• Show Date: 25/09/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Peter Barnaby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Brittany Club Of Great Britain

Brittany Club of Great Britain – 25th September 2022.

Special Award Classes.

Class SY – Ad Astra Special Yearling (8 Entries, 1 Absent)

1st Slack - Bonapartist Snow Goose. 16 month old Orange and White Bitch. Well balanced, square and cobby in body. Excellent head proportions, dark eye with an alert expression. Well muscled over shoulder, straight in front and deep chest. Good firm topline slightly sloping, strong through loin and hindquarters. Handled very well. Moved very well with short brisk strides whilst covering ground.

2nd Cutler - Bonapartist Soldier Blue With Jayricnbrits. 16 month old Tri-colour dog. Masculine head of good proportions, wide nostrils, alert expression with good use of ears. Straight front with moderation bone and tight front feet. Deep chest and brisket. Good rear angulation. Moved well holding topline.

3rd Yarrow – Bonapartist Truffle.

Class ST – Sandy Massie Memorial Special Open BGCB TAN (6 Entries, 3 Absent)

1st Cook - Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (AI) JW. 4 year old Orange and White dog. Masculine dog of good substance, but not heavy. Excellent head proportions, wide nostrils and alert ears. Straight in front with good bone. Excellent rounded ribcage and deep brisket. Slightly sloping topline from withers to croup. Firm rear quarters, built for endurance. Moved out well but excels in profile movement.

2nd Poole - Sanbosier Naos At Laurremar. 5 year old Orange Roan dog. Good head proportions but slightly longer muzzle than 1. Deep in chest with moderate bone to front legs. Strong over loin and nice width to rear. Moved well once settled.

3rd Southorn – Rochus Ottilie (AI).

Class SO – Peter Green Memorial Special Open (11 Entries, 4 Absent)

Lovely class with several split decisions.

1st Coveney - Tillybirloch Roman. 2 year old Tri-coloured dog. Excellent head with rounded skull of good proportion and wide nostrils. Well balanced, cobby body with moderate bone. Muscular over wide shoulders. Deep in chest with good rounded ribs. Strong over loin into well muscled hind quarters. Despite giving his handler such a hard time once settled he moved well, particularly in profile.

2nd Yarrow - Sh Ch Pesh Di Val Grossa Of Bonapartist (Imp IT). 2 year old Black and White bitch. Head with pleasing 3:2 proportions although somewhat deceptive from a distance due to colour, good length of neck set well into shoulders. Good straight front, moderately boned, standing on good feet. Good spring to ribs, firm through topline and rear quarters. Moved very well with accurate brisk short strides.

3rd Cook - Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (AI) JW.