• Show Date: 06/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paula Steele Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Canine Society

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Canine Society – Open Show – Sunday 6th March 2022.

Heartfelt thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge and providing me with such a helpful and pleasant steward on the day. It was a real privilege for me, and I would like to thank all exhibitors for providing me with such a lovely quality entry and their good grace on the day.


Graduate: (1:1)

1. Butters & Theobald’s Evalux Druid of Breskar (IMP ITA), compact, sound and moved well, balanced stacked and moving and had lovely correct tight and firm feet. BOB.

Open: (1:1)

1. Pocklington-Hall’s Macall Bushman, smart mature veteran male, nice head, keen and alert as a beagle should be, good hard condition for his age. Moved soundly. Just lost out to youth on the day.

Basset Fauve De Bretagne

 Open: (1:1)

1. Pocklington-Hall’s Merlin Do Casal Dos Choupos (IMP POR), lovely expression. Good front, deep chest, and balanced hindquarters. Shown in good coat and condition. BOB.


Open: (2:1)

1. Kanoo’s Nibrass Queen Ethelflaeda, lovely w/br, pretty head with dark eye and veining, good front, and plenty of fill, she moved really soundly with light free stride in profile. BOB.

Dachshund M/S

Post Graduate (1:0)

Dachshund M/L PG (0 entries)

Dachshund M/L Open (0 entries)

Dachshund S/H Open (0 entries)


Open: (1:0)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Open: (5:2) This was a lovely class of RR.

1. Mackfall’s Hespa Masseto of Africaner, Balanced, strong, and muscular dog with a masculine head, strong neck. Compact, well-arched toes. Clean over the shoulders, strength in loin, stacks well and moves surprisingly well for a larger breed in a small ring on the day. BPIB. BOB. Hound Group 4. Puppy Group 2.

2. Hall’s Msingi All About Me Of Cynami JW, lovely overall balance and true to type. Appealing head and expression, good length of neck with well sloped shoulders. Well-made hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Moved well. I preferred the feet on the class winner on the day.


Open: (4:1)

1. Glaister’s Impala Zia Dexter The Gambler, a lovely breed example of grace and strength, and caught my eye. Lovely expression and head correct long and narrow, with skull moderately wide. Shoulders sloping and set well back, chest deep and narrow. Lovely outline and breed typical light flowing movement. Best of Breed. Hound Group 2.

2. Peirson’s Classicus Omarion, another beautiful example of the breed in this class. He has a beautiful head & expression. Excellent hindquarters. But I just preferred the front on the class winner on the day.


Junior: (5:1)

1. Dillon & Bailey’s, Collooney Eat My Shorts At Runforest, This boy is eye catching and impressive when stacked. He has a masculine and lean head, powerful jaw, and fine small ears. Long and muscular neck with a deep brisket. He is well balanced with a lovely tail set and carriage. Moves with a graceful long easy stride. He was handled beautifully to maximum effect. BOB, BPIB, Hound group 1, Hound Puppy Group 1 and RBPIS. What a career this boy should have!

2. Mr & Mrs & Miss ADG, Collooney Was Meant To Be, another one to catch the eye. Lovely outline and balance. However, dog and handler were not as composed as the class winner. Many of the same qualities as to the class winner but just needs some time to harmonise with his handler. I am sure a bright future ahead for them both. First and second place are litter mates, and it was easy to see in overall type.

Post Graduate: (4:1)

1. Glaholm’s, Gazenorth Tean, Fawn with white trim. lovely bitch, good neck into a super front and sound on the move. Well balanced throughout, lovely topline and a super coat and skin.

2. Parkes & McKay’s, Crosscop Born To Move For Jubrancy, lovely male who was balanced and had a lovey masculine expression, balanced, and moved well. Lovely oval feet, which were well knuckled. I just prefeed the front on the class winner today.

Open: (3:1)

1. Glaholm’s, Gazenorth Secret Identity, lovely type, fawn bitch, really feminine. Good head and neck with lovely shoulders. Good depth of chest and well angulated rear. Sound on the move.

2. Parkes & Johnston’s, Danluke Death By Chocolate JW, Masculine Red fawn male, nice head, and expression. Long neck deep brisket with good body & well-muscled quarters. Moved well. I preferred the forequarters on the class winner on the day.


Puppy: (2,2)

Open: (6:0)

What a super class of hounds to judge!

1. Ord & Ainsley’s Cloudside Sebastian Of Marnadee (Dachshund (Wire Haired)), lively and smart male when stacked, good head, ridges over eyes strongly prominent, scissor bite, almond shaped dark eye, good length of neck, prominent breastbone, balanced angulation front and rear, sufficient ground clearance, lovely topline and coat. Sound movement once he settled, but he did make his handler work today. Best AVNSC and Hound Group 3.

2. Mr & Mrs & Miss ADG’s, Neptune De Koulangar At Sulahmara JW (IMP FR) (Afghan Hound), well balanced with head held proudly, neck long and strong. Well angulated shoulder with good length of upper arm. Back level and nicely angulated rear showing good length from hip to hock. Ring to tail. Smooth and springy movement as is correct for this breed.


Open (0 ENTRIES)

AV Hound Puppy (6:4)

1. Mr & Mrs & Miss A D G, Collooney Meant To Be (Whippet), came together for this class and was a still showing his lovely balance and power.

2. Taylor’s, Starceylon Move Along, (Whippet), feminine and graceful black girl with white markings. A little smaller than her class campions today, but at only 8 months she has plenty of time to mature. Well handled and a delight to go over on the table.

AV Hound Post Graduate (4:3)

1. Ord & Ainsley’s Cloudside Sebastian Of Marnadee (Dachshund (Wire Haired)), stood alone in this class but a worthy class winner.

AV Hound Open (8:0)

A lovely class of Hounds to judge on the day, I really enjoyed this class.

1. Ord & Ainsley’s Cloudside Sebastian Of Marnadee (Dachshund (Wire Haired)), showing himself to maximum effect and so I was pleased to award him first in this strong class.

2. Mr & Mrs & Miss ADG’s, Neptune De Koulangar At Sulahmara JW (IMP FR) (Afghan Hound), as these two had met before in a previous class the placing were the same. Still an impressive Hound on the move and a pleasure to watch.


AV Hound Veteran (3:0)

1. Hall’s, Kenquince Pisonia Of Cynami SHCM (Rhodesian Ridgeback), lovely overall balance, masculine head, correct eye colour and shape to harmonise with coat colour, strong long neck, lovely deep chest, well-muscled and he moved around the ring with ease.

2. Pocklington-Hall’s Macall Bushman, mature veteran male, keen and alert as a beagle should be, good hard condition for his age. Moved soundly.

Judge Paula Steele (Akmar)