• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Collie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham & Midland Counties Bulldog Club


I would like to thank the club for inviting me to judge their open show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and the hospitality was great, in a great venue with a fabulously efficient steward and thank you for the very kind personal gift. Thanks to all who entered and allowed me to judge their beautiful dogs! I was very happy with my line ups and had some quality dogs to go over, temperament and health was excellent with only one poor eye, although some were lacking tails. Most were presented in good clean condition. I think the show ran well in conjunction with The National, although I did have to wait for a few exhibits, which I did not mind in the slightest. I was very happy with my entry of 71/73 for a midweek date.

Minor Puppy Dog (5/1)

1st – Simpson Mr. G. - Bullmont Notorious By Ironheart

R&W just 6 months old pleasing puppy. Clear wide apart eyes, well placed rose ears, finely wrinkled with a flat skull, nice length, good nostrils and jaw, tacked on shoulders down to straight front and neat feet, well off for bone. Good pear shape, topline leading to healthy free tail. Moved typically for a puppy. Reminds me of his champion half-brother, shall watch with interest.

2nd – Hanvey Miss. M. – Captainbull I’m Bronson

R&W, finer head than 1 but all as it should be, lovely wide nostrils, clear healthy eyes, neat ears, finely wrinkled, straight front, good bone, good brisket, topline and tail good. Needs more training but moved well enough for a puppy.

3rd – Craig Mrs. H. & Mr. A. – Britishstyle Mr Oreo

Puppy Dog (2/0)

1st & BPD – Topliss Miss. T. – Onahia Del Atlante Chester NAF TAF (IMP ESP)

W&R flashy pup, strong head with pleasant split nose roll, clear round eyes set low and well away from rosed ears, Tacked on shoulders down to strong straight legs with neat feet, well off for bone. Nice topline, good spring of rib with nice tuck-up. Very well angulated rear legs, moved ok although lame for the challenge. Needs to trim down.

2nd – Craig Mrs. H. & Mr. A. – Britishstyle Mr Oreo

R&W, he was having a great day! A finer type to 1 but still a pleasing puppy, clean head, wide open nostrils, jaw ok, clear eyes. Straight front, topline ok, good rear angulation, healthy free tail. Needs more practice but he had a great day out and that’s the main thing. Great to see them enjoying it!

Junior Dog (5/3)

1st – Reynolds Miss. C. L. – D’or Wood San Valero

R&W, a quality dog with sour expression, strong head, correctly set low round eyes, neat nose roll, wide nostrils, well-padded cheeks, good upsweep, well set rose ears, good length and depth of skull, well defined stop. Good reach of neck, strong tacked on shoulders, good bone, neat feet, good spring of rib, held his topline on the move, well angulated, lovely pear shape, handled and presented well.

2nd – Craig Mrs. H. & Mr. A. – Britishstyle Mr Oreo

R&W, he was having a great day! A finer type to 1 but still a pleasing puppy, clean head, wide open nostrils, jaw ok, clear eyes. Straight front, topline ok, good rear angulation, healthy free tail. Needs more practice but he had a great day out and that’s the main thing. Great to see them enjoying it!

Yearling Dog (5/1)

1st – Nash Mr. R. – Smoochabull He Got Game

Br&W, strong headed dog with the correct brick shape, clear eyes, correct rose ear, huge open nostrils, well-padded cheeks, good upsweep of true jaw, lovely strong correct front, plenty of brisket, good tuck-up giving pleasing topline, healthy tail, bit dull on the move.

2nd – Bennett Miss. D. – Buddy Too Ticky

R&W, good clean head, clear round eyes, I would prefer full pigmentation, ear placement ok, good reach of neck, straight front, neat feet, nice depth of chest, topline ok, healthy tail, rear angulation good, moved well.

3rd – Stothard Mrs. P. & Mr. N. – Bruno At Carrnaze Bright Diamond (IMP CZE)

Novice Dog (1/0)

1st – George Miss. A. – Avaword Dexter

R&W, strong head, lovely clear dark eyes, defined stop, well placed rose ears, nicely padded cheeks, healthy wide nostrils, good upsweep of wide jaw, enough neck, strong front, lovely depth of brisket, good topline, good rear angulation, moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog (3/1)

1st – Rodgers Mr. K. – Ruakuri The Protector

R&W, Finely wrinkled skull, clear dark round eyes, well set low rose ears, nice split nose roll, enough upsweep and width of jaw, good length of skull which gave great layback. Standard sized dog, good front, correct pear shape, deep brisket, enough spring of rib, good tuck up, good topline which he held on the move, moved very well. Presented in hard condition.

