• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Geary Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield Canine Society Premier Show

11th June 2022 Judge – R Geary

 Bracco Italiano

Junior (3,1)

1 Goode’s Viljetun’s Viking Sigurd at Brackenvale (imp) NAF, 10 month old male, overall looks a very nice prospect, gives the appearance of a strong, well balanced hunting dog. Muzzle and skull of equal length, soft expression. Strong neck with correct dewlap, long shoulders; well muscled and well laid back. Good oval bone, correct angulation front and rear and strode out really well. RBOB and BP

2 Pipes & Groves’ Bushwacker Demetrio, 7 month male who needs a little more time. Has the head, front and rear to progress into a fine male, who will push my winner in time.

3 Jackson’s Iolandodi Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint (imp)

Post Graduate (3,2)

1 withdrawn which was a shame as she needs more time and practise to gain her confidence.

Open (2,0)

1 Jackson’s Sh Ch Gunsyn Tusk, worthy of his title. This dog owned the ring from the moment he stepped into it. Strong, well balanced and almost square. Correct head from his large, spongey nose to his occiput. Chest broad and deep, well sprung ribs with excellent angles fore and aft. Moved truly with a strong, untiring action. BOB

2 Goode’s Rus de Viaro Olympia Imp), younger bitch who, for me, was still maturing. Nice head which met the standard well. Correct front and rear and moved well

English Setter

Puppy (1,1)

Junior (2,1)

1 Taylor’s Wansleydale Maybe, 12 month old male of medium height, with super head. Long lean neck onto well laid shoulders, deep chest, good length in body with well sprung ribs. Well bent stifles. Carried head high whilst moving freely round the ring. BOB

Post Graduate (3,1)

1 Taylor’s Wansleydale Maybe, repeat

2 Pearsons’ Sunsprake Close to the Edge at Yessandi, male with a clean outline, lovely head with oval skull, long muscular neck. Well laid shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Well bent stifles. Preferred the rear movement from the class winner.

Open (4,2)

1 Schoneville & Derrys’ Balvenie Blue Sensation, another with a lovely head, fitting the standard. Balanced picture with good angulation front and rear. Correct coat, well sprung ribs. Moved well RBOB

2 Hopper’s Bramstorm Forest Sprite, older dog, not as strong in head as 1. Good front angulation, well sprung ribs. Good coat, not the movement of 1.

Gordon Setter

Junior (2,0)

1 Ozog’s X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (imp), almost 16 month male. Very stylish and symmetrical. Deep skull, slightly rounded, lean face with a large nose. Long neck onto good shoulders, good front with deep brisket, well bent stifles. Excellent coat and moved with a true free moving action. Just needs a bit more confidence. BOB

2 Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood the Botanist, male just out of puppy. Still maturing and can only improve at this stage. Lost out to 1 on maturity and movement.

Post Graduate (1,0)

1 Ozog’s X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (imp), repeat

Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla

Junior (1,0)

1 Roberts’ Boister Bridge Doc, just out of puppy, medium sized with an excellent harsh coat. Good front angulation and length of body. RBOB

Post Graduate (1,0)

1 Holts’ Maiashy Akori, 4 year old bitch, medium sized with harsh coat. Skull of correct shape with skull a little longer than muzzle. Moderate, well muscled neck onto well laid shoulders. Good front angulation with moderate stifle angulation. Moved well BOB

Irish Setter

Junior (1,0)

1 Jarvis’s Settersay Sapphire, 12 month bitch who gave the impression of being balance and full of quality. Long, lean head with oval skull and muzzle of equal length to skull. Clean neck moderately long onto good shoulders, enough bone. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, topline firm and gently sloping. Well bent stifles which gave a free flowing movement. RBOB

Post Graduate (2,2)

Open (3,1)

1 Jarvis’s Lowdon too Darn Hot, male with a masculine head but not overdone in any way. Slightly arched muscular neck onto shoulders sloping well back. Straight front with correct angulation, deep chest, well bent stifles, holding topline on the move. BOB

2 Mohan’s Anlory Keltic Legend, Close up to 1 in every department. However, I preferred the more purposeful movement of 1

Irish Red & White Setter

Post Graduate (2,0)

1 Tait’s Talintyre Winter Spice, Liked this bitch when she came into the ring, gave an athletic appearance. Nice shape head, good length of neck onto well laid shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Good front and rear angulation. Moved well in profile. RBOB

2 Hutchinson’s Siorrudh Red Velvet, head of good shape with moderately long neck, deep chest good front and rear angulation, moved well in profile.

Open (4,0)

1 Tait’s Sh Ch Lovenjoel Sleeping Beauty, really liked this bitch, beautiful head onto well laid shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs with good front angulation. Well bent stifles. Balanced and moved with real purpose BOB

2 Jakins’ Ned/Lux/ Bel Ch Terne des Coris Qalimero at Coolfin (imp) JW, very nice male, very close up to 1 and much of the above can be said for him, preferred the movement of 1 today.

