• Show Date: 12/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: lucinda rhodes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society, Open Show, 12th February 2022

Judge: Miss Lucinda Rhodes (Calonlan)

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge at their show and to all those who entered under me. I had a lovely morning and a wide range of excellent exhibits to go over which was particularly pleasant to be returning to judging after the long break from shows during Covid. I would also like to thank my steward who was an absolute pleasure to be in the ring with.

Tibetan Spaniels

Regarding this breed I would just like to extend a special thanks to those who entered under me, I was particularly impressed by the quality of those entered and had some very difficult decisions to make on the day.

Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (3/0)

1st Rice’s Parloueve Back to Black, 8 month old b/t bitch, held a lovely outline all the way round and showed with an alert and expressive personality. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, level back and moved well around the ring. Beautiful head with gorgeous eyes and well set ears, in excellent coat for a youngster to finish it off. BPIP and delighted to hear she also received Utility PG2.

2nd Bevis’ Skyvana Free Spirit of Starlance, another 8 month old girl, had another gorgeous head with very expressive eyes and a well set neck leading into well laid shoulders and a good structure. Stood well with a nice outline and had lovely spring of rib and a well set tail. Also in great coat and showed well, needs to settle slightly on the move.

3rd Quest’s Chenrezi Just You and I

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6/1)

1st Bevis’ Skyvana Empty Dreams of Starlance, 3 year old cream male, immediately caught my eye when he entered the ring, such a stunning head and outline and in excellent coat. Flew round the ring with drive and style and melted my heart with his dark, expressive eyes and gentle expression. Was lovely to go over with excellent forequarters, level back and strong, well let down hocks. Very straight when moving from behind and a clear winner of the class. BOB and then not surprised to hear he won Utility G1 and BIS! Definitely one to contend for tickets.

2nd Clover’s Chenrezi No Ordinary Love, another 3 year old cream male, he was unsettled slightly by scent on the mats but when settled moved well and held a lovely outline. Also in great coat and had good bone, excellent spring of rib and lovely hocks. Another very nice head, typical of the breed with particularly nice eyes and ears.

3rd Conibere’s Chenrezi Rewrite The Stars

Res Penny’s Chenrezi Ti Amo

VHC Wayman’s Mynapaw Perfect Symphony

Open Dog or Bitch (6/0)

1st Bevis’ Starlance Follow My Way JW, it was a tough choice between 1 and 2, but 1 just tipped it on the day in terms of coat and condition. 3.5 year old male, stormed around the ring and showed well, moved freely. Held an excellent topline throughout, parallel behind with good spring of rib and good turn of stifle. Had a lovely expression with gorgeous dark eyes and was alert and well balanced. Completed the picture with excellent coat that was silky smooth and well furnished.

2nd Rice’s Ch Ricox Somebody To Love JW SHCM SHCEX, a very strong contender and I can definitely see why she’s a champion. 6 year old girl. Very well balanced, beautiful outline, active and alert throughout. She moved effortlessly around the ring, parallel from behind and was incredibly sound to go over with great forequarters, spring of rib and strong hocks. Head was in excellent proportion to body and she had gorgeous eyes and well set ears. Would love to see her in fuller coat.

3rd Smith’s Pure Soul Lucy’s Secret

Res Quest’s Lilleian Louis Vuitton JW SHCM SHCEX

VHC Hirstwood’s Quintrelle I Am I Said

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Puppy Dog or Bitch (3/2)

1st Pike’s Daltonian Rose in Bloom, 8 month old tricolour girl, expressive eyes, nice outline and moved well around the ring. Nice feathering and silky coat, straight front and rear with good turn of stifle. Needs to come on in body and confidence. BPIB.

2nd Twelves’ Cathmead Fortune Cookie, 6 month old male blen, very energetic and gave his handler a fun challenge. Moved better when settled and had a nice body with a gentle head and expression.

