• Show Date: 30/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Peter Barnaby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

My thanks go to the officers and committee of the Club for inviting me to judge this show and also the exhibitors who entered and took my placings with good grace. Overall a quality entry where places could change on another day. A few still packing lockdown weight which cost places today. Several exhibits also carried tails above the level of the back whilst moving excitedly, this didn’t cost any places since tail set on was ok but detracted from the overall profile on the move.

VD (6,0)

A lovely class to start the day, they really all deserved a place. 1. Barkley – Sh Ch Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM. This 10 year old boy never disappoints. Masculine head with good chiselling beneath the eyes. Well boned, good depth of chest and well ribbed. Well balanced and still in excellent condition. Powerful mover with the best tail action. 2. Caldwell & McDowell – Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan. Just into veteran at 7 years old. Soft expression and nice doming to skull. Deep fore chest and straight front. Wide ribs, well coupled and strong over loin. Moved well but not quite the powerful driving action of 1. 3. Woodhams – Tobermyn Minstrel Boy.

MPD (2,1)

1. Campbell – Gauntlet Stones. A raw 7 month old puppy full of enthusiasm and enjoying his day out. Pleasing head. Good front assembly. At a growing stage so everything need to tighten up but certainly some potential once he settles into showing.

PD (2,0)

1. Stevenson – Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway. 11 month old puppy. Maturing nicely he has a lovely head, nice shape to muzzle with defined chiselling below the eyes. Long neck, well placed shoulders. Deep brisket and nice spring of ribs for his age. Nice wide rear quarters with good muscle tone at this age. Moved well once settled down. BPD. 2. Caldwell – Cerysan Commodore. Another lovely 11 month old puppy. Very pleasing head and expression. Not as mature as 1 in body, but time to develop. Good angulation front and rear. Movement good when not over excited.

JD (2,0)

1. Stevenson – Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway. (See Puppy Dog 1.) 2. Clarke – Tigerrock Im Your Man. Only just a year old so not matured yet. Nice balance to head with lots of work under the eyes. Long, muscular neck, deep chest but needs ribs to spring. Strong over the loin. Nice bone and feet. Moved well. Hopefully his confidence will keep building and he enjoys showing a little more.

SYD (6,0)

1. Clarke – Tigerrock Magic Woundabout. Almost 18 months old and this boy is maturing beautifully. Lovely head shape, good work below his soft dark eyes. Long muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front with good bone. Deep brisket and well ribbed. Strong over loin, good rear angulation and wide hind quarters. Well-presented and muscled throughout. Strongly considered for RBD. One to watch. 2. Jones – Trosley Tamoshanta. 22 months old. Stronger head than 1 but still pleasing with good chiselling. Well boned, deep brisket and well ribbed for his age. Strong over loin and good rear assembly. 3. Clarke – Heniverous Rainbow By Tigerrock NAF.

ND (2,0)

1. Clarke – Tigerrock Im Your Man. (See Junior Dog 2.) 2. Bennett – Cerysan Crusader. Just 11 months old he has a nice head. Like his litter brother needs more time to mature but still well ribbed for his age and good rear angulation. Needs to settle more on the move to improve foot placement.

GD (3,0)

1. White – Mymmsbrook Malbec With Fiergen. 2 year old. Well balanced head and gentle expression. Good shoulder placement, deep chest and well coupled. Held top-line well when moving with drive and enthusiasm. 2. Clarke – Heniverous Rainbow By Tigerrock NAF. 21 month old dog. Lacked the maturity of class winner but nice shape to head with low set ears. Strong long neck. Nice bone. Fit and strong throughout with good rear angulation. Needs more confidence and concentration on the move to help complete the picture. 3. Hankins – Julita Rainmaker With Woodelrond.

