• Show Date: 01/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Peter Barnaby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Counties Gundog Club

Welsh Springer Spaniels

P (3,1)

1. Graham – Nyliram The Moth Catcher. 11 month old bitch. Lovely head and expression. Straight front and nice feet. Well balanced, compact body with good angulation fore and aft. Moved well with ever-wagging tail. Looks promising as she matures. BPIB & PG3. 2. Graham – Don’s As Bold As Brass With Nyliram (Imp Swe). 10 month old male. Good head proportions with dark eye. Good length to neck and shoulder placement. Straight front with good bone. Body needs time to fill out and mature. Good rear angulation. Positive happy mover using his tail well, not quite the drive or accuracy on the move as 1 today.

J (6,1)

1. Holley – Ferndel Dare To Dream. 13 month old male. Excels in breed type. Head maturing well with good shape, soft dark eye and defined stop. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front with good bone. Body needs time to mature and fill out but overall a balanced dog with good rear angulation and width to hindquarters. Moved well. One to watch. 2. Chandler – Chanangel Jo Sugden. 13 month old male. Masculine head with dark eye. Good depth to body, spring of ribs and bone. Strong over loin, well-muscled hind quarters. Immaculately presented and handled, recovered well from being spooked by loud crash outside the ring whilst being gone over. Couldn’t match the front movement of 1 on the day.

Y (3,0)

1. Holley – Ferndel Dare To Dream. Repeat of 1st Junior. 2. Clarke – Tigerrock I’m Your Man. 15 month old male. Still maturing in body and mind. Good head shape and well chiselled below the eyes. Good length of neck. Well balanced throughout with good angulation. Moved well. Settled and grew in confidence in each class, just needs more time.

G (2,0)

1. Clarke – Tigerrock I’m Your Man. Repeat of 2nd Yearling. 2. Holmes – Glenbrows Innocence. Almost 3 year old bitch. Feminine head with soft expression. Standing on good feet. Strong through the loin and good rear angulation.

L (3,0)

1. Clarke – Tigerrock Magic Woundabout. 18 months old male of excellent breed type maturing beautifully. Lovely head shape, kindly expression with soft dark eyes. Long muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Well boned with straight front which stays true on the move. Good spring of rib and depth to chest. Strong over loin, good rear angulation and wide muscular hind quarters. Moved very well. BOB 2. Gibson – Dearham Dilys Of Cadehill. Almost 5 year old bitch. Feminine head with soft expression. Smaller throughout than 1 but well balanced. Good length of neck. Straight front with nice sized feet, could do with shorter nails to aid movement. Good topline and rear angulation. Moved freely and soundly using her tail.

O (3,0)

1. Graham – Nyliram Hetty Wainthropp. 2 year old bitch. Fine well chiselled head with good depth to muzzle. Soft expression from dark eye. Straight front with ample bone and tidy feet. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Good rear angulation but would prefer a little more width to the hindquarters. Moved well using her ever-wagging tail to her advantage. 2. Clarke & Sherlock – Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electrick With Tiggerrock JW. 3 year old bitch. Pretty, well chiselled head with melting expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front with good bone. Well sprung ribs, muscular through loin and hindquarters. A quality bitch, previously award BIS by myself but not moving with her usual verve and precision today.


G (0,0)

O (3,1)

1. Graham & Yarrow – Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket. 2 year old male. Outstanding dog, so cobby and workmanlike, balanced throughout with excellent muscle tone. Masculine, but not coarse head of excellent proportions when viewed from any angle. Intelligent expression using his eyes and ears well. Straight front, ample bone and good feet. Good depth to chest and well rounded ribs. Compact and strong through the body and loin. Well-muscled hind quarters. Exceptional on the move with short brisk gait covering the ground, holding his topline. BOB. 2. Graham & Denwood – Bonapartist Orchid Of Lyndfil. 4 year old bitch. Feminine head with good ear set. Good length to neck, well rounded rib cage. Would prefer a little shorter but still displays a workmanlike profile. Strong and muscular hindquarters. Giving handler a hard time on the move pulling towards owner so not showing her full potential today.

Peter Barnaby