• Show Date: 27/02/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Louise Cunningham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Kent County Canine Association

Kent County Canine Association Sunday 27th February 2022

AVNSC Utility

Puppy 7 of 8

1. Cole’s Pompom Blaine. Std Poodle. Masculine Black male. Well made, and good depth and width of chest and ribs. Strongly muscled. In good coat. Nice expression on a proportioned head. Moderate neck, good shoulders. Needs more schooling to keep his feet going in the same direction, but full of poodle attitude which just needs tempering a little. BP and PG4

2. Plunketts Glamglow Til I Blush - Japanese Spitz – Lovely feminine bitch of good proportions, pleasing head and correct dark pretty oval shaped eye. Correct ears. She is in good coatfor a baby, still needs to mature. Light and smooth on the move.

3. Smith’s Kessaku Bonbon – Japanese Spitz.

Junior 2 OF 2

1. Penn’s Dalfellin Agape - Dalmatian. Beautiful young bitch with a clean outline. Holds her topline on the move and her movement is fluid and free. Really pleasing in proportions of skull, correct lay of shoulder. Just clean all through. Well muscled, put down in excellent condition, but not overdone for her age. Really liked her.

2. Halstead’s Attun Artemis Flow – Miniature Poodle Red bitch of nice proportions, pretty head and expression, well made, would prefer a little more of her – needs to gain confidence and mature. Would benefit from more elegant presentation as she is a compact bitch.

Post Grad 3 OF 4

1. Wakefield’s Boujan His Masters Voice – Schnauzer Al male Nicely made dog, powerful rear drive, strong chest and rib, well sprung , masculine head and eye . Excellent coat and even colour. Powered around with ease holding his outline.

2. Wrights Toshiro Mifune Subarashii (imp pol) – Japanese Shiba Inu Red male of good size. Nicely made in good proportions. Difficult to assess his movement. A light movement, would have liked to have seen it at a slightly faster pace.

3. Halstead’s Attun Artemis Flow – Miniature Poodle Red

Open 5 OF 5

1. Cheatham’s Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic – Schipperke When you read the breed standard this chap just ticks all the boxes. Mature 3 year old boy, with text book movement. In excellent coat and body condition. Just absolutely appreciated him. Best AVNSC AND GP 1

2. Ferry’s Dunlin Quando Of Houndbrae With Ferrybelle (IMP Nor) Japanese Spitz. Another of quality, Good shape and proportioned head, in a wealth of coat. Lovely topline on the move and that correct distinctive gait. In good body condition and well presented.

3. Pace’s Dalcatori Morganite Rosa Del Brondelvcede Dalmatian

Veteran 4 of 4

1. Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready For This At Stylaxian ShCM - Tibetan Terrier What a super senior ! In excellent coat and condition for her age. Beautiful shape, well muscled through, good shoulders . Head well proportioned on a sturdy muscular neck, On the move she has clean heels fromm under the wealth of coat, which is profuse. Beautiful colour. She holds herself on the move and has such a beautiful outline stood. Could not deny her this strong class and as she was BOB she also demanded a Group 3 . Credit to her owner for keeping her in such fantastic condition.

2. Cheathams’ Ch Aradet Action Man ShCM - Schipperke An old favourite of mine. I have awarded him highly before, strong outline and in e33xcellent condition and coat for his age. Deep of chest and on good feet. Handsome head Just felt he lacked some enthusiasm compared to 1. But every inch the Champion he is !

3. Bishop & Evans’s Nujax School Of Rock ShCM

AV Import Breeds

Open 2 of 3

1. Thornton & Lockhart Antiqua Mysteria Isaiah Randy ( IMP BLR) Naf Xoloitzcuintle ( Mexican Hairless). Thrilled to have these boys today. There are not many around and I was even more thrilled that this puppy is just so delicious ! He is hairless other than his crest and is such a good shape stood. The most beautiful head shape, clean with a dark and expressive eye. Good ears and good mouth. The proportions of his neck to back and height are all the ratios I feel they should be. Well muscled for a baby in excellent condition , stands on good feet Has the most wonderful free movement and he carries himself so well for a young dog. Would easily scale up . I really loved him. Should have a bright future. Best AVIR and Puppy Group 3.