PGD (6,0)

1. Barkley – Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath JW. 3 year old. Excellent head proportions. Strong neck and good shoulder placement. Well boned and tight feet. Strong over the loin and wide muscular hindquarters with good angulation. Moved with drive and precision however carried his tail proud with excitement. 2. Phillipson – Menstonia Meteor. Could quite easily have won this class. 3 years old with a beautiful, yet masculine head with soft expression. Strong long neck and good shoulder placement. Well balanced throughout, excellent angulation, firm top line and good set on of tail. Lost out today on movement, whilst being moved by a runner he lost concentration, looking for owner. 3. Leach – Islanza Hey Dude.

LD (5,0)

1. Cemis – Taimere’s Talk About Me. Almost 4 years old this well balanced dog was so sound in movement. Well-proportioned head with kind eye. Straight front, well boned and good spring of ribs. Short coupled and strong over the loin. Good rear angulation. Also considered for RBD. 2. Woodhams – Glynell Jiffy. 6 years old. Excellent head shape with kind expression. Compact body with good spring of ribs and strong rear. Moved with drive but front movement coming towards me couldn’t match that of the winner. 3. Yacoub – Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine JW.

OD (4,3)

1. Brown – Bowdonia Ozzie. 7 year old dog, standing alone but a very worthy winner. Well-proportioned masculine head with dark eyes giving a soft expression. Long muscular neck into well laid shoulders. Straight front, deep fore chest and good bone. Good spring of ribs and strong over loin with well-muscled hind quarters. Once settled moved with drive and demonstrated pleasing front action coming towards me. Pleased to award BD, RBIS and BOS.

SBD (4,0)

1. Yacoub – Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine JW. 4 years old. Masculine unexaggerated dog. Good head with square muzzle. Straight well boned front legs with round feet. Well ribbed and solid through loin. Moved ok but a little wide at times coming forward when given the lead. 2. Gaylor & Robertson – Heniveruce King of Brewers. 20 months old so not as mature as winner. Lovely shape to head with kind expression. Long muscular neck. Good bone and feet. Body balanced but needs to fill out. Happy mover who held his top line well. 3. Bennett – Cerysan Crusader.

GCDSD (7,0)

1. Caldwell & McDowell – Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan. (See Veteran Dog 2.) 2. Barkley – Cherryheath’s Mr Mojito. 6 years old. Compact dog, masculine head with kind eye. Good front assembly in balance with rear. Well ribbed and firm throughout. Held top line well on the move, which was steady but accurate. 3. Mymmsbrook Malbec With Fiergen.

VB (3,0)

1. Thomas – Sh Ch Bowdonia Anastasia JW. 7 years old. Good head proportions wide square muzzle and good chiselling. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front with good bone. Good spring of ribs, well coupled and strong over the loin. Excellent wide hind quarters with good angulation. Well let down hocks. Accurate animated movement, driving from behind. BVB and BVIS. 2. Thomas & Upton – Sh Ch Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM. Litter sister to winner. More feminine head and expression. Equally well made as the winner but not quite in the body condition today. 3. Caldwell – Cerysan Pocahontas.

MPB (1,0)

1. Thomas – Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious. 8 month old puppy. Such a beautiful head with melting expression. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, straight front with good bone. Deep in chest for her age. Good rear angulation. Positive movement from such a young girl, really enjoying her day. Lots of maturing yet to do but very promising. BPB and BPIS.

PB (3,1)

1. Thomas – Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious. (See Minor Puppy Bitch 1.) 2. Walton, Coffin & Patterson – Hillpark Carys Gold. 11 month old. Another promising puppy. Elegant head with kind expression. Good length of neck. Straight front and good bone. A little down on front pasterns at this stage. Good angulation throughout. Very happy and moved well when settled but not as consistent as the winner.

JB (2,0)

1. Walton, Coffin & Patterson – Hillpark Carys Gold. (See Puppy Bitch 2.). 2. Casey – Tigerrock Lit De Roses. Just a year old. Feminine head with good work under soft expressive eyes. Clean and straight front. Body needs to mature but already has strength over the loin. Lacking confidence whilst being examined but on the move she excelled and settled with her handler.

