• Show Date: 26/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone & Northolt CS

26/02/2022 rescheduled from 27/12/2021


Post Graduate (2,1)

1st Borg’s Annavan Songbird. 2 yr Feminine of good size and shape. Head shape good with slight dome to skull and defined stop, hazel eye and pleasing expression. Well made forequarters with good forechest. Straight front with neat feet. Ribs well sprung under a level topline. Moderate rear angles. Steady true mover with drive. BOB

Border Collie

Puppy (5,3)

1st Hawker’s Moshanta Magic Penny for Taytinja (Cnaf). Oh my. What a stunning 8mth B of lovely size and type. Feminine head of correct proportions, dark brown eyes and a cheeky but alert expression. Good length neck flows into well laid shoulders, straight front. Correct spring and depth of rib under a level topline. Balanced hind quarters with good turn of stifle. Carrying a lovely coat today this young B excels on the move, head low, effortless mover, true from all angles. BOB & BP then thrilled to watch her win Group 2 and Pastoral Puppy Group 1.

2nd Domotori’s Wild Storm Before you go (Es Imp) Naf. 11mth B, another well made B, different in type to my winner but with pleasing feminine head and dark eye. Well made forequarters, well sprung ribs of good depth, level topline and correct angles to the rear. Not as positive on the move and moving with her head up but true fore and aft.

Special Yearling (4,3)

1st Hawker’s Lucky For You Wesley (Imp Hun). 16mth Red D. Masculine youngster full of attitude. Super forequarters, good bone and neat feet. Correct depth and spring of rib, level topline to well angled rear. Lovely reach and drive but needs to tighten in front.

Open (1,0)

1st Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden. 9yr B and what a sweetie. Very inquisitive with lovely dark eyes and a well proportioned head. Well made fore and aft, level topline. On the move she is true and steady taking everything at her pace.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Puppy (1,0)

1st Channinor’s Shanlimore Marvin. 12mth D. Promising youngster with a good head, correct for his age with lots of maturing to do. Dark eyes and correct pigment. Well made forequarters with well laid shoulders and a straight front, with good bone. Chest needs to spring but should come with maturity. Correct topline through to a moderately angled rear, double dewclaws present, and a well set and furnished tail. On the move he is free and effortless. BP and Puppy Group 2.

Special Yearling (1,0)

1st Channinor’s Shanlimore Marvin

Open (1,0)

1st Meakin’s Noah Du Val De Pyrene (Imp Fra). What a lovely boy. 5yrs old and just coming into maturity. Clean masculine head with skull of good shape, dark eyes and pigment. Super front assembly with good forechest, strong bone and straight front of good width. Deep well sprung ribs, correct topline through to a muscular rear of correct angles, double dewclaws and a well set, furnished tail complete with hook. So free and easy on the move, lovely to watch. BOB & Group 4

Retriever (Labrador)

Puppy (6,4)

1st Metcalf’s Balleydale Flo Mill. Some days when judging you get spoilt and today for me was one of those days. This 9mth Black B was just gorgeous and lovely to go over. Feminine through her well proportioned head, good breadth to skull and muzzle without any coarseness. Dark eyes and neat ears. Well muscled through neck and shoulders which are well laid with return of upper arm and lovely forechest.. Straight front with neat feet and good bone. Deep well sprung ribs to a short muscular loin and well muscled rear with width of ham and correct angles. Tail well set and carried correctly. On the move she is a joy to watch, true from all angles with powerful drive. What a day she had, BP, Group 1, Puppy Group 1 and Best Puppy in Show. One to watch.

2nd Porter’s Winnellands Vanilla Sky. 9mth Yellow B. Feminine through head which is of good shape and breadth with dark eyes. Well made forequarters and straight front. Deep well sprung ribs through to a moderate rear. Moves with drive.

Special Yearling (1,0)

1st Digweed’s Willokin’s Whistle Blower 16mth Yellow D. Masculine boy of good size and shape with plenty of attitude. Lovely head and eyes, well muscled neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front with good bone. Deep well sprung ribs. Well made rear, moved true with drive.

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Puppy (4,1)

1st Oreilly’s Tollelkin Dream Loch. Heading up this trio of siblings. Preferred him for his shape and head. Nicely made forequarters with well laid shoulders over a good spring of rib. Level topline through to a correctly made rear. Best mover. BP

2nd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Harbour. Another promising youngster, a little finer than his brother but just as well made fore and aft. Moved well but not a clean in front as his brother.

3rd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Dancer

Special Yearling (5,2)

1st Oreilly’s Tollelkin Dream Loch

2nd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Harbour

3rd Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Dancer

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Harbour

2nd. Elkin’s Tollekin Dream Dancer. Litter sister. Different in shape to her brothers and completely out of coat today. Pleasing head shape, well made forehand. Longer cast through to moderate rear angles. Moves ok but a little close in front.

3rd Oreilly’s Kenynten Stream Song

Open (8,5)

1st Elkin’s Tollekin Caife Americano. 2yr D heading up a nice class with 3 good but different exhibits. Pleasing head and neck through to well made forequarters with good forechest and straight front. Level topline to a well correctly angled rear. Well muscled all over. Moves true with drive. BOB

2nd.Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW. 4yr D. Heavier build than 1st but a well put together dog of good size and another in good condition. Lovely forequarters with good forechest. Correct topline to well angled muscular rear. Another true driving mover.

3rd Strevens’ Sh Ch Tollekin Caife Gaelach at Tollisty

Spaniel (English Springer)

Puppy (3,1)

1st Dunsdon’s Kingsheath Mayday at Seaspring. What a lovely 9mth, black white & tan B. Full of quality and attitude. Super head and neck, dark eyes and a soft expression. Well made forequarters, good forechest, straight front, nice bone and neat feet. Well sprung ribs under a level topline. Good rear angles and what a super mover. Easy, true driving action. A bright future. Unlucky to be at the same show as the Labrador Puppy so had to be content with BOB, BP, Group 2, Puppy Group 2.

Open (6,5)

1st Dunsdon’s Meadowdale Luther Vandross at Seaspring JW. 4yr black & white D. Masculine boy, different in type to the youngster but lots to like. Good through head and neck. Well made forequarters and deep well sprung ribs. Level topline to a well angled rear with correct tailset and carriage. Moved well with drive.

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Puppy (1,0)

1st Bennett’s Cerysan Crusader. 11mth D. Strong through head, nice eyes. Well laid shoulders, and good bone. Level topline over good depth of rib to a well made rear. Rather distracted and somewhat bouncy on the move today. BP

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st Revell’s Julita Ryveeta JW. 2yr B bitch of correct proportions. Lovely head, well muscled neck to well made forequarters with good forechest & straight front. Well laid shoulders over correct spring of rib. Level topline to a well angled rear. Easy true mover with good drive. BOB

2nd Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover for Flyboron. 5yr masculine D. Strong through head with deep stop. Well made forequarters with just enough forechest. Level topline and deep ribs to a well muscled rear. Moved with drive.

3rd Gough’s Julita Rukester

Open (1,0)

1st Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy. 5yr D. Very nice boy of correct shape. Correct through head and neck to well angled forequarters, enough forechest. Well sprung ribs of good depth, level topline to we well muscled rear. Super mover, true with drive. Pushed hard in the challenge.

Judge: Ray McDonald (Roanjora)