• Show Date: 20/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mike Lewin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cleveland Dog Society

Cleveland Dog Show Soc 20.2.22

I would like to thank the Society for their kind invitation to judge at this well organized and friendly show and to thank the efficient steward who kept the ring running smoothly. Movement of the larger gundogs was hampered by the size of the ring is some instances, that being said it is always possible to assess muscle tone when going over the exhibits.

Golden Retriever – P 1 & BP, Clarkson’s Drumkilty Venetian Glass, pretty, balanced 8mth old cream bitch in good coat. Appealing head with kind expression, well put together all through without any exaggeration and with excellent pigmentation; 2 Williams’ Auristela Lucky Lady at Lamhryn, pale gold and from a smaller mould than 1, feminine head with well set ears and strong neck into correctly placed shoulders. Stood fore square and was sympathetically handled. Would prefer stronger pigmentation; 3 Martin’s Garline Love So deep. PG 1 Martin’s Love So Deep, 2 yr old pale gold bitch with kindly expression and balanced head. Good depth of body and adequate angles fore and aft. Would prefer darker pigmentation. O 1 & BOB, Clarkson’s Glitter’s Rainbow over Drumkilty, 3 year old powerful looking cream bitch with feminine head, kind eye of the correct shape and colour. Excelling in front construction and short coupled with quality bone and tight feet. I see she is the mother of the BP.

Labrador – G 1 BP & BOB, Roberts’ Stormrose Coco Chanel, I was really taken by this 9 mth old dark chocolate puppy. Pleasing head with intelligent expression, strong neck into well placed shoulders and correct rear angles with short hocks, well padded feet and quality bone. Her tail never stopped wagging. PG1; 2 Roberts’ Stormrose Simply Heaven, black sister to 1 and similar comments apply I just preferred the head of 1; 3 Lintern’s Northern Joy Serendipity.

Cocker Spaniel – G 1 Terry’s Shaggylands Jessica Jay Blue Roan, beautiful head with correctly coloured eyes and expression. Beautifully put together with strong compact body and well set tail. Sound moving and in full coat; 2 & BP, Burton’s Dreamist Glitter Rock, 11mth old blue roan bitch, pleasing head with dark eyes. Neck of good length into well placed shoulders, compact body with correct rear angles and well set tail. Lacked the maturity of 1 as you would expect at this age; 3 Palmer’s Cassom Sun Dreaming over Colmeir. PG 1 BOB & G1, Terry’s Shaggylands Desparate Dan, blue roan, litter brother to the winner of the previous class and similar comments apply, masculine head without any coarseness, he is really typey and moves with drive on lovely tight feet; 2 Rainey’s Kalispell Villanette, pretty blue roan bitch, typical in head and outline without any exaggeration in full coat in with quality bone. She wasn’t as happy on the move as 1 today.

English Springer Spaniel – G 1 Calvert’s Calvdale Pure Theatre; 2 Calvert’s Calvdale Ever Thus, siblings with much to like. Appealing heads with correctly set ear and good length of neck into soundly made bodies. Beautifully presented with quality bone and tight feet. The bitch moved more typically than the dog. O 1 BOB & G3, Calvert’s Calvdale Scaramouch Jones, literally just out of puppy. Masculine head and good length of neck. Well put together and sound moving dog with some maturity and plenty of furnishings; 2 C Pure Theatre.

 German Shorthaired Pointer – O 1 BP & BOB, Scott’s Cushatlaw Amadeus at Essenpoint; 2 Cox’s Cushatlaw Athena, 9 mth old siblings with little between them. Both are typical in head with correct eye shape and colour. Moderate neck into body of correct depth and with adequate bone and well padded feet. The dog was sounder on the move.

German Wirehaired Pointer – O 1 & BOB, Simpson’s Manorsplace Actinium, impressive looking male, with correctly proportioned head and strong neck in to well placed shoulders. Well made with good depth of chest, quality bone and harsh jacket. Although he was giving his handler a hard time I was not able to overlook his excellent breed type; 2 Hutchinson & Sheridan’s Hartperry Green Gentleman, lacking the maturity of the winner at the moment, pleasing head and strong neck into body with adequate angles fore and aft. He has the required bone and was sympathetically handled, just needs more time.

AVNSC Gundog – P 1 BNSCP & PG2, Edminson’s Kisdon’s Happy Memories, Hungarian Wire Vizsla, beautiful 8 mth old bitch at her first show, lovely head of correct proportions and depth of muzzle. Eyes of the correct shape and colour giving soft expression. Well made all through with good depth of body and her wire jacket is developing well, she was really happy. Just a bit loose on the move as you would expect at this age. O 1 BNSC, Legg, Scott & Watson’s Oakswarren Pure Magic, Hungarian Vizsla, pretty 2 year old bitch, appealing head with correct eye shape and colour. Strong neck into shoulders. Moderate rear angles with short hocks. Adequate bone and tight feet. Movement was hampered by the size of the ring.

Gundog Group – G1 Cocker; 2 Sussex; 3 ESS; 4 Weimaraner. Puppy Group – PG1 Labrador; 2 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla; 3 ESS; 4 WSS

AV Gundog – P 1 Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden, WSS; 10 mth old well balanced puppy with lovely masculine head, dark eye and well set ears soundly constructed all through with correct depth of body. Really come on since I last judged him. 2 D Glitter Rock; 3 Maskell & Rayner’s Enjager Harmony with Brownbank. G – 1 Mowbray’s Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid; 2 Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange, siblings and similar comments apply, typical in head with soft expression, strong neck into well laid shoulder. Correct head carriage and in good coat and condition. Dog just had the edge on maturity and Movement today; 3 Palmer’s Cassom Sun Dreaming over Colmeir. O 1 Mowbray’s Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor, Sussex, has a look of quality with appealing head and strong neck into well laid shoulders. With sound rear construction. Her coat is of a good texture and colour; 2 Balmer’s Mabanika Omega, Weimaraner, well put together feminine headed bitch with ample bone. Not as positive on the move as 1. V 1Legg & Scott’s Sh Ch Rhapsody In Blue, Hungarian Vizsla 8 yr old quality bitch, Typical head with strong neck into balanced body moved with drive. 2 Lintern’s Afinmore Adara of Northernjoy, Labrador, 10 Yr old chocolate in fine coat and condition she stood four square, sympathetically handled.