• Show Date: 10/04/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Crystal Palace Canine Association

Crystal Palace Canine Association

Open Show - 10th April 2022


J (2) 14 Month old brindle and white litter sisters who could easily change places on another day. 1. Ashley’s Olibetay Dalera. Elegant girl with a clean and flowing outline. Attractive head and sweet expression with lovely eye for shape and colour. Head was in proportion to body although naturally she needs more fill throughout, but there is plenty of time for that. Good neck and clean but defined wither. Reasonable shoulder placement, good underline and topline leading into correct tailset and nicely angulated hindquarters. Good driving action on the move with pleasing carriage and stride in profile. Nicely muscled she did enough to take Best of Breed. 2. Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella Rose at Hipkins. Pleasing headshape on this girl and slightly stronger all through than winner, but I found her a touch longer cast when comparing outlines and not quite as pleasing in underline at this stage. Slightly more mature with greater development in body than her sister. Lovely chest, adequate angles fore and aft, sloping topline and another who acquitted herself well on the move.

O (2 1) 1. Ashley’s Olibetay Zeus Valentina. Mature and strongly built brindle and white bitch of 3 ½ years. Excellent depth of chest and body but with clean underline. Well laid shoulders of good width but I would have preferred greater width of thigh in order to compliment this and give balance. Good head which was of good shape and proportions mounted on a strong neck, if lacking a little length and being a touch throaty. Excellent firm topline gently sloping into good croup and angulated hindquarters. Shown in good condition and musculature. Steady mover, but did not have the drive of the youngster and thus had to settle for Reserve Best of Breed.


My first time judging this lovely breed and I must admit to being surprised at the diversity in type considering the breed has such a comprehensive breed standard.

P (1) 1. Simkin’s Simeldaka Marfa Ridge. Charming tan and white puppy bitch of just 6 months. Despite her tender age she easily demonstrated the best outline of this breed; so well balanced with good length of back compared to leg and corresponding depth of body so as not appear too short or too shallow. Pleasing in head, in proportion to body with well defined stop, padding to lips yet not overdone in any way and a lovely expression. Ears were well set. Strength to neck flowing well into the shoulder. Sturdy and maintained her good topline throughout. Not much tuck-up at the moment and can therefore appear slightly longer than she actually is. Good croup and width of thigh with turn of stifle. Carried herself very well on the move with style and showmanship. Pleasing action from behind but needs to tighten up in front as she matures. I was quite taken with her and was very pleased to award her Best of Breed and Best Puppy.

J (4 2) 1. Kimber’s Coachbarn Cresta. Pleasingly short coupled 13 month old tricolour bitch who is developing nicely into her frame. Most attractive head with melting expression from gorgeous eyes. Depth of body is coming on well for age. I would have preferred slightly more angulation at shoulder which would give a cleaner flow of neck into wither, but topline was good, firm and of correct length. Lovely hindquarters for width of thigh, turn of stifle and musculature. Purposeful and true mover with particularly good action from the hock. In the challenge for best of breed her lack of maturity was apparent but I shall look out for her again at full maturity. 2. Thornton’s Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne. 14 month old tan and white girl who was more developed in body than the winner, with greater depth throughout but she was longer cast and not as clean in underline. I liked her overall strength both in body and head which did not compromise her femininity in any way. Good, well proportioned head with well padded lips. Good length to neck. Pleasing angles at shoulder and stifle held together with a strong and firm topline which was completed by a good croup. Really used her quarters on the move with a noble carriage, but tended to roll. A pleasing but different bitch to the winner, this girl lacking a little finesse on the day.

Post Graduate (4 1)

1. Simkin’s Simeldaka Senglea Squire. 22 month old tricolour lad who won through on having the most balanced outline in this class. Free from exaggeration with good height to length ratio. Clean head, with adequate lip and strength to jaw mounted on a good clean neck. Handsome expression. Pleasing depth of chest, round bone and padded feet. Held his topline both standing on the move although I would have preferred greater angulation at shoulder to allow for cleaner neck set into the wither. Good spring of rib and firm loin but croup could have been stronger. Correct turn of stifle and strong hocks used to advantage in carrying him around the ring with easy action. 2. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina. Mature tricolour lady of 5 years who was a shade longer cast than the winner. Head was very feminine with attractive expression but I would have liked greater drop of lip to enhance overall shape, particularly as she was carrying too much weight which made her head appear a little small in comparison to overall body shape. Excellent depth of chest and fill to brisket with strength to both fore and hindquarters. Correct topline and croup leading into powerful rear. Sound and steady gaiting around the ring. 3. Whitton’s Tabula Rasa of Haggatty.

Open (5 2)

1. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric. Strong tricolour bitch, litter sister to 2nd in PG. Well presented by handler who got the best out of her in this class to demonstrate a clean and compact outline with good firm topline. As with her litter sister I would have preferred a slightly stronger muzzle. Lovely bite and eye. Adequate length of neck leading into a clean, straight and well developed front completed with good feet. Angulation was good and equal both back and forth with a pleasing underline without too much tuck up. Very well muscled she had particularly good hind action on the move both in profile and going away. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Kimber’s Coachbarn Crier. 3 year old tricolour bitch who was somewhat lighter all through than the winner. Very clean outline and another very appealing head an expression from this kennel. I liked her angulation at shoulder and stifle which matched and she was standing on a good front with pleasing feet. Good breadth of body throughout, scoring in ribbing and loin. Purposeful and tidy mover I just preferred the overall topline and strength of croup of the winner. 3. Simkin’s Eardley Will Power at Simeldaka.

Irish Wolfhound

J (1) 1. Pateman’s Whiteorchard Atlas. Big, tall 16 month old brindle boy. Unsurprisingly a little rangy at the moment, but he had all the essentials in terms of good angulation front and back and overall pleasing, well made quarters. Maintained a good outline with very good topline and underline totally free from exaggeration but adequate bone for his sex. Good shape to head with correct dentition and well set ear contributing to a lovely expression. Pleasing neck into a good front with particularly good length to upper arm and scapula forming a good angle to match that at the rear. Lovely firm loin and coupling. An easy mover with lovely action in front, although needs to tighten up a little behind as I would expect with a giant breed at this stage of development. The most outgoing and showy of those present today and I was pleased to award him Best of Breed.

PG (1)

1. Pateman’s Glydas Gold Moth. I liked the outline on this 2 ½ year old wheaten brindle girl; so feminine and elegant with no hard angles and each part flowing into the next. Despite her finesse she had the required strength in bone and substance to her quarters. Feminine headpiece with just enough strength to jaw. Very good angulation at quarters with super ribs which extended well back. Topline was as required with lovely rise over the loin. Enough breadth and depth to chest and pleasing hindquarters. She was somewhat unsettled which was evident on the move; a pity given her obvious qualities.

O (1)

1. Taylor’s Gaeltarra Eireann Watson (Imp Nld). Lovely, mature 4 year old brindle boy presenting a strong and well made outline. Excellent strength and depth to body and quarters with excellent bone, I would have preferred a slightly stronger head, but this was of good shape nonetheless. Really good to go over with strong arched loin which was evident through his coat of correct texture. Straight, strong front. Well laid shoulders with corresponding turn of stifle for good overall balance. Carried himself fairly well around the ring, but a rather untidy moving away from me which cost him in the challenge. Reserve Best of Breed.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)