SYB (3,0)

1. Cooper – Gilstonia Snow Moon. Almost 2 years old. Typical WSS head with kind expression. Well placed shoulder and good return of upper arm. Straight front with good bone and nice round feet. Good fore chest, ribs need a little more time, firm throughout body. Good rear angulation and moved out well. Under consideration in the challenge. 2. Ferguson – Julita Raindance At Teaselwood. 20 months old. Feminine head with nice doming to the skull. Straight front although a little narrower than the winner. Good bone and feet. Body needs to mature. Hind quarters wide and strong. Also moved well. 3. Naunton – Julita Raindrop of Trenzalore.

NB (1,0)

1. Naunton – Trenzalore Oncoming Storm. 2 years old. Nice head and expression. Good front angulation and nice outline when stood. Unfortunately not sound on the move today so withdrawn from future competition for the day.

GB (1,0)

1. Cooper – Gilstonia Snow Moon. (See Special Yearling Bitch 1.)

PGB (2,1)

1. Yacoub – Laithmoor’s Alinka. 4 years old. Head of good proportion with nice dark eyes. Compact and balanced in body with good angulation, good spring of ribs and well boned. Didn’t have the presentation or condition of others here today but moved well once settled.

LB (3,1)

1. Woodward – Hinxwood Fire and Ice. 5 years old. Much to like about this bitch. Nothing overdone. Head balanced with good depth to muzzle and nice doming to skull with low set ears. Neck not as long as others but more than adequate into well laid back shoulders. Nice bone. Well rounded ribs. Short strong coupling and muscled over the loin. Well developed deep second thigh. Moved well. Under consideration for RBB. 2. Ferguson – Taihang Scherezada At Teaselwood. 4 year old. Head not as in proportion as winner but appealing eyes. Good depth of brisket and well developed ribs. Longer coupled than winner and not as accurate in movement.

OB (4,0)

1. Clarke & Sherlock – Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electric With Tigerrock JW. This 3 year old bitch stood out on entering the ring. Pretty feminine head, well chiselled with a soft expression. Neck strong and sufficiently long. Neat straight front, well boned with tidy compact feet. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs, well-muscled over the loin into firm wide and muscular hindquarters. Good angulation fore and aft showed with her powerful rear driven movement accompanied by an ever wagging tail. BB and BIS. 2. Jones – Sh Ch Julita Rumours At Trosley. Quality 5 year old bitch with lots to appreciate. Wider and deeper muzzle to 1 but still a very feminine head, good set and shape to ears. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone. Ribs well developed, slightly longer coupled than 1 but also in hard condition. Moved with enthusiasm and true coming and going. RBB. 3. Woodward – Sarabande Billie Jean At Hinxwood.

SBB (2,0)

1. Yacoub – Laithmoor’s Alinka. (See Post Graduate Bitch 1.) 2. Casey – Tigerrock Lit De Roses. (See Junior Bitch 2.)

GCDSB (1,0)

1. Barkley – Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW. 6 years old. Slightly longer in foreface but in balance with skull. Strong neck and well boned. Straight front, slightly wider than some with well developed fore chest. Strong over the loin and wide hind quarters and well developed second thigh. Moved out well.

SWD D or B (1,0)

1. Smith – Isfryn Peeping Tom JW. 4 year old dog with such great personality. A compact yet powerful dog with well-proportioned head with good shape to muzzle and clearly defined stop. Well boned front legs with nice round feet. Good spring of rib, muscular over loin and powerful rear-quarters with well-developed second thigh. Moved effortlessly covering the ground. A proper dual purpose Welsh. RBD.

SNM D or B (1,0)

1. Gaylor & Robertson – Heniveruce King of Brewers. (See Special Beginners Dog 2.)

Brace (5, 1)

A nice class to finish the judging giving us all something to smile about! 1. Mrs C Clarke & Mrs T Sherlock. Complimented each other, both with lovely expression. Similar in profile despite maturity difference. Moved out well and happy together. 2. Mrs J A & Mr S Woodhams. As with winners this pair worked well together although not quite as composed on the move. 3. Mrs A P Caldwell.