• Show Date: 05/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pauline Luxmoore-Ball Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Ely Canine Society


P 2(0)

1. Walker’s Katarna De La Bulle Rouge. Standing on good feet with nice bone and moving well in profile, head still maturing, handling would massively improve the prospect.

2. Flowerdew’s Ketwone Mascarpa. Finer head than 1 and finer boned, pretty head although not fully developed, carrying nice muscle but just felt she wasn’t as ‘typey’ as 1st, BP.

J 3(1)

1. Southward/Davide’s Superteddy at Atlanticane. Male, pleasing head and expression, good bone, croup and really nice in profile movement, BOB.

2. Strong’s Cerisier Supreme of Strongzbeaux. Just lacking the condition of 1, although nicely put together still very immature which worked against her today.  

O 4(0)

1. Bamforth’s Bellamiabam La Vie Est Belle JW. Won this class on profile movement, feminine balanced head, although just obviously had a litter so everything just needs to come back up together, but nicely constructed with good croup, RBOB.

2. Bamforth’s Bellamiabam Playboy. Male, excellent bone and in good condition, a little exuberant today, head as much as I would want it to be, I will watch how he develops with interest.

3. Van-Heerden’s Vanasuze Touch of Class.


P 2(1)

1. O’Reilly’s Fantagira Wielkopolski Bernadyn at Streillys NAF (imp). What a lovely person. Nice bone, clean head and eye, nice bend of stifle and ok in profile when not adoring the handler, BP.

J 1(0)

1. Kimberley’s Chedham Boys Are Best. Well boned, good head and feet, balanced, tail-set a little bit higher than I would like but still developing and handling would benefit and improve chances.

PG 4(1)

1. Fiddes’ Chandlimore Feather In A Cap. Very masculine but balanced, good croup and bone, would prefer tighter flews however was a little bit reluctant on the move today and that reluctance also let himself down in the challenge.

2. Drinkwater’s Stridogues All Out of Ideas. A really nice mover just preferred the head of 1.

3. Forrest’s Tombears Ready For Anything at Philandros.

O 4(0)

1. Forrest’s Ch Tombears Who Dares Wins over Philandros. Very excited to see the world, acted up a little but very nice in profile and coming and going, good bone, good condition and good construction, a really nice example of the breed and did provide a smile as the handler was getting slightly frustrated! BOB.

2. Forrest’s Mountsaviour Druesburg. 8 years and again nicely balanced, good bone and moved well in profile, just lacked the condition of 1 but it was a close call. At 8 years old I was very impressed with the condition of this exhibit, RBOB.

3. MacDonald’s Chedham Butter Wouldn’t Melt.


P 1(0)

1. Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin. 11 months, still very immature but nice and settled, not handled to best advantage but good croup and bone, chest still to develop, BP.

J 1(0)

1. Challinor’s Shanlimore Marvin.

PG 2(1)

1. Asher’s Patablanca Phoenix. Nicely balanced and very aware, pleasing head and expression with good croup, really nice movement in profile, BOB.