2nd – Ware Mr. A. G. – Discobulls Renegade Master

R&W, heavier type to 1, lovely head with dark round eyes. Correct small rose ears, flat skull, well-padded cheeks, good upsweep, wide muzzle. Nostrils nice and wide. Enough neck to strong tacked on shoulders, good wide front, lovely pear shape, well off for brisket, correct topline to healthy tail. Handled well, moved well.

Limit Dog (5/1)

1st & RBD – Cunningham Mr. J. – Saffienna Gypsy King

R&W, Quality masculine male, brick shaped finely wrinkled skull, dark clear eyes, wide open nostrils, good layback, well-padded cheeks, enough upsweep to wide jaw giving lovely sour expression. Well tacked on shoulders, straight front, neat feet. Good pear-shaped body, giving pleasing topline, to good tail set, well angulated rear. Presented well.

2nd – Downing Mr. A. & Mrs. J. – Stellvana Kiss The Girls

W&R, Pleasing head, lovely dark muzzle, good length of skull, correct dark clear eyes, well rosed ears, good nostrils, well-padded foreface, good jaw and upsweep. Strong neck to straight front and neat feet, enough brisket. Lovely pear-shaped body, free moving healthy tail, moved well and walked his width.

3rd – Paul Mr. F & Mrs. V. – Blondello Captain Canada

Open Dog (3/2)

1st, BD & BOS – Fisher Mrs. R. & Mr. M. J. – Onahia Del Atlante He’s The Only One At Waneta (IMP ESP)

R&W, Strong masculine dog, everything about him is quality. Lovely length with correct brick shape, well set round dark clear eyes, correct thin rose ears, flat skull, defined stop, healthy clean nose roll, good nostrils, well-padded cheeks, super upsweep of wide true jaw, teeth give away his age, but they’re all still there. Enough neck, strong tacked on shoulders, leading to straight front, well off for bone, well knuckled neat feet. Big barrel rib, deep brisket, good tuck up, correct pear shape, lovely topline, held on the move. Well angulated rear with well-set healthy tail. Handled and moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (7/5)

1st, BPB & BPIS – Allen Mrs. P. & Mr. M. – Haddaway Dizzy Miss Lizzy At Rattray NAF

Br&W, Lovely standard feminine puppy. A lot to like on this girl. Lovely brick shaped head, dark clear eyes, well set rose ears, fine nose roll, well-padded cheeks, good upsweep with enough width of jaw. Nice arch of neck, tacked on shoulders, straight front, enough bone. Good brisket and spring of rib, well tucked up, good tail and rear angulation. Moved well for a puppy and held her topline, presented well. Shall watch her with interest.

2nd – Rodgers Mr. D. C. & Mrs. R. D. – Belushi Moonlight Lover

Br&W, Feminine head, nice pear shape, good brisket and tuck up, tail ok. Moved ok, needs more training but still a baby.

Puppy Bitch (2/2)

Junior Bitch (11/3)

A very strong class with a lot of quality, places could easily change on another day.

1st – Peebles & Kirkwood, S & P J – Weebullz Holey Moley

R&W, Lovely cobby feminine bitch, a lot to like about her. Pleasing head with good length and brick shaped. Clear dark eyes set well down, finely rosed ears well placed high on the flat skull. Well-padded cheeks, wide nostrils, good upsweep, wide open nostrils. Good reach of neck, tacked on shoulders, straight front, enough bone, well knuckled tight feet. Enough brisket, enough spring of rib, gives a lovely roll on the move, well angulated rear with a low set healthy free moving tail. Presented and handled well.

2nd – Watkins Mrs. L – Shipshape Yuletide Moon

W, Another feminine bitch and a promising youngster who has had great success thus far. Good length of brick shaped skull, dark well-placed eyes, correct rose ears, good width of muzzle, good upsweep. Well proportioned, good front, enough bone, neat feet, nice body shape and topline, healthy tail. Well-muscled quarters, moved with ease. A shade longer in body than 1. Well-presented and handled.

