• Show Date: 03/01/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society




A most enjoyable day at the KC building the show had attracted a large quality entry. Super well organised I want to thank the committee for my invitation and the exhibitors for entering and accepting my placings with sportsmanship.

I was delighted my working group winner Slaters Chalfs Mister Red went on to win BIS under P Hollings.

BMD JUN A trio of most promising youngsters 1st RBOB & BP Bridges Liskarn Love Of My Life bitch just 6 months an absolutely top quality puppy with all the essentials super feminine head dark eyes correct dentition she is balanced with harmonious construction well developed bone and adequate substance her movement is outstanding for such a young puppy loved her profile on the move super happy in the ring handled and presented to advantage 2nd Bridges Liskarn Addicted To Love litter sister of the first slightly larger pup with much to admire I thought her bone and substance exceptional on the day her sister just had the edge with her super smooth movement and perfect footfall I look forward to watching them develop over the next few years 3rd Miles Jaybiem Only Making Plans

BMD PG 1st O’Toole Fortonpark Talk Of The Town a well grown young male he is masculine without coarseness typical head and expression muscular neck body still developing chest adequate firm back of good width excellent substance and bone moved soundly with adequate reach and drive

BMD O I last judged both these quality males almost two years ago I consider then both most typical and excellent examples of the breed 1st & BOB Miles Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW lovely to see a now fully mature male who has fulfilled his early promise my opinion has not changed I particular admire his quality, soundness and style masculine with adequate bone and substance flat skull enough stop dark eye correct size and set of ear strong neck broad chest balanced angulation fore and aft firm well-muscled back smooth effortless mover 2nd Bird Cullumbern Milano JW male strong head with flat skull and well-defined stop dark eye giving a most typical expression balanced angulation super spring of rib broad chest excellent bone and feet correct slight slope to pasterns really well-muscled and conditioned powerful and sound on the move with a beautifully presented coat

A.V.N.S.C WORKING P Super class of promising puppies all at different stages of development 1st & BP AVNSC Pallett Yulla For Sheenmarie Von Baywatch (Imp) (Newfoundland) brown bitch whom I have recently judged she is maintaining her obvious promise and maturing into a large well balanced and proportioned bitch clearly now approaching what can be a difficult growth phase for such a large breed I will continue to follow her progress with interest 2nd Coldwell Zentaur Pump Up The Jam (Newfoundland) a very promising black bitch puppy super breed type with a most typical outline feminine head with gentle expression strong well developed bone balanced harmonious angulation beautiful presented and handled with skill 3rd Hosie Newfangled Roole The World For Shawowrise (Newfoundland)

A.V.N.S.C WORKING JUN 1st & BAVNSC Leech Mileoak Loch Ness (Newfoundland) quality black bitch I have judged recently my opinion has not changed balanced and lacking in exaggeration feminine with enough bone and substance totally fit for function her movement is a joy to watch destined for the upper house with any luck handled and presented professionally 2nd Hosie Newfangled Roole The World For Shawowrise (Newfoundland) 3rd in the very competitive puppy class 6 months old bitch of super quality and breed type typical head with dark expressive eye correct dentition soundly constructed with adequate bone confident and positive on the move for such a young puppy well-presented 3rd Blaney Fenrirkin Can’t Be Late Swiss Junch (Greenland Dog)

A.V.N.S.C WORKING PG 1st Smith Oakholme Imperial Wizard (PWD) male a well-balanced dog of obvious quality and excellent breed type masculine head of correct proportions typical expression scissor bite neck well-muscled well laid shoulder excellent spring of rib short loin in hard muscular condition sound free mover beautifully presented coat 2nd Thompson Comfortcove You Can Fly To Safeharbour (Newfoundland) large black male still a young dog with some maturing to do masculine head with a typical gentle expression balanced angulation well laid shoulder strong bone and super feet body developing well broad back a little long in loin sound free mover enjoying himself in the ring coat of excellent texture and well presented

A.V.N.S.C WORKING O 1st & RBAVNSC Coldwell Zentaur This Is Jam Hot (AI) JW (Newfoundland) brown bitch stylish quality bitch now approaching maturity she was on top form today impressive profile balanced feminine head square muzzle dark eye strong muscular neck super bone and feet well laid shoulder good spring of rib free broad back correct topline and tail carriage powerful mover with good reach and drive expertly presented and conditioned 2nd Hulford Lunalah Mr Happy (PWD) well balanced mature male super head and expression straight front with strong bone decent width of chest well sprung ribs would prefer a little more angulation to hindquarters correct profuse coat which was presented to advantage

