• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chesterfield & Pinxton Kennel Association

Chesterfield & Pinxton Open Show 14/5/22


Thank you to the officials and committee of Chesterfield & Pinxton Kennel Association who put on a smashing jubilee show. I was very pleased with my entry which was the largest of the show and thank exhibitors for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions.

Puppy (3, 1 abs)

1st Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop True Love

A feminine fawn of 10 months. I loved her outline and curves. She is very balanced and together for her age and was the best mover in the class. Her head is the correct shape, pretty and she has a lovely expression. She has a strong neck which leads to a firm back. Stacked she is appealing but it was when she moved that she came in to her own, moving soundly and was a picture to watch in profile. Presented in tip top condition, I am sure she will have a very exciting future. Pleased to award her Best Puppy in Breed. Congratulations on Puppy Group 2.

2nd Cooper’s Sylleka Shantay You Stay

I loved the type of this fawn and white bitch of 11 months. Not as mature as 1, but lots to like about her. She has an appealing expression. Her eyes are dark and alert and compliment a super head. A larger girl than 1, but balanced none the less. I loved her front which was straight and tidy when she moved. In lovely condition and she moved out well, just a little close behind on the day.

3rd Higginbottom’s Dizzy Bear

Junior (6, 3 abs)

1st Maxwell’s Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne

A darker fawn bitch that I have judged previously and did very well for. Now 14 months, she has matured nicely and presents a nice, balanced picture. She still has the gorgeous expression with appealing dark, oval eyes and small, fine ears that I admired previously. Her outline remains clean emphasising a muscled back and rise over a strong loin. She has good bone, well knuckled feet and super rear quarters. I wondered if she would be my BOB, but I felt that in the challenge she lacked a little animation and zest which ultimately cost her top honours.

2nd Bower’s Saraquele Smooth As Silk

This 14 months fawn bitch seemed to be giving her handler a hard time today. Longer in outline than 1 and could not match her movement. Stacked she is pleasing, a nice size and shape and has a super clean outline. Her coat and skin was beautiful and she was in smashing condition. I loved her depth of chest, tuck up and well angulated stifles. I would be interested to see her on a more cooperative day!

3rd Cooper’s Sunrise at Byron Bay

Post Graduate (6, 1 abs)

1st Varnam & Parker’s Veredon Another Verse for Aylros

A stronger brindle and white bitch of 3 years. She is a pleasing shape and has a long, muscular neck which lead to a correct front assembly. She has a nice depth of chest and well sprung ribs. I really liked her tail set and carriage, beautiful tuck up and well bent stifles. She out moved everyone else in the class and was true coming and going. Well handled and presented. Did everything her handler asked of her.

2nd Hope’s Demerlay On a Promise

I found lots to like about this red fawn boy. He is nearly 2 years of age and wasn’t cooperating with his handler as well as when I have previously judged him. His qualities could not be denied however and I was still attracted to his appealing, handsome head which has a melting expression. He stands with good pasterns on nice feet. He is a lovely size and shape and I feel is worth putting some time in with as he has many virtues.

3rd Cooper’s Gods Plan

Open (5, 2 abs)

1st Myrcofts Supeta’s Little Darlin JW

Having first judged this brindle bitch when she was much younger, now at 21 months she remains just as appealing. I found her to be ultra feminine and of a nice shape and size. She is such a showgirl and shows off her many attributes with ease. I loved her head which is feminine with an oval eye and fine ears. Her neck is strong and leads to a good chest and has an excellent spring of rib. Her shoulders are well laid back with a good upper arm. She has a definite tuck up and a strong loin. She was well bodied and in excellent condition. Whilst she charmed me on the stack, it wasn’t until she moved out that she came in to her own. She possesses such a freedom in her movement and has a long, easy stride which was a delight to watch. Pleased to award her BOB and delighted to see her go Hound Group 1 and finally Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Varnam & Parker’s Supeta’s Mojito for Aylros

This fawn boy of just under 3 years of age entered the ring and seemed very pleased to be there! He calmed down when it was his turn and I was happy to go over a masculine and handsome dog. He is all boy and presents a clean outline. There was lots to like about him and I particularly loved the rise over his loin and tuck up, his excellent depth of chest and his well bent stifles. He was well handled and presented in tip top condition.

3rd Hope’s Demerlay Charming Charlie

Judge – Lynn Bailey