• Show Date: 03/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society


03 JAN 22



JD 1(0)

1. Jennings/Bedding’s Alibama Now or Never. Nice leg length and size for age, lovely head, balanced with nicely cushioned lips and chin, lovely expression, a little hollow in front at the moment and whilst he has leg length stands over a bit of ground, excellent top-line, tail-set and carriage and is very sound and sporting around the ring with good reach and drive, BOB & BP


PG 1(0)

1. Luczynski’s Fabelsfee Nothing But Fun for Kanara (imp FIN). Could have a little more substance all through, head proportions are nice but lacks a little bit of fill under the eyes, holds top-line level but could slope off a little, moves nicely in profile with good reach and drive but tail-set is a little bit high, RBOB.


O 2(1)

1. Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara ShCM. Black bitch, a little bit long and could have more width all the way through. Head is feminine is a little ‘twee’, carries her tail slightly high on the move but has lots of animation on the move and enjoys herself.



PD 3(0)

1. Needs’ Covarney It Takes Time. Well balanced elegant dog, lovely typical outline, nice long, lean head with good eye shape and colour, he has enough width in front for his age, nicely defined withers and gently sloping top-line, good bone, excellent croup, has more than enough rear angulation, good depth, has elegance but power for his age and moves well around the ring.

2. Greenan/Hopewell’s Lochlorien No Offence Juleset. Very moderate dog all over but could flow a little better all through, he is powerful yet with no coarseness. He could have a little more angulation front and rear but he is very steady and balanced and has overall decent type with a good head. Would prefer a little more definition to his topline

3. Purves’ Grousehill Dream Boy.


YD 3(0)

1. Quensha Take A Bow. Very well developed in body and he holds himself in one piece, has a good top-line, nice rib cage and spring of rib, attractive head and good expression, good tail-set and carriage and moves well around the ring. BOB and Group 1

2. Thendara Tiger Dance. Prefer his outline elegance to 1st but he is very raw and casme in the ring rather unsettled and moved accordingly.

3. Brinara Country Boy.


OD 1(0)

1. Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford. Masculine yet elegant male, attractive head with good length to muzzle and skull, good eye shape and colour, top-line falls away slightly to the rear, holds his tail slightly high, good depth, has more than enough rear angulation, moves well but just a little bit uncoordinated.



P 5(0)

1. Long’s Arroline Sweet Pea. 6 month blenheim , very, very raw she has good length of leg for her age, nice level top-line, head is feminine and very pretty but still needs to develop, she has such lovely character and is full of exuberance and life, moves very soundly and steadily with good tail-set and carriage.

2. Rhodes’ Calonlan Caramel Cookie. Black and tan bitch, very nicely put together, good head and expression, nice eyes, just not the quality of 1st and could be a little bit more animated on the move.

3. Day’s Julchrisgor Just Angel.


J 2(0)

1. Pendralier Sorceress. Tri bitch, heavily marked, she has a lovely outline, and correct shape with leg length, she has a nice spring to her ribs, good head and expression, good tail-set, nice and compact, when she settles she puts in some nice strides but struggled a little bit.

2. Lexody Shenanigans. Blenheim dog, square in outline but possibly up on leg a fraction, he has a good tail-set, good top-line, head is just slightly the wrong shape and is a little bit too square and his eyes do not sit quite right in the head.


Y 2(0)

1. Long’s Arroline Elixir. Black and tan bitch, 2 years old, lovely compact outline, she has substance and is feminine, nice expressive eyes, could have a little more strength to muzzle, holds her top-line very well with good tail-set and carriage, moves well in profile holding her outline with good rear.

2. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Magic Skye. Up to size blenheim dog, not balanced, could be in better condition, a soft in expression, top-line could be firmer, moves quite well, croup a little steep, just needs a little more finish.


PG 2(0)

1. Biggs’ Thistle Do Nicely at Kellorian. 2 year old blenheim male, nice proportions, a little straight in front, he has a lovely, nice, kind expression, masculine head but with no coarseness, he has good width all the way through, holds the tail well on the move and standing, nice honest dog who holds his top-line and shows well in profile.

2. Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Touch. A tri bitch, a little bit slight all over and lacking substance, very pretty, good top-line, could have a little more bone and more depth to chest, dark eye if a little small.


O 4(0)

1. Biggs’ Pauroi Top Man at Kellorian. Blenheim, nicely made dog, good head with nice, kind expression, is masculine with no coarseness, would prefer a little more angle in front, good top-line, carries his tail well, good depth, well ribbed. BOB

2. Rhodes’ Calonlan Grand Royale. Tri dog, preferred his outline overall balance but was going to ground a little on the move and had his tail down at all times, he has a good head shape but expression wasn’t as kind as 1st.

3. Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss JW ShCM.



J 2(0)

1. Oatridge’s Sleepyhollow Peace Flower its Dalehouse. 9 month old puppy bitch, very dainty, compact, lovely head and expression, beautifully balanced with nice chin, nice nostrils, large nice lustrous eyes showing desired white, excellent neck, top-line, just giving her that elegant and dainty appearance with correctly carried tail and moves soundly and freely, BPIB.

2. Partington-Palmer’s Sharlana Starman. Slightly heavier male but very nice, well made dog, has a little bit more length of body than the bitch, carries his tail well over his back if a little flat, lovely coat and again nice and free mover if a little shade wide in front.


PG 1(0)

1. Rooney/Green’s Jaschin Stop and Paws. 15 month old dog, very well constructed, lovely head which matches his body, lovely eyes and expression, nice muzzle and chin which are defined but not obtrusive, excellent top-line, good tail, lovely coat and moved well, BOB.


O 1(0)

1. Rooney/Green’s Jaschin First Edition. 3 year old bitch, very feminine, very dainty, her eyes could be a little more expressive but she has a pretty head, good neck, top-line and tail. She moves well and soundly but could just have a little more height at the withers just to give her that bit more elegance, RBOB.



P 1(0)

1. Seeney’s Suelez Victorious at Maranseen. 10 month red brindle puppy, very nice promising puppy, nice square outline, medium size dog in good condition for his age, head forming nicely with nice length to muzzle, lovely eye placement and colour with lovely set ears, enough width in front, nice definition to the withers, good top-line slightly sloping and nice strong rear used on the move, RBOB & BPIB.


J 3(1)

1. Brown/Hutchings’ Winuwuk Aphrodite. Very square, medium sized, moderate all through, she’s in ultra hard condition, not over angled both ends but this balance gives her power and substance, attractive head, good dark eye, nicely formed muzzle, ears well set, excellent neck and top-line, very strong rear with good width across the thigh and holds herself lovely on the move.BOB

2. Morison’s Xandene Blue Savannah. Very different type of bitch, also very nice, very robust, on the smaller side but still well proportioned, nice expression, good ears, excellent top-line, really strong rear, uses herself on the move in profile, just stands over a little more ground than 1st but very worthy bitch in any other company,


O 1(0)

1. Brown/Hutchings’ Love to Investigate at Winuwuk. Brindle bitch, nice and square but not the cleanliness of neck lines compared to others, she is moderate both ends, good top-line, tail-set, her head is feminine, she was just a little unsettled on the move, possibly because of the floor.



J 8(3)

1. Optimus Gotcha Go 16 month fawn bitch, lovely size and substance, balanced, excellent top-line, lovely front and rear, nice head shape, nice square muzzle, could have a little more wrinkle in the head, nice straight front, well filled in front, good depth, well ribbed back, good tail and moved well in a small ring, RBOB.

2. Chalfs Starman at Oldwell13 months male, he is a lovely shape standing but his colour is a little unclear and it would be nice if it cleared with age, just 13 months old, he is masculine and powerful without being overdone, dark muzzle, muzzle could be a little bit squarer and right angle to the nose but has a good neck, excellent top-line, good bone and moves well.

3. Warren’s Allwatcha Thyme of Copperfield.


PG 5(3)

1. Hyerdunscar Renaissance for Bullenca. Young dog, up to size but lovely condition, masculine head but would prefer a better expression and a little cleaner through the muzzle, he has got adequate angulation in front, good top-line, excellent depth, big powerful ribs and a strong rear, moves well in profile, holds himself together.

2. Staxonoby Flawless of Lucetrubeus. 2 year old red bitch, lovely head, expression, nice square muzzle, good width to skull and ear placement, just very playful which is making her look a little low to ground and not really that co-ordinated on the move at the moment but she has a lovely top-line, nice size and excellent substance for her size.


O 7(1)

1. Slater’s Chalf’s Mister Red. Medium sized masculine dog with no coarseness, he is solid for his size, full of muscle and imposing, would prefer a slightly larger eye but he has a good head shape and excellent condition, good neck leading into a nice compact dog with excellent top-line and holds himself in one piece, excellent mover, nice dog, BOB.Gp1 and `BIS

2. Optimus Douglas. Nice dog, again has good strength but not quite as compact as 1st, lips could be a little cleaner but nice square masculine head, good square muzzle, excellent neck, strong rear and uses himself well on the move.

3. Warren’s Yakee Blue Topaz of Copperfield.