2. Thornton & Griffiths Fawn Crest Roly Of Mexolo and Xoloitzcuintle ( Mexican Hairless) 5 year old male beaten by his younger kennel mate. For me all the proportions are there, scores in head shape and movement, well conditioned , on good feet. He too flows lightly around holding himself, not disgraced to be beaten by the puppy, but the puppy just has the better expression and eye for me and a stood holds his shape a little better.

Min Schnauzer

Junior 3 of 3

1. Hooker Lichstone Dream Ticket 10 month old dog, came into the ring with a bang ! Absolutely full of himself. All dog, in excellent condition, presentation and coat. Well muscled with good lay of shoulders , deep rib , completely sturdy. Square shape , loved his head and eye and neat ears. On the move when he checks himself he has wonderful clean rear drive carrying himself well. Just needs to mature now, but should have a good future. BP PG2

2. Beckson’s Daycomio Royal Winner (imp) Feminine bitch with a beautiful shape, in good body condition, everything where it needs to be like 1, but all feminine. She has a beautiful head and carries herself, really nice rear drive, calm and collected.

3. Jones Dhorzh-Merilin Zhaklin Uajt For Quintastique NAF

Post Grad 2 OF 3

1. Skinner’s Deansgate Jump For Joy Delightful feminine bitch . Pretty head and head and eye, nicely presented, moves soundly with drive, liked her proportions. Nicely muscled . Good colour and coat texture. Good shoulders .

2. Beckson Kristec Blue Suede Shoesavec Tammux Nice male, darker S&P . Harsh coat. Good muscle through . Moves soundly, but not the drive of 1.

 Open 3 of 3

1. Bishop & Evans Nujax Storm Warning. Nice size bitch of excellent proportions, pleasing head , eyes and ears. Loved that she is well made and muscled but feminine. She drives around holding her topline, but with the purpose that should be there. She is moderate through . Good coat in excellent presentation. BOB

2. Carver Love Story Grasant With Oldbashurst ( IMP POL) another really lovely example of the breed. In good coat. Correct shape. Head proportions correct. Nicely made. Also moves freely with good drive. Well presented Was close between 1 & 2 Came down to the final once around where she just lost her topline a little .

3. Cherryman’s Philoma Johnny Come Lately

Utility Group

1. Cheathams Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic Schipperke

2. Timms & Henderson’s Olijah Total Knockout JW French Bulldog Another from the top drawer from this kennel. No exaggeration here at all. Sturdy and compact, Fabulous ears used well set onto the broad top skull . A well defined muzzle, dark eyes , moderate neck on a cobby body, well muscled but not over done strong in rear . Nice small feet . Wonderful rich brindle with correct coat. Should have a bright future . Lost out to maturity and showmanship of the schipperke but will grown up and take them all on !

3. Chessells Araki Areu Ready For This At Stylaxian ShCM - Tibetan Terrier

4. Beet & Tilley Miracey Sand Warrior For Tilbe – Shih Tzu All male White and gold . Absolutely true shih tzu body, broad deep chest, excellent length to height proportions, loved his typical head and eye with the characteristic arrogance looking back at you. In excellent correct coat. Well laid shoulders and muscular thorough out .clean feet on the move as he drives out. Typically shih Tzu

Utility Puppy Group

1. Salt Keola Cruz Control – Shih Tzu . What an exciting young dog. He too has everything in the right proportions and you can feel the bone and rib maturing under the fabulous wealth of coat. Holds himself so well for a youngster and the lovely clean feet showing such drive. Just needs to grow up now and I hope he has a bright future and successful career.

2. Hooker Lichstone Dream Ticket Min Schnauzer

3. Thornton & Lockhart Antiqua Mysteria Isaiah Randy ( IMP BLR) Naf Xoloitzcuintle Mexican Hairless)

4. Cole’s Pompom Blaine. Std Poodle.

Louise Cunningham ( Judge )

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