• Show Date: 19/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Wight Gundog Club


March 19, 2022.

The Isle of Wight Gundog Club were able to hold their first open show for three years at the Medina Leisure Centre, Newport. It is such a shame that in that weekend there were five shows within the south east for exhibitors to choose from. Gone seem to be the days when clubs objected to other clubs holding their own shows within striking distance. For a small club like this one, it is so difficult to compete against some of the larger clubs on the mainland. On saying that, the exhibitors who came along, hopefully enjoyed their day as much as I did. The quality was high with some lovely dogs going unrewarded in the final line-up.

Best in show went to the Flatcoated Retriever dog, Bochilbaley Blue Moon, ably handled in a very strong line-up, he was put down in such excellent coat & condition, in profile movement he certainly looked the part, good neck & shoulders and a good hindquarters, lovely bone & well set tail. RBIS, Fleurfield Moonflower with Clamerkin, again excellent and sympathetic handling by another young lady, this o/w feminine bitch was balanced & moved well to beat the rest, put down in lovely condition with a very feminine head & expression, she is quality & showed well. BIS3 went to the young black Cocker bitch, Wightroche The Bee, again put down in excellent coat & condition, such a feminine head & expression, holding a good topline set up & moving with a well set & carried tail. BIS4 another young WSS bitch, Nyliram Twist And Shout wit Barhi, one I have noticed before & I was pleased to be able to go over her, she is everything I wanted in a WSS, again a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, moved well.

BPIS went to the 10 month old GSP dog, Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle, a promising dog who is balanced & just right for size, head needs to finish but has so much going for him including a good coat & lovely hindquarters. RBPIS, Goldbirch Hearts Desire, this young English Setter bitch is set for a good future, very close up & again in excellent coat & condition, was still showing her heart out at the end of a long day. BPIS3 Rochinru Spring’s Grace, this 11 months old Golden Retriever bitch needs time to finish but she had enough coat which was well presented, pretty head & a good neck & shoulders. BPIS4 Bochilbarley Goblet Of Fire, absolute baby Flatcoat dog who is the son of BIS and showing much promise. Obviously not all four legs going in the same direction yet but when he settles, he should have a lot of fun.

AV GUNDOG – P (4,3a) 1 Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire, can win in any company for she is quality. RBPIS. J (2,1) 1 King’s Linthwaite Arabella, pretty yellow, well developed for age, very balanced & moved with purpose, in good coat, showed well. V (7-9) (9,2) 1 Blackley & Salero’s Wightroche Hugh Dunnit, Cocker dog who was so sound & typy, sound mover, in good coat who won a good class on his condition & showmanship. RBVIS; 2 Greenway’s Ferndel Scarlet, lovely moving WSS bitch, excellent for age, in enough coat which was well presented, good head & expression; 3 Drake’s Clamerkin Bohemian Queen, Pointer. V (10 Years) 1 Drake’s Ansona Queen Of Heart at Clamerkin, b/w Pointer bitch of over 10 years & not showing her age, enjoying her day in the ring, in lovely condition & moving so well with ease & purpose. BVIS; 2 Rorke’s Zakhan On The Grid, Irish Setter dog who wasn’t so happy on the floor but he is balanced & has a lovely topline & tailset, in good coat; 3 Turner’s Turcel Starship Enterprise, Labrador. Stakes – Members Open (13,6) 1 W The Bee, black Cocker who went BIS3; 2 Shipton’s Broomeece Fire Cracker over Mishules, Field Spaniel dog, this black has a large masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, enough coat & moved well; 3 Gallin’s Anguskye Tomorrows Dawn of Wighwind, Golden Retriever. P (4,3) 1 B Goblet Of Fire. O (14,7) 1 B Fire Cracker over M; 2 Gallin’s Tonara Annie Oakley of Wightwind, melting expression on this pretty Golden Retriever bitch, in lovely coat & condition, good topline & a well set & carried tail, very feminine in outlook & moved well too; 3 Miller & Millichamp’s Foxriever Solent Sensation at Wightcurls. BBE (13,6) 1 G Hearts Desire; 2 Whiting & Cops’ Locksheath Black Ice, very masculine & mature Gordon Setter, this lovely dog moved well on well boned legs & feet, good neck & enough shoulders, well coated; 3 King’s Linthwaite Theodore. B (2,1) 1 Brown’s Tillybirloch Rosa, young tri Brittany bitch who was in lovely coat & condition, when she settled & moved passed the first corner, she stopped pacing & settled well, lovely type, size & shape. J (2,1) 1 L Arabella. Y (3,1) 1 L Theodore, yellow boy who was very unsettled on the day, very mature for age, in good coat with a nice masculine head & expression, needs to firm up in hindquarters to settle better on the move. G (2,1) 1 A Tomorows Dawn of W, Golden Retriever bitch, alone but should do well for she is a lovely type with a melting expression & a feminine head, in good coat & condition. L (6,5) 1 L Black Ice. OD (3,1) 1 L Black Ice; 2 F Solent Sensation at Wightcurls, liver Curleycoated Retriever dog, very mature with presence, well boned with good feet & well made all through, masculine head & expression, moved well. OB (5,3) 1 T Annie Oakley of W; 2 Whiting’s Locksheath Princess Tiana, mature Gordon Setter bitch with lots to like, feminine head & expression, good neck & topline & a well set tail, moved OK. Brace (5,3) 1 Rees’ well match Labradors who moved & showed well together; 2 Gallin’s good Golden Retrievers again a nice pair who showed well.