• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Meaylee Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dorset County Canine Society

Dorset County Canine Society

24th July 2022

Retriever (Flat Coated) Critiques

Thank you to the committee inviting me to judge Flatcoats at your show and my steward for keeping the ring running smoothly. Although a small entry (possibly due to a printing error), I was pleased with my winners - thank you all for bringing them.

Special Yearling D/B (2, 0a)

1. Legg’s Ruddleberry Pheonix Song, black 9 month old bitch at the correct level of maturity for her age. She has a well moulded, one-piece head with plenty of reach of neck, flowing into well laid back shoulders with super front angulation. Her topline was held level with a good tailset and carriage on the move. Moved well in profile presenting a balanced picture. I noted she moved a touch close at the back going away and I would’ve liked her to have shown a little more Flatcoat enthusiasm on the stand but that may well come on another day. BPIB.

2. Smith’s Ruddleberry Dark Pheonix, a black dog, litter brother to 1. Stronger in head than his sister with a touch more stop but lovely dark almond eyes with intelligent expression. Good reach of neck in proportion with his body which again led into well laid back shoulders. When he drops into his stifles with maturity his topline should level out. Well set and carried tail. Moved well fore and after - I felt a touch more length in his upper arm would have given him the reach of 1 which separated 1 and 2 for me.

Post Graduate D/B (1, 0a)

1. Taylor-Loveless’s Cuillinoir Once Brewed, 5 year old black dog who deserved his win, despite standing alone. He had more of a classic mould of head which was absolutely one-piece and masculine - just a shade light in the eyes. Small, well set ears with just the right reach of neck for his proportions into super front construction. He held a level topline throughout with a slight slope at the croup into his strong, waggy tail. Well balanced all through with strong fore and hindquarters which abled him to move freely with ease. I realised the handler was relatively knew to showing but keep practising you did a great job. BOB.

Open D/B (1, 0a)

1. Legg’s Clandrift Dark Lady, black 7 year old bitch who definitely didn’t give away her years which is typical of a Flatcoat. This bitch scored on her feminine, one-pieced head with dark, almond shaped eyes which I was looking for. Plenty of reach in neck into well set shoulders with good front angulation. Level topline. Moved freely with ease being in such well-muscled condition. Straight front and rear standing but tended to move wider in front. If she carried her waggy tail level with her topline this would complete a balanced picture. RBOB, BOS.

Meaylee Lewis (Fairwinds)