• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: PAUL HILL Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheltenham & District Canine Society


Post Graduate D or B

Two entered 1 Absent

1st Silvento Orpheus For Shantih imp UKR RBOB

22 month old dog hailing from strong kennel in the Ukraine this dog was very green and has a lot to learn but with all these lines when he matures in brain and body he will be a strong contender for awards. Being of light construction and long limbed he made for a good square outline when he stood still. Excellent scissor bite with trade mark thin taut lips. Nice shaped erect ears not being overly long. He is of the darker variety with a good textured coat.

Open D or B

Four entered two absent

1st Kinabula's Marocchino at Shantih BOB

This 4 year old dog caught my eye from the minute he entered the ring today showing a positive attitude and ticking many of the breed standard boxes. Moved well for his handler covering the ground with ease. Excellent scissor bite with full compliment of teeth. Ears were of good triangular shape coming to a narrow tip. Eyes were correct and blended well with his coat .Square in outline and well covered in good textured coat. Well built individual but with time will become more light in construction. BOB

2nd Kinabula Forlane of Kushka

7 year old veteran these days who still gives his all for his handler/ owner. Moves and covers the ground well with confidence. A set of teeth with perfect and clean scissor bite. Being of light construction for todays show with the square outline but strong. Ears were nice shape but could be a little more erect for me a good solid showing today.