• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Retford Canine Society

RETFORD CANINE SOCIETY-Premier Open Show, 20th March 2022.

Thank you to Jacquie Tune and her hard-working committee for an enjoyable day at Retford Canine Society. This was a well- attended Premier Open show buzzing with atmosphere.

BIS was Willy’s Akita Jeamaras Special Delivery for Sensha (Imp Nor)-this was one of the first dogs that I judged on the day as I judged the breed. When I awarded him BOB I thought that he was a good one and I was pleased that the group judge felt so too. Still young and developing well. Masculine but not course, good proportions, looked good in profile and moved soundly up and back. Had a certain style and continued to take my eye in the BIS competition to take a well-deserved BIS.

Res BIS was Allen, Bruggenberg-Rothschild and Denman’s Australian Shepherd Allmark Fancy Some Fendi-ultrafeminine, ultra showy and very sound. Another youngster that took my eye throughout the BIS competition. Had some star quality and was beautifully presented and handled to get the best out of her. Pressed hard for BIS.

BIS 3-Robinson’s Dobermann Korifey Ivan- this very stylish Doberman thoroughly deserved his place here. Very masculine, beautiful body weight and correct bone. He powered up and back.

BIS 4- Kimber’s SBT Kimstaff’s Harry Potter-difficult to believe the age of this Staffordshire. In hard condition, looked at me right and was sound up and back. Good proportions. Went onto better things as he won a thoroughly deserved best veteran in show.

BPIS-Craven and Rowbottom’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Hespa Ornellaia- I thought this Ridgeback was very promising. Showed really well at 11 months of age. Plenty of bone and substance and yet still retained her femininity. Sound moving and a quality girl.

Res BPIS-Irvings Pembroke Welsh Corgi- Twinan Hand In The Cookie Jar-what a promising Pembroke. At 10 months is developing very well. Very feminine, good mover, super proportions and handled and presented to a very high standard.

BPIS 3-Page and Concannon’s Great Dane Novavida Purple Calla Lilly-an eyecatching Dane with a good outline.

BPIS 4-Hodgkinson and Fredrikson-Sinkovic’s Spanish Water Dog Zorrazo Quest for Success-this one pushed hard all the way. Another good mover and well constructed.

BVIS-SBT Kimstaff’s Harry Potter- was BIS 4 and reported on him above.

Res BVIS-Hughes’s Siberian Husky Ch Jacalous Keepsake for Siberiadrift—this one put in an excellent performance at the end of a long day. Decent outline and sound up and back.

BVIS 3-Paskin’s Long Haired Dachshund Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace-I was not surprised to see that this one carries her title. Super outline, in fabulous condition for her age and still driving from the rear. Very nice

BVIS 4-Fenton’s Tibetan Terrier Int/Lux/Bel Ch Layoli Hot N’Smokin-completed a good line-up. Nice size and good coat.


Junior-2 entries, 1 absent

1st and BOB-Willy’s Jeamaras Special Delivery for Senska (Imp Nor) -I have reported on this lovely boy above as he was BOB and then ultimately my BIS.

Post Grad-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Simpson’s Casakura Joseph Parker with Rominjay-decent coat and willing showman. Could do with a stronger rear.

Open-3 entries, 2 absent

1st Simpson’s Snowbeach She’s All That to Rominjay-feminine with a decent outline. Lovely tail carriage. A touch narrow behind.


Open-4 entries 2 absent

1st Harris’s Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town for Watchkees -eye-catching boy, coming into a good coat. Lovely feet and a very willing showman. BOB.

2nd Fitches’ Samoykees Harbour Lights


Junior-3 entries 1 absent

1st Watson and Kenna’s Cynetkoy Winter Romance-feminine girl, good proportions, decent head. Tail just a touch low. BOB.

2nd Lewis’s Soletrader Special Effect

Post grad-1 entry

1st Watson and Kenna’s Alonzo Grande Cuore Mit Cynetkoy (imp Russia)- 3 year old, decent coat and body. Masculine expression. Not the presence of the junior.


AV Puppy

46 entries, 39 absent

1st Brothwell’s Cocker Wissant Dear Darlin-lovely Cocker in super condition. Good expression and moved very well. Very promising

 2nd Gooch’s Pomeranian Paavalis Paddington at Cassibawn

AV Junior-32 entries, 24 absent

1st Schoneville’s GSP Balvenie Eye Candy-flashy dog who won the class on very sound movement and a lovely outline.

2nd-Eldred’s Wire-Haired Dachshund Derdledash Naughty Neptune

AV Post Grad-43 entries, 28 absent

1st Hutley’s Shih Tzu Baccibo Truly Madley Deeply-very sound boy who was well constructed. Typical headpiece.

2nd Schoneville’s Balvenie Eye Candy

AV Open 21 entries 13 absent

1st Brothwell and Bayliss’s Cocker Wilanorah Ticket To the Moon- another lovely Cocker.

Lovely temperament, good outline, well presented and moved very soundly.

2nd Cross’s Long-Haired Dachshund Ch Logetta Trouble in Texas

Paul Eardley