• Show Date: 12/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society

12th February 2022

Dogue de Bordeaux

J (9 2) A big class which presented a pleasant challenge due to the different stages of development across the age range and sex of those present.

1. Strong’s Cerisier Supreme of Strongzbeaux. Eyecatching 12 month old bitch who appealed to me from the moment she entered the ring with her clean, flowing, harmonious lines which lacked exaggeration without compromise to strength and substance. Head was well proportioned both in profile and front on with strong muzzle, jaw and chin complimented by adequate flews. Typical expression from medium dark eyes and accentuated by her well set ears constantly used due to a natural curiosity in her surroundings. Body in profile was a touch longer than I would ideally like but I hope this will improve as she grows on a little more in front. Stands on good bone with well shaped feet facing the correct way. Strong neck of correct length and dewlap, flowing smoothly into defined wither and well laid shoulder through to firm topline. Depth of body developing nicely, just needing to drop a little more below elbow. Slight tuck up yet enough depth and strength of loin. Correct croup and adequate hind angulation for age. Moved around very well with ease and good carriage. The more I looked the more I liked and was pleased to award her Best of Breed. I was delighted to see her shortlisted in a very strong Group. 2. Moran’s Aibrean Somebody Told Me. This big, strong boy of 12 months was as masculine as the winner was feminine. Strong head in proportion to his overall body shape being correctly hollowed under eye and square in muzzle when looking from above. Ears were nicely set and used well. Powerful and well developed front for strength and depth without being overdone. Impressive bone but not the feet of the winner. In profile he demonstrated reasonable angulation at shoulder and stifle, but he did not have the topline or strength of croup of the winner. Strong neck, excellent spring of rib, firm loin with moderate tuck up. A touch leggy at the moment, but unsurprising in such a big lad with growing to do. Gave an enthusiastic and purposeful account on the move. 3. Moran’s Aibrean Atomic. 4. Stubbings’ Katarna de la Bulle Rouge. Well presented baby of 8 months who was quite raw but has potential. I liked her head which was not dissimilar to the winner for proportions, wrinkling, good eye, chin and expression. It had strength yet femininity although she needs to grow into her ears! Strong neck of adequate length flowing into wither and topline. Angles fore and aft developing nicely with croup filling out well. Overall her outline was fairly well proportioned but she was understandably a little bum-high. Moderate tuck-up, standing on lovely tight feet and adequate bone. Quite unencumbered on the move using her quarters well. Sympathetically handled to win Best Puppy in Breed.

PG (1) 1. Moran’s Aibrean Drops of Jupiter. A bitch of good strength, size and substance who at 23 months presented a fairly well balanced outline with a natural ability to show herself. A good length of leg complimented by pleasing depth of body throughout. Lovely condition and well proportioned being neither weedy nor overdone. Strong bone and good depth and width to front although I would have preferred better feet. Headwise she looked at me right, it being of good proportions from all angles with good chin, stop, strength to muzzle and pleasing eye, but she did not always use her ear. Fairly well laid shoulder but she was pleated across the wither which broke an otherwise clean and strong outline. Slight rise at rear and consequently could use more hind angulation, but there is still time for this to develop. She came into her own on the move, with easy stride demonstrating a workmanlike purpose, tracking true coming and going. Reserve Best of Breed.

O (1) 1. Moran’s Aibrean Mr Brightside Substantial and powerful 3 ½ year old ultra-masculine male who was full bodied with big strong quarters. Very strong in head with good jaw and muzzle. Pleasing eye. Impressive, huge bone and good depth of chest, but perhaps a little too wide and feet could be better. Shown in excellent condition he was good to go over. His shoulders were fairly well laid with strong back, spring of rib and depth of loin with slight tuck up. Greater angulation and strength of croup would improve overall balance, but he had excellent strong hocks and thighs. Clearly sound on the move but he did not put in the effort of other winners in the challenge.

Portuguese Water Dog

J (1) 1. Williams, Reddin & Newton’s Rarjo Calm The Storm Macduff Naf Taf. Alluring 6 month old black bitch with impish charm. Very smart, carrying herself so well she presented a terrific rectangular outline enhanced with short neck and slight incline to croup. Even at this age angles matched back and forth with lovely tuck up. Head shape was in proportion to body with strength to muzzle, good dentition and stop. Stands on a strong front, but obviously needs to develop more in depth of chest and brisket with maturity. Lovely muscle over shoulder, topline and loin. Correct tail which was proudly displayed on the move with an effortless light trot. One I shall watch with great interest. Pressed hard in the challenge. Best Puppy in Breed.

OD (2) I liked both of these males very much indeed and there was not much between them.

1. Williams, Redding & Newton’s Ch Rarjo Quicksilver. Handsome 5 ½ year old black and white male who personifies “robust”. Not in full coat, but what was there was correct and if anything this accentuated his excellent, powerful front for depth of chest, strength of bone and correct shoulder. Head was well proportioned and masculine with good strength to muzzle both front on and in profile but without exaggeration. Scored in neck and topline with good ribbing leading into a first rate depth of loin which was strong and firm. Hind angulation complimented that at shoulder with strong hocks which were put to good use on the move with correct tail carriage and action. A real pleasure to judge him and award him Best of Breed. 2. Smith’s Oakholme Imperial Wizard. A very stylish 3 year old black male who did not let the winner have it all his own way. Clean and showy in outline he commanded attention. I preferred the overall strength of Quicksilver but this boy was in no way lacking or effeminate. Head was of good shape with wonderful eye and penetrating expression. Standing on good straight legs and correct feet. Excellent angulation fore and aft and he was of good coupling being neither too long or too square. Strong topline and pleasing underline with moderate tuck-up. Excellent coat and condition he was a joy to go over. Effortless mover with proud carriage of head and tail holding his good outline throughout. Reserve Best of Breed.

Ric Beall (Eppwood).