• Show Date: 30/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paulette D'Arcy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Of England Pomeranian Club

Sunday 30th January 2022 

Breed Specialist Judge - Mrs Paulette D’Arcy (Paavali)

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be invited to judge The South of England Pomeranian Club Show. Thank you to the committee and exhibitors for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to evaluate and have an insight as to where our wonderful breed is currently. 

I found movement to be better than when I last judged. Teeth were cleaner and dentition better. Fontanels were mostly closed, coats were correct and well presented, however a round eye and foxy heads (not expression) had increased. 

The Special beginner’s class had the largest entry today. Maybe to support these new exhibitors interest a special beginners award could be presented at future shows? 

Our dogs are a part of our family first and it was lovely to see so many exhibitors having a wonderful and productive bond with their charges.  

I found gems where I didn’t expect to and was very pleased with my winners. 

Best In Show – Pomhaven’s Pretty As You Please At Klassna 
Reserve Best In Show – PetitPom Legend Of Love JW  
Best Puppy In Show – Altina’s Henry Higgins 
Reserve Best Puppy In Show – Altina’s Pandora 
Best Veteran In Show – Ch Misteria Del Esto Orion At Altina (Imp) 
Best Special Beginner In Show - Neon From Monellas Dream For Kazariastar  

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3-0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s - Ch Misteriya Del Esto Orion at Altina (Imp), A 9-year-old, clear orange, perfectly sized entire dog in great condition for age. His expression is beautiful with that dark oval eye, perfect pigment, small neat and perfectly erect ears, a nice length of muzzle, short loin lovely straight front and precise movement. BVIS 

2nd Mrs S Smith’s - Ch Taa Palatis Under a Glass Moon at Sueacres (Imp Nor), An 8-year-old feminine white bitch who was in glorious coat, beautiful dark pigment, such a pleasing expression, Small and nicely set ears, good barrel of rib, slightly longer in loin than 1 but overall another cracking veteran. 

3rd Miss H L Lambert’s - Jillapom Talula with Pomstar 

Minor Puppy Dog (2-0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s - Altina’s Henry Higgins, A nicely sized compact 6-month-old, entire, clear orange puppy in coat change. Perfect mouth, really dark pigment, small oval eye, nice stop giving a lovey expression. Small neat ears placed high, closed fontanel. I loved his body, good lay of shoulder, nice barrel of rib, up on toe, short loin, fabulous tail set and perfectly straight tail carried right over his back and already touching his neck. Nicely angulated front and back and he moves as well as he’s made. One I’ll be watching. Best Puppy In Show 

2nd Mrs S Smith’s - Sueacres Kiss Of Love, A nice 6 month old orange sable entire puppy who was more mature in coat than 1 but not in body. A nicely sized boy, lovely eye and neat ears, good pigmant, closed fontanel, fabulous high set tail, great attitude and at one with his handler.  

Puppy Dog (4-1) 

1st Mrs K Grove’s - Neon From Monellas Dream For Kazariastar, An 11 month old clear cream dog in good coat on the lower end of our size scale but within it. The dark pigment, oval eye and small ears makes him very pretty. Closed fontanel, good mouth, fine bone, nice angulation front and rear, very short in loin moved true when he wasn’t looking at his handler. Best Special Beginner In Show 

2nd Mrs L Ellen’s - Klassna Man Of Mystery, an 8 month old, rich dark clear orange boy in profuse and correct coat for age, on the upper end of our weight scale but again within it. Nice expression, neat ears, short neck, good layback of shoulder, well ribbed, short loin, fabulous profuse tail carried over his back. A little nervous today 

3rd Ms V Palmer’s - Strawberynes Royal Rocky 

Junior Dog (4-1) 

1st Mrs J & Mrs A Pike & Carter’s - Reta’s Sex In Flames At Breezelyn A stunning 14 month old black boy not in his best coat today due to a junior moult, but what a lovely boy he his. Small, vivacious, sweet and full of himself. Stood four square naturally. A beautiful head and expression, black pigment all round, lovely stop, correct oval eye & ear placement shape and size. Super short body and loin, nice tail set and carried flat on his back. Moved well, just a little keen. Sadly, I had nothing to award him, out of puppy and for me just not quite mature enough for top honours yet but one I expect will go all the way. 

2nd Mrs M & Mrs T Wilcox & Selwood ‘s - Tracboaz Calm Before Storm, 8 months old, another lovely black, bigger all around than one but still a nicely sized boy. Perfect pigment, slightly longer in muzzle, nice oval eye, high set neat ears, short neck, good rib, nice angulation, good straight tail and plume carried over his back. A little uneasy on the move today. 

3rd Mr C & Misses M & M Hills - Sharhazlah Luvs A Dare Devil 

Novice Dog (3-1) 

1st Mrs J & Mrs A Pike & Carter - Breezelyn Time To Shine, nearly 2 years old orange sable in good correct coat, I liked his size, a really lovely eye, very small neat ears set high, a nice stop, black pigment, good mouth, masculine expression. Short coupled, moved well. A lot to like. 

