• Show Date: 04/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Inch Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club

English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Club Open Show
Special Award Classes and Junior Handling Classes

I’d like to extend my thanks to the Club Committee for inviting me to judge, slightly delayed by 2 years due to COVID. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their support with a super entry for my first judging appointment, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour, with many of the dogs unsettled by windy conditions and flapping ring tape. Special thanks to Mr Colin Haffenden on his sterling job as show manager and steward, as well as his co-steward, Manuela.

Special Award Classes

Junior Dog/Bitch (6,0)
1. Ramsden and Kagzi's Pallisandre Pocahontas. 14 months old bitch, very feminine and elegant. Beautiful narrow, wedge-shaped head with dark, well placed, almond eyes. Well set ears, candle flame shape which she used to her advantage. Her tan is a rich chestnut with correct markings. Fine boned, with good turn of stifle, she presents a typical outline when standing, and she moves with a graceful extended trot and precise rear drive.
2. Dennison's Ettology Bounteous Barney. 12 months on the day and his last show as a puppy. Already developing into a mature and masculine dog, he has a handsome head, with sparkling eyes and an alert expression. Shown in excellent condition with gleaming black coat, rich tan and correct markings. Moved well, with an elegant extended trot and never stopped showing for his handler.
3. Duran and Steven’s Ettology Handsome Hank. 12 months old dog, litter brother to 2.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2,1)
1. Francis and Blatchford’s Peopleton As You Like It. 2 year old bitch. Feminine and delicate. Long, narrow, wedge shaped head, correct scissor bite. Stood she presents a good outline with straight front and good turn of stifle. She lacks slightly in confidence, and unfortunately was one of the more unsettled exhibits due to the weather, resulting in her topline flattening on the move. On a different day I feel she’d show much better.

Open Dog/Bitch (12,3)
1. Forsythe's Ch Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin JW. 4 year old dog. Super masculine, well balanced and shown in superb condition. Glossy black coat and rich chestnut tan. Small dark almond eyes, obliquely set. Candle flame ears, well set on his stunning head. On the move he has powerful rear drive, an excellent extended trot and the desired floating quality. Delighted to see that he was sire to my 2nd/3rd in Junior and my 2nd in Open.
2. Phillip’s Ettology Big Bang JW. 20 month old Dog. Similar to 1, another masculine and well balanced dog. Confident and showed well for his handler. Attractive wedge-shaped head with dark, almond shape eyes, correct scissor bite. Good ears. Tail slightly gay on the move, but this doesn’t detract from his overall impression and outline. Moved well with extended trot and good rear drive. One of the few exhibits to have perfectly distinct thumbprints.
3. Perry and Perry's Neerodan Just The Ticket. 5 year old dog.

Junior Handling

It’s an honour to be asked to judge Junior Handling. These handlers are the future of our hobby and must be encouraged at all opportunities.

F. 12-16 years
1. Joseph Lamb-Lopez, age 13. Stood alone but was a well presented and smartly dressed handler. He sympathetically handled his young dog and was attentive to my instructions, never coming between me and his dog. Unfortunately his dog was another very unsettled by the windy conditions, affecting his confidence and in turn his handler’s. With time and further experience this will improve, but I understand this can be difficult at such a young age and for one still new to showing. I wish him all the best in the future and he has the potential to blossom. Best Junior Handler.

Rachel Inch (Edalene)