3rd Coles’ Twyforde Chara

Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (4/1)

1st Hawkins’ Lexody Shenanigans, 12 month old blen male, very nice outline, gorgeous shining coat and moved well around the ring, clear winner of this class. Nice strong head with a well placed lozenge, expressive eyes and ears, correct bite, and good length of neck. Well laid shoulders, level back and strong hocks enabled him to move with drive and gave his handler some fun.

2nd Liverton-Ovey’s Bon Ray of Hope, nearly 2 year old tri girl, let everyone know that she was in the ring and having a ball, in excellent coat and had good bone and a lovely outline, moving well whilst chirping around the ring. Great tailset, lovely eyes, correct teeth and ears with a gentle expression.

3rd Coles’ Twyforde Hope

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2/0)

1st Jones’ Serenglade Red Baron, 5 year old ruby male, gorgeous head with lovely dark eyes, expressive ears, and a melting expression. Moved well around the ring, excellent tailset, and held a lovely outline the whole way round. On the table, he had lovely forequarters, level back, well let down hocks and great spring of rib. In excellent glossy ruby red coat.

2nd Hawkins’ Lexody Shenanigans, see above

Limit Dog or Bitch (2/0)

1st Cox’s Fujairah Eric Morecambe, 2 year old blen male, gorgeous head with an oozing expression and a lozenge on top, correct dentition.. In excellent coat with a rich red on pearly white background. Moved well around the ring, lovely outline and had drive and power with a level back.

2nd Hawkins’ Pendralier Phenomenal, 3 year old blen male, very rich colour and incredibly glossy. Moved well around the ring with a nice body, strong front, good turn of stifle and a parallel rear. Showed well for his owner. Nice dark eyes, correct teeth and well set feathered ears.

Open Dog (3/1)

1st Blackie’s Cridensa Conrad SHCM, 4 year old ruby male, just the most gentle of expressions and showed so well. Beautiful head with dark eyes, well set ears and correct teeth. Moved effortlessly around the ring and with such drive. Every time I looked at him he was perfectly four square and holding a perfect outline with level back and well held tail. Gorgeous ruby colour and in glossy flowing coat. BOB and pleased to hear he also won Toy G2.

2nd Coles’ Twyforde Dimitrius, 3 year old blen male, full of energy and bounced around the ring. Has good bone and in good coat with a nice straight front. Expressive eyes, correct teeth and well feathered ears.

Open Bitch (2/0)

1st Players’ Anickily Pandora JW, I’ve judged this girl before and she’s always a delight to see. 5 year old b/t bitch, in the most stunning coat, glossy black and bright tan. Excellent body, great bone, and lovely and compact. Moved excellently around the ring, so freely and with great personality. Lovely head with melting expression, dark eyes, well set ears and correct teeth. Excellent depth of chest. Strong contender for BOB.

2nd Randle’s Chicariad Havana Sunrise with Underknoll(Am1) VW, another b/t but at a stunning 11 years old. She had the most gorgeous eyes and showed well, loving her time in the ring. Very nice outline throughout, good body and plenty of flowing coat in good texture and condition. Well set tail and moved with spring around the ring, would never have guessed her age.

King Charles Spaniels

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2/1)

1st Champion’s Rivermoorstaniaureiatiankcombe, 6 month old tri boy, lovely head for a youngster, large dark eyes, well set, well feathered low hanging ears and good length of neck. Shoulders were well laid and front legs straight, with good depth of chest. When settled moved well around the ring and held a nice outline. Showed exuberantly, just as you like to see in a puppy.

Open Dog or Bitch (2/1)

1st Champion’s Baldragon Russian About At Lankcombe, 6 month old tri bitch, lovely and cobby with refined compact features. Melting expression with distinctive head, large dark eyes, well set ears and wide deep muzzle. Coat was in excellent glossy condition and colour. Quite intimidated by the ring which hampered her movement but on the table showed she had excellent body, muscle, wide deep chest, level back and parallel hocks. BOB and BPIB.