A.V WORKING P Excellent class of promising youngster’s 1st Hutchison & Mycroft Supetas Big Hunk O Love For Debison (Dobermann) male rust/tan upstanding young dog excelling in size, bone and substance masculine head of correct proportions dark expressive eye small neat ears excellent dentition forechest developing correctly excellent topline harmonious angulation fore and aft strong round bone super feet free easy mover 2nd Wedgbury Manzart Xtra Special (Dobermann) super bitch black/rust she is compact with a typical profile feminine head correct forechest well angulated fore and aft sloping topline moved with reach and drive 3rd Smith Newetta’s Precious In Brown For Comfortcove (Imp Den) Naf Taf (Newfoundland)

A.V WORKING JUN 1st Merret Grafmax Titania (Dobermann) bitch black/rust stylish quality youngster feminine throughout wedge shaped head dark almond shaped eye typical expression correct dentition square body decent depth of chest angulation harmonious good bone and tight feet sound and stylish on the move 2nd Weston Lateagain Let Them All Talk (Dobermann) male black/rust 4th in the quality puppy class super young male correctly proportioned head muscular neck strong back well sprung ribs well angulated hindquarters sound purposeful mover

A.V WORKING PG 1st Thompson Comfortcove You Can Fly To Safeharbour (Newfoundland) see AVNSC PG class 2nd Spruce Mysticwolf Diesals Dream (Siberian Husky) up to size but a quality bitch super breed type attractive feminine head and typical expression balanced angulation level topline correct tail set and carriage sound effortless mover 3rd Norman Skimarque Grace And Favour (Siberian Husky)

A.V WORKING O 1st Spruce Mysticwolfs El Unico (Siberian Husky) bitch up to size super outline on the move I would prefer a slightly more feminine head however it is well proportioned arched neck level topline correct tail carriage in hard muscular condition powerful and sound on the move 2nd Norman Skimarque Snofall Lacie (Siberian Husky) super veteran bitch with an outgoing personality enjoying herself in the ring feminine head almond shaped eye well set ears good bone and feet body well developed firm level topline effortless movement

A.V WORKING VET Super class of wonderful veteran’s all in fantastic condition and a credit to their owner’s 1st Coldwell Ch Zentaur How Fickle My Heart JW ShCm (Newfoundland) a most worthy champion whom I recently judged at a breed club championship show today she could not be denied first place in this competitive class she excels in breed type totally feminine but with the desired strength of bone and substance so essential in this breed powerful free mover she was presented to perfection and handled to advantage 2nd Drinkwater Mountsaviour Druesburg (St Bernard) substantial quality male super outline excellent substance and bone masculine head broad skull defined dark eye typical expression well developed body balanced angulation sound mover 3rd Blaney Viking Fenrir Kin Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp Deu) (Alaskan Malamute)

WORKING GROUP 1 Bullmastiff WORKING GROUP 2 St Bernard WORKING GROUP 3 Newfoundland WORKING GROUP 4 Dobermann


SHETLAND SHEEPDOG P Two promising littermates 1st BP & RBOB Hateley Valmay The Viceroy sable male his head is developing beautifully flat skull correct stop dark eye super expression gentle arch to neck level back low set tail super feet correct bone moved soundly 2nd James Valmay In Vogue bitch litter sister to the first she also has an excellent head with super sweet expression soundly constructed well sprung ribcage but not moving as fluently as her brother today

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG JUN 1st Hateley Valmay The Viceroy (see puppy class) 2nd James Valmay In Vogue (see puppy class)

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG PG 1st Walley Sandwich Songwriter male balanced head flat skull obvious stop almond shaped eye typical expression arched neck firm topline correct tail set super feet and bone moved steadily in full coat which beautifully presented

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG O 1st & BOB Hately Mohnesee Enchanted eye-catching bitch with a wonderful outline I thought her quite outstanding her head is feminine flat skull well placed and used ears dark almond shaped eye beautiful sweet expression strong underjaw correct dentition her confirmation is balanced correct length of neck level top-line super short neat hocks sound, free and effortless mover excellent coat texture 2nd Mohnesee Mayd Marion At Valmay JW soundly constructed bitch with a pleasing outline typical head well placed ears gentle expression I would prefer a slightly darker eye well angulated hindquarters level top-line moved soundly coat harsh and well presented

CHIHUAHUA LC JUN 1st BP & BOB Lee Ridgehawk Chilier Sandie (taf) quality youngster with a well-proportioned and balanced outline masculine head correct skull and muzzle excellent ear placement and size round dark eye giving a most typical expression arched neck level top-line soundly constructed which was reflected in his movement beautifully presented coat 2nd Stangoe Stanghurst Amazing Grace bitch today she was unfortunately unhappy and unsettled particularly on the table this made it difficult to assess her in any detail however on the move I caught glimpses of a typical outline I hope she settles with more time