2nd Mrs C D Holman’s - Mitchfeilds Crème Brulee At Altina, 8 month old cream in good coat, nicely sized, more masculine in expression than one. Nice body, good barrel of rib, short loin, just didn’t like the floor today so didn’t show himself to advantage. 

Post Graduate Dog (5-1) 

1st Mrs A J Bailey’s - Craigivar Samuel Pepys, 4 years old dark orange boy. I really liked this dog, very pretty with a gorgeous oval eye, dark pigment, nice stop, small neat high set erect ears, a good mouth, I loved his expression. A nice compact body, well ribbed up, short loin, correct angulation which resulted in good movement and a profusely coated perfectly straight tail that was carried flat over his back.  

2nd Miss A Walkey’s - Bonniebears Touch Of Magic, 21 months, a beautiful wolf sable nicely sized boy. Nice expression, dark pigment, lovely stop, nice eye, short coupled, lovely high tail set and tail that’s carried flat over his back. Just a shame he met 1 today. 

3rd Mrs L Johnson’s - Amardica Legend Of Magic At Startori 

Limit Dog (5-1) 

1st Mr C & Misses M & M Hills - Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil 2.5 years old, A stunning clear orange nicely sized boy with perfect pigment, lovely expression, nice stop, good mouth, closed fontanel, high ear set. Good body, short coupled, nice front, correct angulation and lovely true movement. Nice tail set which is profusely coated and when stood gives him a lovely shape finishing the picture. There is nothing not to like. Reserve Best Dog. 

2nd Mrs T K Berrington’s - Izumrundy Svet Vegas At Altina (Imp Rus) JCH JRKF, Another clear orange in rich, profuse and perfect coat at 2.5 years old. Nice stop, good pigment, short coupled, kept a lovely shape on the move and looked lovely when standing with a profuse tail laid on his back. Handled well. 

3rd Mrs J & Mrs A Pike & Carter’s - Breezelyn Ginvincible 

Open Dog (1-0) 

1st Mrs J & Mrs A Pike & Carter - Breezelyn Latin Gigolo, 3.5 years old orange shaded sable in profuse coat which was presented beautifully. Nice pigment, good mouth, Lovely oval eye, nice stop, nice ear and tail set. Short neck, good body, moved well and shown to advantage, shame he stood alone.  

Minor Puppy Bitch (3-0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s - Altina’s Pandora, a 6 month old cream which changing coats. I loved her expression, very pretty, fabulous pigment, nice length of muzzle, lovely small oval eye, good stop and ear placement, she’s very feminine. I loved her compact body, nice rib, straight front, good lay of shoulder, short loin, super high tail set making a perfect picture on the move and when stood. She’s lovely and one to watch. Apparently, she is litter brother to my BPIS, Reserve Best Puppy in show 

2nd Ms C & Ms L Simmons - Sueacres Legend Of The Fall for Petitpom NAF, 6 months old, I did love this girl too, just a shame she met 1. A lovely nicely sized orange sable in perfect coat, especially for age, which was presented beautifully. A nice expression with oval eye, good pigment, nice stop, closed fontanel, nice small erect neat ears. A short coupled girl with a compact body, straight front good angulation both front and rear and true movement. Quite different to 1 but I’d be excited to own either of these girls. 

3rd Mrs L Johnson’s - Startori River Of Phoenix 

Puppy Bitch (4-1) 

1st Ms C & Ms L Simmons - Sueacres Legend Of The Fall for Petitpom NAF - As MPB 2 

2nd Miss S Maclaine’s - Pennygown Atomic Kitten, a lovely orange sable dual purpose bitch in fabulous coat for her 9 months of age. Nice but masculine expression, good oval eye, dark pigment, longer coupled than 1, fabulous plume and straight tail laid flat over her back made a beautiful picture. Very energetic and attentive to handler.  

3rd Mrs L Johnson’s - Startori River Of Pheonix 

Junior Bitch (6-2) 

1st Mrs C & Miss E & Miss A Moores - Klassna Tell Me More with Chibaya, clear orange of 16 months old. In typical junior moult for her age. Nice oval eye, pigment ok, nicely short coupled, with straight front and good rear angulation. She moved beautifully. Her young handler was very attentive and certainly handled her to advantage which was a joy to watch.  

2nd Mrs J Knott’s - Malygic Dancing With Fire, a very happy black dual purpose girl of 16 months. A more masculine head that 1, fabulous pigment, nice stop, longer muzzle, small erect neat ears, slightly longer in body and loin than 1, made her handler work for her placing, but what a fun team. 

