• Show Date: 30/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachael Stirzaker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/08/2022

York Canine Association



1ST Tyson Mr & Mrs Starceylon The Ice Queen (2/0)

A youngster I have admired previously and she didn’t disappoint today. Lovely feminine girl 9 months old, super outline. Rounded head, ears placed right large and used throughout. Eyes large and sparkling. Definite stop, Good scissor bite. Nicely arched in neck flowing down to a level top line, good body, well sprung in rib, soft clean coat with nice feathering. Tail held up and over carried at all times. In front well laid shoulders, straight in leg with small feet. In rear good turn of stifle showing nice angulation. On the move she didn’t disappoint showing brisk movement with good reach in front and drive from behind. Delighted to award her Best Of Breed and Best Puppy In Breed.

2nd Emmerson Mrs Toffee Nut Latte Des Bandits De Tula

Wow what a real sweetheart this little lady was. Red and white in colour and just 6 months of age. Beautiful expression very pretty girl. In such a busy loud hall she just took it all in her stride and wasn’t fazed. Dainty and compact in outline. Lovely feminine head with the most sweetest of eyes large and rounded. Ears placed well with feathering Coming through nicely. Good bite for her age. Nice arch to neck sloping down to her back level in topline. Good in body small, dainty structure. Tail held up proudly around the ring. Straight in legs with small feet. Good movement light on her feet coming and going She showed nice stride in front. I called her back in to challenge for and was delighted to award her Reserve best of breed.


1st Tyson Mr & Mrs Starceylon God Of Thunder (1/1) A very handsome male showing super ring presence. Small, in structure compact in outline, Very alert little male. Beautiful in head typical saucy expression. Large dark eyes which sparkled. Ears well placed large and flaring. Definite stop with good muzzle length. Nice in neck slightly arched flowing down to a level back good in body condition well sprung In rib. Tail held up and over throughout and well used on the stand, Profusely coated. Nice and straight in leg with small feet. Cream in colour with beautiful coat, clean and soft in texture.


1ST Tyson Mr & Mrs Starceylon God Of Thunder (1/1)  See previous class.


1ST Turnbull Miss A. Prinleigh’s Mischief Maker (2/0) Another Exhibit I’ve had the pleasure of judging previously and again this little guy didn’t disappoint. Small and dainty in Profile, very alert and obedient to his handler, he never stopped wagging his tail. Now 7 months old he showed excellent concentration throughout his time in the ring. Nicely rounded in head, good ear placement, large and well used. Nicely large eyes, good in stop and muzzle length, scissor bite. Nice arch to neck flowing down to a level back. Tail held up and over throughout. Lovely body condition, showing good length to height ratio, well sprung in rib. Straight in front finely boned with small feet and in rear showing good turn of stifle. On the move he was level, straight and brisk showing good stride out in front and drive from behind. Very happy to award him Best Puppy In Breed and later watch him take Toy Puppy Group 4.

2nd Stading Mrs L Stadmeyer Alice  A very beautiful female of 7 months old, beautiful in outline and shape. Well rounded in head, feminine expression with sparkling, dark round eyes. Good ear placement, large , she used them throughout. Nice body length, good spring of rib and level in back. Tail of medium length And high set. Nice and straight in front, lean, with well laid shoulders. Good turn of stifle in rear and of good muscle tone. Nice stride out in front on the move.


1ST Stading Mrs L Stadmeyer Dashing Dexter(1/0)  Litter mate to previous class 2nd place. What a sweetheart this boy was. Nice in outline and profile. Happy alert little fellow and showed being very attentive to his handler. Beautiful in head piece with good ear placement, large and used well. Most beautiful rounded eyes. Definite stop with enough muzzle length, good bite for his age. Super soft in coat texture, clean and glossy and blue fawn in colour. Nicely arched in neck flowing down to a level top line. Nice body length with good covering, enough depth of chest and well spring of rib. Straight tail carried up and over set high on and of medium length. On the move he showed good brisk action stride in front and drive from the rear. Good muscle tone , lean in legs and small feet. I was very happy to award him Reserve Best Of Breed.


1ST Tyson Mr &Mrs Starceylon Love To The Moon(2/0) Attractive male of 21 months old. Soft coat texture cream in colour and glossy. Masculine in head apple domed, Large erect ears placed correctly and he used them throughout. Nice round dark eyes which sparkled, definite in stop, good length of muzzle and has a scissor bite. Nicely arched neck flowing down to his level top line. High set tail of medium length placed high on and held up and over. Good body condition covered well with good spring of rib and deep in brisket. Good depth to chest, well laid shoulders in front placed well under chest, lean and straight in leg. In rear he has good angulation with good turn of stifle and small feet. moved very well with rear drive, brisk and forceful in action. Happy to award him Best Of Breed

2ND McDaniel Miss Alice Shantallah Marcell What a great team this dog and his handler were. I believe handler was just 4 years old! She showed great promise and handled her dog very well and ill look forward to seeing this young lady continue with handling. Dainty, small and compact little lad. Cream in colour of soft, glossy coat. A very happy alert little guy of 7 years old. Nicely rounded in head well placed ears, large and used throughout. Large and rounded eyes. Good heart room in chest, well laid shoulders with fine straight front legs. Nice body, level top line, slight body length to height ratio but compact. Well covered body nice spring to rib and deep brisket area. Tail set high on and used up and over. In rear nice turn of stifle and small feet. Did very well on the move and awaited till his handler caught up with him, Best friends and was a true joy to watch and a delight to hear the cheers and applaud for him and his young lady.


1st Mcfarlane Miss J & L Shranae Hebu(1/0) A beautiful Young male of 3 years old, An active boy who showed great interest to his handler. Slightly round in head and elongated. Lean in cheeks tapering into muzzle. Scissor bite strong in jaw. Dark eyes of medium size and almond shape. Ears set low, good hair covering. Long in neck sloping into fairly strong shoulders. Level in back good body length moderate tuck up. High set long tail with plume. In rear rounded rump area , fairly firm in stifle with good angulation feet long and straight facing. In front good depth to chest, long and slender in legs set under body. Moved well coming and going, long in reach. Was pleased to award him Reserve Best Of Breed.


1ST Mcfarlane Miss J & L Zeracheil Exotic Dancer (ShCM VW) (2/0) What a sweetheart this lady was. She showed so much pride in her time in the ring. Female of 9 and ½ years young. Beautiful condition very clean and dark pigment. Feminine in head, smooth and slightly rounded, equal proportions from base of skull to stop and from stop to tip of nose. Almond shape eye, dark set well apart. Ears low set but erect with good fringing. Strong in jaw with scissor bite. Lean in neck sloping to a level top line, rump well rounded. Medium in body length, small and graceful, skin very clean and soft. Tail set high on, long with flowing plume and carried out on the move. Light on her feet, with good reach in front and drive from behind. I was so delighted to award her Best Of Breed.

2nd Routledge & McGowan Miss V & Miss T Pufflepaws Prosecco Please A lovely small female, 3 years old. Black and white in colour, crested with hair on correct places. Feminine in features, A gentle expression on this girl. Pretty eyes dark and almond in shape. Flat in head with slight roundness. Good ear placement erect with fringing. Good in stop, slightly tapered in muzzle with scissor bite. Lean in neck flowing down to a level top line, high set tail with good fringing. Clean and smooth in body of medium length, deep in chest with moderate tuck up. Good in rear angulation, muscular, with enough width between legs. In front legs long and slender, fine in pasterns but strong. Feet of hare like and long. On the move she was flowing with good reach and drive. A very close call between exhibits.