3 Stevens & Turners’ Corranroo Clooney at Annagh

Flatcoated Retriever

Puppy (1,0)

1 Carter’s Seaheart Dora at Harmarlanda, what a lovely puppy! Just 6 months and lots to like about her. Lovely moulded head, long and lean and very feminine. Well set on ears and strong jaw. Deep chest, good bone, good ribbing and balanced picture. Finished off with moderate rear angulationand excellent movement BP

Post Graduate (3,1)

1 Scaiffe’s Shennanjoy Walkin Miracle, RBOB

2 Newsteads’ Revetti Hakkinen, two nice bitches who were evenly matched throughout. Both had lovely heads, were balanced and constructed well. Preferred the front and movement of my winner today

Open (3,0)

1 Carter’s Lizzlog Top Totty of Harmarlanda, lovely bitch, long, lean head with strong jaw and good earset. Straight front with correct angulation, deep chest, moderate rear angulation, standing true. Excellent movement both in profile and to and fro, BOB

2 Scaiffe’s Flatcharm Mr Fix It for Shennanjoy, male with strong masculine head, in excellent condition. Very close up to 1 but preferred her movement

3 Hedges’ Satinbaze Cirque du Lumiere

Curly Coated Retriever

Junior (3,1)

1 Hodson’s Rowancurl Gentle Garlor, 8 month old puppy, balanced picture, wedge shaped head, well laid back shoulders, straight front, deep chest with well sprung ribs, good coat of correct type and texture. Moved well. BOB and BP

2 Killicks’ Overbore Double or Stick, good breed type, nice head and neck, good coat. Not the movement of 1

Open (3,1)

1 Stubbs’ Brightmeadow Take your Time at Densdale, male, nice head with good neck and front angulation, good coat. Erratic on the move but showed enough to win the class. RBOB

2 Baines & Hawley-Clarkes’ Karnwalowy Drink Z Basisfory, liver male, balanced and presented a good overall picture. Too heavy for me and not the movement of 1.

Spanish Water Dog

Very mixed for type

Puppy (3,0)

1 Thompson’s Prizelands Fondant Fancy, 6 month old baby who impressed me greatly. Robust and medium sized. Lovely head with correct planes and slight stop. Short muscular neck set well into shoulders of good angulation, elbows close into body. Level topline held on the move, deep chest and well sprung ribs, moderate rear angulation with large thighs. Moved so well for one so young. Surely has a bright future. BOB, BP, Gp4 and PG 2

2 Capilles’ Lendever’s Tempting Whisper, different type to 1. Nice head, correct front and rear angulation. Not the movement of 1

3 Capilles’ Lendever’s Sincere Voice

Junior (2,0)

1 Hodgkinson’s Zorrazo Quest for Success (imp), 12 month male, very mature for age. Lovely head and eye with correct planes and stop. Muscular neck onto good shoulders. Longer coat starting to cord, moderate rear angulation. Drives from rear but noy the movement of my BOB. RBOB

2 Capilles’ Lendever’s Quaint Tinsel, again different type, slighter in build. Good head, angulation front and rear was correct but not the movement of 1

Post Graduate (3,0)

1 Thompson’s Kurlibears September Truffle, brown bitch, nice head, good front and rear angulation. Moved well but rather proud of her tail.

2 Capilles’ Lendever’s Opaque Attitude, bitch, nice head, good front angulation, correct coat. Not the movement of 1

3 Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherfords’ Zorrazo Hawaiian Dougal


Junior (1,0)

1 Pilatova’s Sabsky Svratka JW, just 12 months, feminine head, presents a powerful balanced picture. Correct head, clean neck onto well laid back shoulders. Body of correct length, muscular rear quarters with well bent stifles, good ribbing. Moved well in profile.

Post Graduate (2,0)

1 Brown & Filbys’ Desjiem Dujardin, bitch, good length of skull with moderate stop. Straight front with good width, correct height ratios, moderately angulated rear with well turned stifle. Moved well. RBOB

2 Davies & Browns’ Wystry One Mint Julep, bitch, nice head and eye, clean cut neck of moderate length onto good shoulders. Topline level, well developed deep chest with good ribbing, well bent stifle. Moved well in profile.

Open (2,0)

1 Brierley & Needhams’ Grausturm Hairy Potter (imp) JWW18, long-haired male, really liked the presence of this dog. Excellent head with moderately long neck onto well laid back shoulders. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, good front angulation, well turned stifles. In excellent condition and moved with drive and purpose. BOB

2 Moores’ Kalimor Jazz at Cavalmist, bitch, lovely head and eye with moderately long neck. Good shoulder placement with straight front, deep chest and well sprung ribs, well turned stifles and moved well. For me she was a little heavy.