• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Folkestone Hythe & District Canine Society

Folkestone, Hythe & DCS
6th March 2022


Junior (2,0)

1st Lawrence’s Rantowish The Silver Bullet. 11mth Liver D coming on nicely. Head, masculine yet refined and of good proportions. Clean muscular neck to well laid shoulders and lovely forechest. Straight front and neat feet. Slightly sloping topline over deep well sprung ribs, deep loin and a well-set tail. Correct rear angles. Moved well. Close decision for BOB in the challenge. RBOB & BP. Shame he missed the Puppy Group.

2nd Ryan-Hoare’s Supeta’s Love Me Tender at Jimbaros. Very nice 11mth B. Lean through head with dark eyes. Clean neck to well made forequarters. I would like a little more forechest. Straight front and neat feet. Good rear angles. Moved well but a little close behind today.

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st Wetherall’s Kodam Painted Lady. 2yr Black B. Smaller framed but solid well-made B with good shape to head. Super forequarters with good forechest. Straight front although feet could be tighter. Deep chest under correct topline. Tail set ok but tail short. Moved ok.

Open (1,0)

1st Wright’s Amazon’s American Graffiti with Sealandair 5yr mature D. Masculine head of good proportions and length. Muscular neck to a super front assembly, well laid shoulders and nice forechest, straight well boned front and neat feet. Correct top and underline with deep well muscled loin to a good rear. Moved with drive. BOB. Shame he missed the Group.

AVNSC Working

Junior (15,4)

First of all what a super class with so many of them in contention for a place. Lots of puppies, perhaps next year the society will add a Puppy class. Really liked all of my places and more.

1st.Coldwell’s Zentaur Pump Up The Jam - Newfoundland. This 9 mth Black B took my eye on the first run round with her easy, ground covering movement. On closer examination she does not disappoint. Super size and shape, well balanced with feminine head, well proportioned for her age with clean broad square muzzle. Dark eyes, soft expression. Straight front with good bone, well laid shoulders and lovely forechest. Deep well sprung ribs back to a short muscular loin and on to a correctly angulated rear. Free, sound, true mover and in good coat to complete the picture. RBAVNSC, BP then Puppy Group 1.

2nd Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella rose at Hipkins - Boxer. Very nice brindle 13mth B. Feminine but with strength, of nice size and shape. Super head with good proportions with depth through skull and muzzle. Dark eyes, correct dentition and depth to underjaw. Clean muscular neck to well made forequarters, straight front, neat feet. Correct spring and depth of chest. Muscular hindquarters, well angulated. Super mover with reach and drive.

3rd Miller’s Ausries Moscow Mule – Rottweilier

Res Todd & Smith’s Alonzobar Red Sky for Delarhia - Bullmastiff

VHC Austen’s Ausries Mojito – Rottweilier

Post Graduate (4,0)

1st Wheeler’s Olibetay Bella rose at Hipkins - Boxer. See 2nd Junior

2nd Pallett’s Yulla for Sheenmarie Von Baywatch (Imp) – Newfoundland. Another nice Newfie. Good breadth of skull and muzzle. Lovely forequarters, deep well sprung ribs under a level topline to a well angled rear. Moved well with long stride but a little close behind.

3rd Osborne’s Nexgen All Eyez On Me - Leonberger

Res Ashley’s Zeus Valentina - Boxer

Open (3,2)

1st Coldwell’s Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (AI) JW - Newfoundland. Standing alone but this 3yr brown B could hold her own in any competition. Another free easy mover of good breed type from this breeder. Balanced throughout, head has breadth and depth, muzzle short and square. Well laid shoulders over deep well sprung ribs with straight front and good bone. Ribs well back to a short loin under a level topline. Well muscled and correctly angulated rear that enables her to drive round the ring with ease. Lovely to watch, true from all angles. BOB then Working Group 1. So please we stayed to watch her win Best in Show.

Working Group

Gp1 Coldwell’s Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (AI) JW – Newfoundland. See AVNSC Open

Gp2 Eagles’ Pelenrise Don’t Stop Me Now – Siberian Husky. 13mth D. Young dog presenting a correct outline. Good head and neck, well made forequarters with well laid shoulders. Level topline, muscular loin, through to a well angled rear and correct tailset. Easy true mover with powerful drive.

Gp3 Knight’s Kamora Nagual Del Zanjero - Bernese Mountain Dog 2yr D. Masculine head with dark eyes. Well made fore and aft. Moved ok but lacked drive.

Gp4 Rawlinson’s Liebekarma Best Of Friends – Giant Schnauzer. 2yr D. Good head shape and dark eyes. Ears should be neat and dropping forward. Lacks bone and body. Moved well.

Working Puppy Group

Puppy Gp1 Coldwell’s Zentaur Pump Up The Jam - Newfoundland. See AVNSC Junior

Puppy Gp2 Malcolm’s Adacolm Russia With Love – Giant Schnauzer. 10mth B. Pleasing, happy, mischievous young lady. Lovely head and eyes with well set ears. Good neck into well made forequarters, level topline. Good rear angles. Plaiting fore and aft on the move today.

AV Puppy Stakes

1st Bird’s Irisaddition She’s All That with Bridus – Bearded Collie. What a super youngster. 11mths B, like her shape and size, feminine head of correct shape, flat skull, dark eyes and good furnishings. Super forequarters with well laid shoulders and straight front. Well sprung ribs back to short loin to a well angulated rear. Excels on the move, smooth with reach and drive.

2nd Miller’s Ausries Moscow Mule – Rottweiler. This 10mth D was 3rd earlier in a very good AVNSC working junior class. Super D of correct shape and size. Broad head of correct proportions with dark eyes. Super forequarters with deep chest and good bone. Level topline to a well angled rear. Moves with true, easy powerful stride.

3rd Bridges, Rose-Dawson & Rose’s Sanchara Tart With A Heart – Tibetan Terrier

Res Flack’s Mifcahs By Royal Command - Shih Tzu

VHC Grenville-Payne’s Misfitsflukes Patronum – Retriever (Flat Coated)

AV Junior Stakes

1st Eagles’ Pelenrise Don’t Stop Me Now – Siberian Husky. See Puppy Group 2

2nd Picton & Ince’s Priorpark Point And Click – Rhodesian Ridgeback. 14mth D who took my eye. Lovely head shape on a clean muscular neck to a well made forehand with well laid shoulders. Deep ribs back to a strong loin and a well angled, muscular rear. Moves with ease, true fore and aft with reach and drive.

3rd Whitton’s Jalhar New Lease Of Life with Haggatty - Beagle

Res Sullivan & Diffey’s Marhilway Driving Edge - Shih Tzu

VHC Walker’s Dexbenella Double Vision – Spaniel (English Springer)

Judge: Ray McDonald (Roanjora)