• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lloyd Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Redditch & District Canine Society

Redditch & District Canine Society – 14.05.22

Judge: Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

I would like to thank the committee of the society for their kind invitation to judge at what was a very friendly and well-run show & also a big thank you to my steward who looked after me extremely well. Thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries and taking my placings with sportsmanship. I like to move my hounds  possibly more than some judges and was grateful for the good-sized ring – incredibly pleased with the quality of many of those entered and delighted with my main winners. Obviously delighted to see my BOB& BPIB Beagle & BOB &BPIB Norwegian Elkhound all feature in their group placings & watched with pride my BOB Beagle take BIS.


Open D/B (3,1)

1.    Tuckers Elmstracker Glacial Force – lovely 6-year-old dog of correct size. Lovely head of good proportions with slight arch and good width, super dark eye of correct shape into nice strong neck. Good ear set & length overall particularly good head and expression. Neck flowing into correctly angulated shoulders and strong straight front – good bone, nicely fitted elbows. Lovely tight arched feet, all round and correct parallel hindlegs with good muscling all round. Good tail set. On the move he impressed with his correct light yet ground covering gait in profile demonstrating a powerful drive & the slight rise in topline over the loin. Really impressed by him BOB.

2.     Borsuks Boartracker Bill – another lovely dog of 4.5 years. Again, another of a correct size and with good substance. Good head and expression good strong jaw. Good lay of shoulder and correct front & elbow. Good length of ribbing and correct, slight rise over the loin. Nice and straight from behind with well-muscled hindquarters – correctly angulated stifle and nicely let down hocks. RBOB


Junior D/B (3,0)

1.    Leaders Molesend Dice – Lovely 9-month dog of good substance and size without being too coarse. Masculine head with good definition and well-set eyes providing a lovey expression. Nicely arched neck into a  lovely shoulder placement & correct straight front legs. Elbows nice and tight. Good depth of chest would like a little more length of ribbing. Lovely level topline both on the stack and in free-flowing movement.

2.    Coates Gladstyle Too Close To Call – super feminine almost 8-month bitch – tough call as I really liked them both. Correct size and coming together well for a young puppy. Lovely head and expression super neckline into correct shoulder placement. Nice bone and good strong front. Good ribbing & well-muscled and defined hindquarters. Both lovely puppies.

3.    Jones & Jepson Eardley Caught In The Act.

Post Graduate D/B (2,1)

1.    Coates Gladstyle Ready To Roll – stood alone but really caught my eye for one so young. Just over 6 months but what a stunning boy. So balanced throughout, great head and expression. Beautiful true hound curves in all the right places. Strong in bone lovely movement and great hind angulation. A real eye catcher on the move holding the most attractive outline at all times. Delighted to award him Best Puppy & RBOB – will watch his future with interest.

Open D/B (3,0)

1.    Coates Gladstyle Noah Fence – another super dog from this kennels all of which had a real type which I felt true to the Breed Standard and totally caught the eye. Dog of just under 3 years at a lovely point in his development. Super sound all through great head & neck – lovely expression. Great substance nothing coarse or loaded about him. Beautiful outline with a lovely topline into great hindquarters providing great power on the move. A real eye-catching dog with good reach and sound drive from correct parallel hindquarters. Delighted to award him BOB & super thrilled to see him go Hound Group 1 & Best in Show.

2.    Caple’s Morsefield Mudlark – quality dog of just over 3 years slightly larger type but again sound throughout. Good substance and a well-balanced head good neck would prefer slightly more length of upper arm to balance the lay of shoulder. Moved with purpose. Topline solid in the stack and in movement.

3.    Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Specsavers


Open D/B (8,5)

I was very pleased to be able to judge the breed for the first time having studied this breed and been over a few in advance. Obviously, I am obliged to follow the KC breed standard but there appears at this time to be a wide scale of sizes and types. My decisions were based on the recommendations of the breed standard at this time and the places represented those nearest to the standard.

1.    Agache’s Int. Ch. Ross Demon For Evforce – smart hound of almost 2 years – of correct size strongly built and balanced without coarseness. Good strong head and oval eyes. Correct high set ears into lovely long slightly arching clean well-muscled neck. Good lay of shoulder correct straight front. Good topline with slight rise over the loin possibly a touch short coupled. Looked a picture on the move & the more he moved the more he caught the eye. Pleased to award BOB.

2.    Bassford-Lane’s Henissy Farleywater with Jojalane – quality bitch of a larger rangier type. Good head and eye, good length of neck into well placed shoulders forelegs strong and straight. Correct depth of chest, level topline strong hindquarters used well on the move. RBOB

3.    Agache’s Evforce Alice Wonderland



1.    Cadwallader’s Albionspitz Burt – lovely well balanced 2.5-year dog in great coat and presented beautifully. Lovely wedge-shaped head and super dark eye, strong jaw. Good well-muscled neck into lovely shoulders. Bone of substance and standing on strong straight, parallel legs. Lovely oval ribbing carried well back and filled out nice tight elbows. Lovely tight neat feet. Carrying a glorious harsh top coat of super length with correct undercoat. Looked super both in free stand and on the move showing a true strong gait coming and going. Such a shame he stood alone but a very worthy BOB.


Some very high-quality exhibits in this entry – many thanks to exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over these quality dogs.

Junior D/B (2,0)

1.    Simms Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal – a stylish 9-month dog puppy, developing well and very eye catching in good coat. Great outline on the stack showing good height to length ratio. Chest developing and will complete the picture once full at maturity. Good bone and substance. Super head & expression, lovely dark eye. Moved with purpose true away and back. Delighted to award him BP & RBOB

2.    Astbury’s Seasara Heartbreaker – quality dog of just over 1 year. Heavier type and of a good overall shape but not keen on being handled today. Once on the moved settled and moved well.

Post Graduate D/B (2,0)

1.    Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady – lovely 18-month bitch of correct size and super sound construction. Correct head and eye, super flow of muscular neck into lovely shoulder placement. Strong and sound in front nice slope of shoulder into lovely topline and nice tight tail set. Lovely strong hindquarters with sufficient angulation. Nice and parallel behind. Thought she would challenge strongly but on the day was struggling to maintain her footing on the indoor surface. Slightly less speed on a looser lead might have helped.

2.    Clarke’s Graythor Cosmopolitan – another almost 18-month dog this time – heavier more masculine type with a nice head and expression. Good bone and substance. Well balanced dog just preferred the overall confirmation of winner on the day.

Open D/B ( 2,0)

1.    Cowper & Bingham’s Kestos Rex of Rothenborg – outstanding dog of just over 2 years. Presented and handled to perfection. Beautiful head and expression, masculine and with great substance without being coarse, best of fronts lovely flow of strong neck into perfect topline and underline, well carried tail and the best of hindquarters used with purpose at all times. At one with his handler both on the stack and in full flow. Lovely movement for and aft and held a stunning outline in profile at all times. Delighted to award him BOB and pleased to see him placed in a strong hound group. As I write this, I read he won CC & BOB & HG4 at SKC my heartfelt congratulations to his owners and the best of luck for future shows.

2.    Maun’s Ch. Bowerhinton Bassanio – lovely rising 3-year-old dog of a slightly lighter type to my winner. That said everything was well balanced throughout. Excelled in head and front and moved well away and back. In profile I preferred the stronger topline and overall style of my winner, but I was incredibly pleased to handle such a lovely dog.

Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)