• Show Date: 20/03/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Toy Dog Society

Scottish Toy Premier Open Show


Judge: L Ratter

Papillion P 1st & BP Anderson Northlyte Caledonia a promising tri colour of excellent type most typical head with correct stop dark eye well place ears soundly constructed fine bone initially slightly hesitant on the move but quickly settled silky well-presented coat 2nd Anderson Northlyte Ring Of Brodgar larger tri attractive head super expression correct skull large well set ears well angulated shoulder again rather hesitant on the move topline needs to settle excellent coat texture and presentation

Papillion PG 1st Whitehill Paparottsie Miss Holly quality beautifully constructed bl/w bitch although not fully coated today she has nothing to hide feminine head super expression dark round eye large well placed ears correct dentition free sound mover excellent topline and tail set 2nd Taylor Pamhurst Ae Fond Kiss a lively tri colour bitch clearly enjoying herself in the ring well-proportioned, typical outline and finely boned typical head correct stop super muzzle large heavily fringed ears level topline long tail 3rd Black Paparottsie Touch Of Class (TAF)

Papillion L this was a lovely class 1st & BOB Davidson Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows tri male a stylish young dog with a typical outline he is well proportioned, balanced throughout with fine bone masculine head correctly placed large ears with super fringing correct dentition soundly constructed body correct depth of chest level topline free sound mover silky well-presented coat alert and responsive to his handler 2nd Breen Amicae Highland Glen tri male super type elegant and soundly constructed most typical head and expression dark expressive eye correctly placed ears super firm topline well set heavily plumed tail fit with excellent muscle tone and beautiful well-presented silky coat 3rd Patrick Volpecula The Early Bird

Papillion O 1st Breen Kylecroft Quest tri male of lovely type super outline and profile standing and on the move his footfall is impressive he excels on the move with a free easy action and good length of stride attractive head which is well proportioned large mobile ears with super fringing soundly constructed body coat of correct length and texture 2nd Wilson Amicae Badger mature male with a most attractive head and expression well developed body with a firm topline and well set tail coat of correct texture positive and sound on the move 3rd Bogue Adelays Brilliant Buddy

Maltese P 1st BP & BPIS Gillies Delcost Centrefold bitch I thought her outstanding and was delighted she later won BPIS in stiff competition stylish, balanced and compact sweet feminine head well defined stop dark eye super pigmentation correct dentition well angulated fore and rear excellent topline short loin super coat texture presented and handled to advantage

Maltese L 1st Gillies Delcost Pin Up Girl bitch excelling in balance, type and size beautiful head sweet expression dark eye nose pigment could be darker well developed body excellent spring of rib super topline and tail well-presented coat of silky texture 2nd Flannigan & Doran Snowkai’s Time Stands Still different type to the first a slightly larger bitch but so beautifully constructed balanced head dark eyes correct pigment and dentition good topline harmonious angulation purposeful and sound on the move super coat texture and presentation

Maltese O Two super quality exhibits 1st BOB & BIS4 Flannigan & Doran Snowkai’s Forever Friends At Linmont balanced head defined stop excellent pigmentation dark oval eyes correct dentition cobby well developed body level top-line silky straight coat of excellent texture free stylish mover 2nd & RBVIS Grant Ch Travilla Chic And Petite With Linmont beautiful veteran in fabulous coat and condition super profile lovely expression dark eyes correct halos excellent topline correct tail set purposeful sound mover pure white silky coat beautifully presented and conditioned

Bichon Frise PG 1st Crawley Beautipets Tiger Lily male up to size well proportioned head large dark eye good pigmentation typical expression adequate reach of neck correct forechest well laid shoulder correct topline and loin moved confidently well presented

Bichon Frise O 1st & BOB Clemenson & Doran Beautipets Begonia SHCEX masculine with a balanced profile good head proportions excellent pigmentation dark eye typical expression well ribbed body soundly constructed which was reflected in his confident sound movement skilfully presented and handled 2nd Innes Louisianna Molly Malone at Pearlwhite bitch a larger type typical profile good skull well placed eyes ample neck strong well ribbed body moderate angulation could be more animated on the move

CKCS P 1st & BP Waters Sweetbriar La Dee Da blen bitch beautiful type and quality classic head shape dark round eye super soft expression adequate neck soundly constructed throughout with a good spring of rib short coupled level topline correct tail set confident and sound on the move 2nd McKay Thekop’s Eliza Dolittle ruby bitch very sweet feminine puppy with dark round eyes and excellent pigment correct ear set and dentition good bone and feet adequate neck well laid shoulder level topline short loin stylish and sound on the move 3rd Waters Sirahdis Cassandra At Osage (NAF)

CKCS PG 1st & BOB McKay Narayden Ben Hur B/T masculine excellent size and well-proportioned outline standing and on the move flat skull slight stop high set ears round eyes which could be larger moderate neck well laid shoulder adequate bone good spring of rib level topline correct tail set free animated stylish mover well-conditioned with a super coat 2nd Maxwell Poundroll Nina tri bitch today I thought she was carrying a little excess weight flat skull slight stop long well feathered ears large round dark eyes good length of neck correct bone and feet good spring of rib level topline short loin sound free mover 3rd Byers Bonniemadra Ricochet To Linetive

CKCS L 1st Baillie Coralvalley Pure Mischief At Cavallino mature blen masculine head round dark eye appealing gentle expression well balanced body with harmonious angulation correct topline and tail set sound driving movement excellent silky coat 2nd Fraser Lewis’s Leonardo At Fraskye B/T super outline balanced and well-proportioned masculine head round eye gentle expression correct stop compact body level topline and good tail set super coat texture sound and enthusiastic on the move 3rd Deamer Loranka’s Don’t Stop Me Now At Bankshill

CKCS O 1st Baillie Marisk Greatest Showman at Cavallino ruby male well-proportioned mature dog with a super outline masculine expression round eyes shallow stop muzzle of correct length his ears are well set adequate reach of neck well laid shoulder level topline sound stylish and confident on the move in beautifully presented coat of correct silky texture 2nd Fraser Tingewood Tam O’Shanter ruby a soundly constructed male attractive outline typical head distinctive soft expression well feathered ears compact body excellent feet and bone confident and sound on the move 3rd Byers Braemarra Taylor At Linetive