CHIHUAHUA LC PG 1st & RBOB Lee Artistodemos Future Legend Of Ridgehawk mature male masculine but not course good skull well placed ears dark eye saucy expression arched neck strong well developed body well laid shoulder level topline correct tail set and carriage confident and sound on the move 2nd Smith Little Wolf Cry Of Hulawawas not completely happy on the move today tail down and not fully concentrating on her handler attractive head correct skull moderate muzzle ears well set large dark eye deep brisket level top-line in excellent coat

CHIHUAHUA LC O 1st Lee Barwater Agatha Christie Of Ridgehawk larger bitch pleasing outline typical head nicely domed skull correct stop well placed ears level top-line moved adequately 2nd Smith Zena Warrior Princess Of Hulawawas bitch almost a veteran very spirited and enthusiastic today unfortunately overweight which spoiled her outline standing and profile on the move pleasing head with good stop and tapering muzzle well placed ears and large expressive eyes good coat texture

CHIHUAHUA SC JUN 1st BP & BOB Rooney & Green Anadeia Tokala With Jaschin male stylish eye-catching youngster with a striking outline masculine head with super skull large flared ears correct eye shape and a typical expression well-proportioned body balanced angulation fore and aft good topline and tail-set he is confident and sound on the move responsive and at one with his handler 2nd Taylor Arkoschi Diamond In The Rough elegant bitch with much to admire lovely head and expression with well-placed ears and large dark eye well-developed body with good spring of rib level top-line correct loin good bone and feet sound brisk mover 3rd Halls Jorazan Top Gun Flyer

CHIHUAHUA SC PG 1st & RBOB Sutton Nikitos Nudge The Judge a well-proportioned quality bitch with a most typical outline standing and, on the move, classic head cheeky saucy expression harmonious angulation fore and aft level top-line and correct tail-set she moved out soundly presented in beautiful condition 2nd Stangoe Stanghurst Time To Shine alert outgoing bitch feminine head large dark eye correct dentition soundly constructed gentle arch to neck level top-line good turn of stifle super outline on the move 3rd Smith Lemaritz Mastermind At Nayelichi For Hulawawas (naf)

CHIHUAHUA SC O 1st Halls Jorzan Apollo Creed cream male typical and nicely proportioned throughout domed skull good ear set expressive dark eye well angulated shoulder well ribbed body good topline and tail-set stylish sound mover well-muscled and conditioned2nd Stangoe Stanghurst Cry Me A River mature male masculine with a most typical head and expression neck medium length with obvious arch well angulated shoulder level back well carried tail firm well ribbed body unfortunately he was not happy on the move today 3rd Smith Moltobello Pride And Joy Of Hulawawas

PUG P 1st & BP O’Leary Mopszawawas Naught Norman stood alone soundly constructed promising masculine head which is clearly still developing correct ear set dark eye large open nostrils good length of neck level topline cobby body sound confident mover enjoying himself in the ring

PUG JUN 1st Crothers Hazempugs Miss Lucy excellent type chunky and cobby feminine head dark round eye sweet expression defined wrinkles open nostrils arched neck super ribcage level topline excellent tail-set soft clear coat powerful sound mover 2nd O’Leary Mopszawawas Naughty Norman (see puppy class) 3rd Collier Pugistie Pop The Question

PUG PG 1st & RBOB Lea Paguville Brand New Star a cobby quality mature bitch medium size lovely head with dark round eyes neat ears good width of muzzle open nostrils strong neck good width of forechest ribcage well sprung level topline correct tail placement sound purposeful mover 2nd Collier Pugistie Pop The Question male square profile well balanced correct substance pleasing head typical expression dark eye super pigment short back stylish and sound on the move 3rd Crothers Hazempugs Patsy Popper

PUG O 1st & BOB Eddery Ch Surprise Gift Ragemma young bitch of beautiful quality standing her profile is super on the move her outline is excellent large head well wrinkled dark eye with typical mischievous expression cobby deep well developed body balanced angulation level topline well sprung ribcage precise sound mover coat clear and soft in hard muscular condition handled with great empathy 2nd Lea Paguville Brand New Day larger male today carrying some extra weight however he is most typical with a super large masculine head dark round eye open nostrils correct width of under jaw neat small ears short back well boned neat feet level top-line strong hindquarters which are well muscled 3rd Bradley & Edwards Mopszawawas Freddie With Tomalca