• Show Date: 11/06/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paulina O'Gorman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Many thanks to the Committee of Newmarket & District Canine Society for the kind invitation to judge at this well-ran show and to all Exhibitors who entered their dogs. Although postponed for 2 years in a row, it was certainly worth the wait and I felt that both, the Committee and Exhibitors, were all having a wonderful day, just what showing should be about. I would also like to thank my lovely and very experienced Steward who kept me in line and assisted with running the ring smoothly.


I was pleased with the quality of the exhibits most of whom were kept in a fantastic shape, most definitely ready to do a day’s work. As FCR are not my breed, I much appreciate the opportunity to go over some of the lovely examples of the breed I often admire from the ringside. They are without a doubt one of my favourite breeds and when judging them, you can be sure you would be welcome with a wagging tail (and an occasional lick!). Thank you to the Exhibitors for showing your beautiful dogs under me and for gracefully accepting my decisions.

JUNIOR (2, 0a)

A very nice class with two super youngsters.

1. McQuade’s GEMSWIN RIVER OF DREAMS This 10 months old sweet girl greeted me with the usual excitement a Flatcoat possesses. So very balanced and although not as mature as number 2, she was very much together which she showed on the move. Pleasing expression and a typical head for the breed, well set in neck, good shoulders, matching front and real angulation, level topline with a correct tailset. Not overdone in any way, just balanced. Moved so well around the ring. BP

2. Holliday’s SHASHKROX DREAM CATCHER Another lovely young lady with similar remarks as 1st although at 16 months old appeared more mature in body. Another feminine head with an intelligent expression, balanced in body and although more ‘filled up’ than the 1st, she didn’t move quite so well today, and I though didn’t present the usual enthusiasm typical for this breed. I was later told it was her first show and she was handled by someone she’s not familiar with, which explains a lot. With practice, I am sure she will shine bright in the ring.


1. Beeson’s ESINED DOUBLE DELIGHT This 2 year old girl was presented in super shape and she moved so well. Good head and well set on neck, level topline with a correct tail carriage. Straight front, good front and rear angulation, good feet.

2. Reynolds’ GEMSWIN LET’S DANCE SGWC Liver bitch with a lovely head and expression, another one with straight legs, good feet and matching angulation. Moved well, however her tail carriage was not as good as number 1.

OPEN (3, 0a)

1. Phipps-Baker & Baker’s NEVER SAY NEVER OASIS OF PEACE (ATC AW01900CZE) Wow, what a stunner! One of those proverbial “take your breath away” dogs, the moment they enter the ring. She most certainly did! This 3 year old girl is just how I imagine a Flatcoat : confident, happy, friendly possessing the most enthusiastic tail action. Super condition and coat, she has a feminine, nicely moulded head with a kindly expression. Well set into shoulders neck beautifully flowing into the topline and well set on tail. Her outline gently flows and to me this bitch presents absolute balance. She is not overdone in any way and oh, so eye pleasing. She also certainly delivers on the move as she floats around the ring effortlessly. This girl is so at one with her handler, so willing to please and what a super duo they are, a true pleasure to watch. Not surprisingly this lovely girl won a group and later on Reserve Best In Show. Congratulations! I am sure she has a very bright future in front of her.

2. Reynolds’ TELURN CAN’T TOUCH THIS SGWC A 5 year old dog in a super condition, however today very unfortunate to meet the winner. Masculine and typical head set on clean neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Short coupled and balanced throughout, with straight legs, good front and rear angulation. Very enthusiastic boy showing off his outgoing personality. He moved effortlessly with drive from behind, so focused on his handler. I can only imagine he must be as enthusiastic when picking up. RBOB