3rd – Watkins Mr. T. P. & Mrs. H. M. – Chayo Melody Of Life

Yearling Bitch (3/2)

1st – Parker Mrs. C. & Mr. S. – Andlare Miss Fire At Albionpride

R&W, Pleasing feminine bitch, good length to skull, clear dark eyes, ears set well with thin rose shape, heavy nose roll but did not impede the nostrils. Tacked on shoulders, good straight front with enough bone, deep brisket and barrel rib. Good pear shape and topline, well angulated rear, good tail and moved well.

Novice Bitch (5/0)

1st, RBB & RBIS – George Miss. A. – Avaword Dottie

R&W, a standard girl with a lot to like. Lovely length of skull, correct brick shape. Dark clear eyes set low, correct rose ears well placed away from eyes. Super upsweep, true wide jaw with correct dentition. Strong tacked on shoulders, straight front, neat feet, well off for bone. Enough brisket, good spring of rib and tuck up, nice topline, well angulated behind, good on the move and walks her width in front.

2nd – Taylor Miss. N. – Lady Be Nice And Lovely

R&W, Feminine bitch, pleasing head with clear dark eyes, good nostrils, ear set and upsweep. Nice reach of neck, to good front, brisket well let down, well angulated rear, good tail. Good front movement, presented well.

3rd – Tearle Mr. M., Mrs. D. & Miss. E. – Terlingfair Flaming Star

Post Graduate Bitch (5/2)

1st – Paul Mr. F. & Mrs. V. – Blondello Captain Marvel

W, Pleasing outline, feminine head with good length of skull giving correct brick shape. Clear dark eyes, well placed rose ears, good upsweep, wide jaw, open nostrils and well-padded cheeks. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, straight front, enough brisket, nice roach over the loin, lovely tail, good mover with the correct roll.

2nd – Hanvey Miss. M. – Captainbull She’s Esme

F&W, Tidy head, clear eyes, well-padded check, nice upsweep to wide jaw, straight front, enough brisket, good topline, well angulated. Took a fright and couldn’t be talked round.

3rd – Allen Mrs. P. & Mr. M. – Haddaway All I Want TAF

Limit Bitch (4/2)

1st – Watson Mrs. S. – Sandars Miss Agnes

W, I’ve admired this bitch from afar for a while. Excellent head shape, lovely length of skull, great pigmentation which enhances her sour expression. Darkest clear eyes, well rosed thin ears, good wide nostrils, excellent upsweep. Good reach of neck, tacked on shoulder to straight front, well off for bone, enough brisket, good spring of rib, lovely tuck up, moved well and presented in fantastic hard condition.

2nd – Hanvey Miss. M. – Captainbull Darling

Br&W, Strong bitch with a lovely head, flat skull, well-padded cheeks, clear dark eyes, well placed rose ears, good upsweep. Well off for brisket, tacked on shoulders, plenty of bone. Nice body shape, although carrying slightly too much weight, good tail, moved ok.

Open Bitch (7/3)

1st, BB & BIS – Hanvey Miss. M. – Captainbull Bonnie

Br&W, my type of bitch, reminds me so much of our IR & INT CH Anjefan Tiger Lily From Edstrong from about 18 years ago. Couldn’t pass her. Pleasing feminine head, dark eyes, finely wrinkled, defined stop, well set thin rose ears, lovely jaw, super upsweep, well-padded cheeks. Lovely pear shape, well placed shoulders to straight front, neat well knuckled feet, well off for bone. Brisket well let down, huge spring of rib, lovely roach to well set straight free tail. Moved her width. Does need to lose the weight after the pups, but she’s all there in proportion. I’d take her home!

2nd – George Miss. A. – Avaword Lillie

R&W, A good cobby bitch, good head, well wrinkled, dark eyes, good nostrils, nice upsweep. Wide tacked on shoulders, well off for bone, good front, pleasing topline to good health tail. Moved well front and back, well presented and handled.

3rd – Parker Mrs. C. & Mr. S. – Albionpride Miss Furtado

Rachel Collie (Thornford)