3rd Auberge Khalasse 

Novice Bitch (3-2) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s - Altina’s Pandora, as MPB 1 

Post Graduate Bitch (5-2) 

1st Ms C Simmons - Petitpom Sunrise, a rich orange sable bitch of 2.5 years in profuse coat of correct harsh texture and a fabulous straight tail that lays flat on her back. Masculine expression, with good pigment, nice oval eye, closed fontanel, good mouth. She appears longer in body than she is. Compact body, short back, short loin and lovely angulation makes her a picture at stand and when on the move. She moves true and with buoyancy. 

2nd Mrs J Knott’s - Altina’s Costa Pretty Penny, another good quality girl of 2.5 years, rich orange sable, nicely sized, in good coat with straight and profusely coated tail which was carried correctly over her back. Slightly sweeter expression than 1, good mouth, nice eye and good pigment and ear set, closed fontanel, nice short neck and compact body. I really was splitting hairs between 1 & 2. 

3rd Miss A Walkey’s - Bonniebears Matchstick 

Limit Bitch (3-0) 

1st Miss Symonds - Pomhaven’s Pretty As U Please at Klassna (imp Can), A simply stunning rich orange, profusely coated 2.5 year old bitch. Coat of correct texture, perfectly presented with a high set tail that lays flat on her back with that full plume of coat covering it. Lovely pigment, masculine expression, oval eye, nicely sized erect ears. A fabulous barrel of rib, straight front good layback of shoulder, a short coupled compact girl who moves like a dream. Expertly handled and certainly to advantage. I’d love to own her. My Best Bitch and Best In Show.   

2nd Mrs M & Mrs T Wilcox & Selwood’s Solar Smile Love Is A Battlefield at Tracdal Boazpoms (Imp Rus), a 5 year old orange sable girl who’s returning after having puppies, so not in perfect coat today but it was correct in texture and was coming through nicely. Very masculine in head but such a lovely body. Very compact, nice lay of shoulder and straight front, short loin and good angulation behind. Moved well. 

3rd Miss S Maclaine’s - Altina Lets Dance to Pennygown 

Open Bitch (5-0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s - Altina’s Costa Minta, A quality bitch of 3.5 years. Nice rich orange coat which was profuse and correct. Very feminine head, good mouth, pigment and stop, lovely oval eye and neat erect ears. Lovely front, layback of shoulder and rear angulation behind a short loin and compact body. A lovely high tail set and full plume completed the picture. Reserve Best Bitch 

2nd Miss E Moores - Bilijees Wishing On A star with Klassna, another quality bitch of 2 years old, a clear orange girl in good and correct coat, with a lovely high set tail laid over her back making a lovely picture. More masculine head than 1 but with good pigment, nice stop and erect ears. Her straight front, good lay of shoulder, nice spring of rib, short back and lovely angulation both in front and behind gives her super movement. My notes say “handled to perfection”. 

3rd Mrs J Knott’s - Ch Snowvilla Moonlight Magic JW 

Special Open (Orange) Dog OR Bitch (1-0) 

1st Mr C & Misses M & M Hills - Sharhazlah’s Suave devil - As LD 1 

Special Open Orange (Sable) Dog OR Bitch (4-0) 

1st Ms C & Ms L Simmons - Petitpom Legend Of Love JW, A really lovely, entire, orange sable boy of 3.5 years. Profuse coat which was correct and perfectly presented. Nice expression, not too masculine, good pigment, good stop, beautiful oval eye, good mouth, neat small ears. I loved his short coupled compact body, with good barrel of rib, nice angulation, straight front and good movement. High set tail and good plume just finish the picture. A really lovely boy and my Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show. 

2nd Mrs J & Mrs A Pike & Carter’s - Pom De Cachemir Fluorescent Adolescent At Breezelyn (Imp), a rich orange sable entire dog in full coat. Nice expression with good pigment, nice length of muzzle. Erect ears placed high, short neck, nice straight front, short in back and loin, good angulation behind and his movement is his virtue. 

3rd Mrs L Johnson’s - Amardica Legend Of Magic At Startori 

Special Open (Black OR Cream) Dog OR Bitch (3-2) 

1st Mr C & Misses M & M Hills - Sharhazlah’s Son Of A Devil, black 2 year old entire dog in full and correct coat. Sweet expression with nice eye, perfect pigment, nice length of muzzle and small ears.Fine boned, nice sized boy with a good body and very happy attitude. 

Special Open Any Other Colour Dog OR Bitch (1-1) 

Special Beginners Dog OR Bitch (9-0) 

1st Mrs K Grove’s - Neon From Monellas Dream For Kazariastar - As MPD 1 

2nd Mrs C & Miss E & Miss A Moores - Klassna Tell Me More With Chibaya - As JB 1 

3rd Mrs M & Mrs T Wilcox & Selwood‘s - Solar Smile Love Is A Battlefield At Tracdal Boazpoms (Imp Rus) 

Paulette D’Arcy - Paavali