. She was so sound on the move, both front and rear when walking, and on the trot. Pleased to award her BOB and to watch her take Grp 1. Many congratulations.      2. Mrs. A. Walden, Anchaz Kizziemas: a 2yrs old bitch of a good type just preferred the balance of the 1st today. Moved out ok.

L D/B (2,1), 1. Mrs. A. Cave, Ballynanola Ria At Casiann: a 3yr old bitch that is well up to size. She is sound enough and a good honest bitch.

O D/B (3,2), 1. Mrs. S. Kearnan, Clynalwin’s Nukon: a 5yr old dog of good colour.  He is a nice dog overall with a good head and neck, good front and brisket.  Neat back-end, move out ok.  Would have liked a better back which I felt would have pushed him to the top.